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Gwyddion 2.37

Gwyddion is a modular multiplatform software for SPM data analysis. The main idea behind Gwyddion developement is to provide modular program for 2D data analysis that could be easily extended by modules and plug-ins. Moreover, the status of free software enables to provide source codes to developers and users, which makes the further program improvement easier. The current version Gwyddion provides at least the following visualization and processing functions (this list is updated occasionally):

  • visualization: false color representation with different types of mapping

  • shaded, logarithmical, gradient- and edge-detected, local contrast representation, Canny lines

  • OpenGL 3D data display: false color or material representation

  • easily editable color maps and OpenGL materials

  • basic operations: rotation, flipping, inversion, data arithmetic, crop, resampling, thresholding

  • leveling: plane leveling, profiles leveling, three-point leveling, facet leveling, polynomial background removal, leveling along user-defined lines

  • value reading, distance and angle measurement

  • profiles: profile extraction, measuring distances in profile graph, profile export

  • global curvature radii evaluation

  • filtering: mean, median, conservative denoise, Kuwahara, minimum, maximum, checker pattern removal

  • general convolution filter with user-defined kernel

  • statistical functions: Ra, RMS, projected and surface area, inclination, histograms, 1D and 2D correlation functions, PSDF, 1D and 2D angular distributions, Minkowski functionals, facet orientation analysis

  • statistical quantities calculated from area under arbitrary mask

  • row/column statistical quantities plots

  • ISO roughness parameter evaluation

  • grains: threshold marking and unmarking, watershed marking, or based on edge-detection

  • grain statistics: overall and distributions of size, height, area, volume, boundary length, bounding dimensions, slope, curvature, inscribed and excscribed circles

  • intergral transforms: 2D FFT, 2D continuous wavelet transform (CWT), 2D discrete wavelet transform (DWT), wavelet anisotropy detection, radial FFT profile

  • fractal dimension analysis

  • data correction: spot remove, outlier marking, scar marking, several line correction methods (median, modus)

  • removal of data under arbitrary mask using Laplace or fractal interpolation

  • mutual cropping of non-intersecting parts of images

  • automatic xy plane rotation correction

  • arbitrary polynomial deformation on xy plane

  • 1D and 2D FFT filtering

  • fast scan axis drift correction

  • mask editting: adding, removing or intersecting with rectangles and ellipses, inversion, extraction, expansion, shrinking

  • simple graph function fitting, critical dimension determination

  • force-distance curve fitting

  • axes scale callibration

  • merging and immersion of images

  • tip modelling, blind estimation, dilation and erosion

  • artificial data generation using Fourier synthesis or object placement

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

2.37 [11-20-15]

  • Translations updated: Czech, French, Italian, Russian.
  • libgwyprocess: A function for filling grain voids was added.
  • libgwyprocess: A simple x and y derivative filter function was added.
  • libgwyprocess: A regional extrema marking function was added.
  • libgwyprocess: A classic Vincent watershed algorithm function was added.
  • libgwydgets: Several new stock icons were added.
  • libgwyprocess: Pixel count was added as a new grain quantity.
  • libgwyprocess: Crash in gwy_grain_values_calculate() when a quantity was requested multiple times was fixed.
  • libgwyprocess: New function for performing one step of facet levelling.
  • libgwyddion: New data type GwyRandGenSet providing a convenient set of random number generators and functions for sampling from different distributions.
  • libgwyprocess: DataField z-value format is now based on autorange instead of the full data range.
  • libgwyddion: Environment variables such as GWYDDION_LIBDIR override the system-default paths on all systems, including OS X now.
  • libgwyddion: Module and data paths on OS X are taken from the bundle "net.gwyddion" instead of the main bundle, fixing broken paths in the standalone Python gwy module.
  • WinSTM (new): Import WinSTM data files.
  • Mark by Segmentation (new): Another segmentation/grain marking module, based on the classic Vincent algorithm.
  • Grain filter (new): Filtering of grains by range criteria and logical expressions.
  • Slope statistics (new): Statistics were split off Slope distributions, the GUI and functionality is the same as before.
  • Lattice synthesis (new): Construction of surfaces based on Voronoi tesselation of randomized lattices.
  • Grain removal by threshold: Removed. Threshold-based removal is replaced by Grain filter (also replacing it the default toolbox). Removal of grains touching image edges is a standalone menu function now.
  • Mask operations: Function for removal of grains touching image edges was added.
  • Mask editor tool: Fill voids handles correctly different connectivity of grain exterior, noticeable for grains separated only by thin lines. It is also possible to fill only simple-connected grains.
  • Pixmap: Vertical and horizontal rulers always use the same number format. The gap between image and false colour map can be adjusted, as well as the gap beteween the inset scale bar and image border. Missing lower left corner of the false colour map scale border was fixed. Text antialising can be disabled.
  • Affine distortion: The ACF image can be zoomed.
  • NT-MDT: Double inversion of new spectroscopy data properly checked and fixed.
  • Slope distribution: Masking is supported. Plot of total gradient was added.
  • NanoScan: A couple of memory-hadling bugs was fixed.
  • Grain distributions: Displays a preview graph of the selected quantity.
  • Grain correlations: If run interactively and the same-units condition of selected quantities is not satisfied, default quantities are selected instead of aborting with an error box.
  • Slope distributions: Preview of the result was added.
  • Dimensions and Units: False colour axis actually starts showing the new value units also when you change only the units (not the Z range).
  • 2D FFT Filter: FFT output centre of lateral coordinates is at the zero frequency now.
  • 2D FFT and FFT profile: Slight offset of lateral coordinates for odd-sized images was corrected.
  • Spectral synthesis: Critical message/crash, occuring when some files were loaded but no channel was active while invoking the function, was fixed.
  • Cross-correlation: now allowing use of multiple channesl and output of all the results together.
  • The standalone Python gwy module uses the correct extension for dlopening, fixing the failure to load Gwyddion libraries on OS X.

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