GiMeSpace Desktop Extender

GiMeSpace Desktop Extender provides a smarter way to use your desktop. It is a small and very simple program for Windows XP or later versions that will allow you to expand your desktop without any limits.
When you move your mouse to the edge of your screen you will notice that your desktop extends beyond the borders of your normal desktop. There is a popup navigator panel where you can see your whole extended desktop and move your windows around. It provides a cheap alternative for adding more monitors to your computer.
New in this version is that you can resize you windows to a size that is bigger then your physical screen. This can be very handy for computers with a small screen like netbook, etc.
In the registered version you can select the autoarrange option to keep your windows next to each other. Also screenshots can be taken to give a real impression of your whole desktop.
It has the option to make your Desktop scroll always when you move the mouse. This way you much more enjoy your extra space while at the same time you don't have to move your mouse long distances any more!
Other options are: Sticky scrolling, no more scrolling when you hit shortly the border. Scroll one screen at a time. And scrolling using the keyboard. There is a tab where you can select windows that you don't want to scroll, like toolbars etc. You can also select a custom background image for your overview panel. You can limit the virtual desktop to the space used by your application windows. And you can save and restore the positions and sizes of all your windows.
This program gives you back the pan and scan scrolling function of windows xp for windows vista and windows 7.
Try out the free trial version to experience the freedom of more desktop space!

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [04-08-18]

Optimized for windows 10

Other versions :

v2.3.7.145 [10-03-17]

Optimized for windows 10

v2.3.6.140 [03-30-17]

Optimized for windows 10

v2.3.3.133 [11-10-16]

Optimized for windows 10

v2.3.1.126 [09-22-14]

Added support for GiMeSpace Cam Control: Scroll your desktop by moving your hand in front of your webcam!

v2.3.1.122 [08-07-13]

Added support for GiMeSpace Cam Control: Scroll your desktop by moving your hand in front of your webcam!

v2.3.0.120 [03-29-13]

fixing compatibility issues

v2.2.9.117 [12-20-11]

General bug fixes

v2.2.9.116 [10-24-11]

General bug fixes

v2.2.8.112 [09-15-11]

Possible to have a small navigation screen.

v2.2.7.108 [09-05-11]

Better support for virtual machines and touch screen computers

v2.2.6.103 [08-26-11]

Better support for virtual machines and touch screen computers

v2.2.4.100 [08-21-11]

More options to customize.

v2.2.4.98 [03-26-11]

More options to customize.

v2.2.3.96 [02-21-11]

Improved automatic scrolling.

v2.2.2.94 [01-18-11]

Improved navigation.

v2.2.0.90 [01-01-11]

Now with 64 bit support.

v2.1.9.88 [11-26-10]

Minor bug fixes.

v2.1.8.87 [11-05-10]

Minor bug fixes.

v2.1.6.85 [10-17-10]

Improved help function

v2.1.4.82 [09-27-10]

It is now possible set the size of the virtual desktop

v2.1.3.78 [08-23-10]

It is now possible save and restore the positions of your windows.

v2.1.2.76 [08-16-10]

It is now possible save and restore the positions of your windows.

v2.1.1.75 [08-09-10]

It is now possible save and restore the positions of your windows.

v2.1.0.74 [07-18-10]

It is now possible to limit the virtual desktop size to the space used by the application windows.

v2.0.3.69 [06-10-10]

Remembers now the forced window resize setting for each window.

v2.0.2.67 [05-23-10]

Small improvements in the user interface.

v2.0.1.64 [04-16-10]

Now possible to force a window size bigger then the physical screen resolution

v1.2.1.57 [03-21-10]

Improved 3072 x 2304 virtual screen driver.

v1.2.0.54 [01-03-10]

Introducing a 3072 x 2304 virtual screen to expand your desktop

v1.1.1.53 [12-10-09]

Introducing option to select windows that should not scroll, option not to scroll when opening a menu, option to scroll using the keyboard & alternative keys

v1.0.0.35 [10-26-09]

new release

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