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IPHost Network Monitor 5.0.11530

IPHost Network Monitor is a distributed network and server monitoring software. This tool allows monitoring of websites and intranet applications, mail, database (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, ODBC) servers, network bandwidth and equipment, other resources inside and outside your network (LAN or WAN). Application templates for discovery and monitoring of various servers and server applications. Remote Network Agents enables monitoring of resources in multiple separate networks. Performance and other counters on Windows PCs can be monitored via WMI; on UNIX/Linux/Mac systems via SNMP. Supported protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ODBC, PING, and many more. Web Transaction monitor for end-to-end web applications and e-commerce site monitoring. SNMP MIB browser with SNMP SET support. SNMP traps monitor for immediate alerts on event. You can also use any of 4,000 additional Nagios plugins v.2.0.3 to monitor what you've used to with IPHost Network Monitor. Alerts by email, SMS, Jabber, ICQ, AOL, SNMP SET, play a sound or by execution of a program. Administrator tools provided. Daily, weekly, monthly automatic reports (summary, trend, problem) for any monitor, host or group. Reports for custom period and visual alerts in web interface. 500 monitors for
30-day trial, after the trial period automaticaly turns into free version with 50 monitors forever.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

5.0.11530 [06-08-17]

VMware Host, VMware Virtual Machine, VMware Datastore application templates for monitoring parameters of Host, Virtual Machines, and Datastore on VMware vSphere Hypervisor have been added. Monitoring database maintenance features including backup and restore. Other features and bugfixes.

Other versions : 5.0.11259 5.0.10689 4.0.10262 4.0.10090 4.0.9306 4.0.8741 4.0.8716 4.0.8652 3.5.8152 3.5.7890 3.5.7796 3.5.7298 3.5.7214 3.5.6985 3.1.6645 3.1.6276 3.1.6258 3.1.624 3.1.6249 3.1.5909 3.1.4975 3.0.4556 3.0.4458 2.1.4302 2.1.3926 2.1.3819 2.1.3706 2.1.3629 2.1.3492 2.1.3479 2.1.3359 2.1.3078 2.1.3023 2.1.2900 2.1.2848 2.1.2727 2.0.2492 2.0.2234 1.3.2117 1.3.2038 1.3.2023 1.3.1944 1.3.1907

v5.0.11259 [02-10-17]

The Hyper-V Hypervisor, Hyper-V Virtual Machine, and Hyper-V Virtual Storage application templates for monitoring of the Windows native virtualization platform. Nginx Web Server (free and commercial) application templates. Application upgrade support, other features and bugfixes.

v5.0.10689 [05-13-16]

Application templates for monitoring of various servers and server applications. Now you can monitor health of Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX and other servers. Out-of-the-box monitoring of web servers such as Apache or IIS is also supported, plus various mail server applications and many more.

v4.0.10262 [12-05-15]

Several bugfixes. New trial and free versions: during trial period IPHost supports 500 active monitors. After 30 days software is automatically converted to freeware with 50 monitors forever.

v4.0.10090 [10-17-15]

New trial and free versions: during trial period IPHost supports 500 active monitors. After 30 days software is automatically converted to freeware with 50 monitors forever. Alerting has been redesigned: simple actions and new type of alert - HTTP request are introduced, spike filter redesigned.

v4.0.9306 [05-20-15]

12 monitor types for system resource monitoring. Now you can monitor CPU load, memory and disk space usage, and parameters of system processes using any of 3 technologies: WMI, SNMP, or SSH. Secure access to Web interface. Credentials management has been considerably improved.

v4.0.8741 [02-07-15]

Web Transaction Monitor enhancements. PING monitor and some other monitors has been fixed.

v4.0.8716 [01-25-15]

Web Transaction Monitor enhancements. Several changes in user interface (both main and web). PING monitor has been fixed.

v4.0.8652 [12-29-14]

User interface changed, Web Transaction Monitor enhancements.

v3.5.8152 [12-25-14]

Filter any incoming SNMP Trap Payload with regular expressions. Traffic monitors now handle correctly when target host is rebooted.

v3.5.7890 [05-14-14]

Traffic monitors are no longer forcefully re-added for (re)discovery in client GUI. This will be done once when you upgrade to a version where support for traffic monitors was added, or install such a version anew. It is possible to disable (re)discovery of such monitors afterwards.

v3.5.7796 [04-18-14]

Fixed timeout on connection shutdown that was detected in rare cases when checking services such as Remote Desktop connectivity using a TCP monitor. Traffic monitors now correctly handle network adapter names containing non-ASCII characters.

v3.5.7298 [02-20-14]

At the first installation new WMI Traffic Speed and WMI Traffic Volume monitors are created on the local host in addition to the previous set of the sample monitors. The IMAP monitor has been fixed to turn to Down if login was unsuccessful.

v3.5.7214 [02-16-14]

At the first installation new WMI Traffic Speed and WMI Traffic Volume monitors are created on the local host in addition to the previous set of the sample monitors. The IMAP monitor has been fixed to turn to Down if login was unsuccessful.

v3.5.6985 [01-14-14]

Monitoring of traffic speed (current bandwidth usage) and transferred traffic volume using both SNMP and WMI

v3.1.6645 [01-13-14]

Added Internet Explorer engine to Web Transaction Monitor, support for the internationalized domain names and much more.

v3.1.6276 [09-20-12]

Several bugfixes and performance improvements.

v3.1.6258 [05-23-12]

Some 100 MIB files for monitoring Cisco and HP devices are added to the product

v3.1.624 [03-19-12]

Group operations with monitors and hosts is introduced.

v3.1.6249 [02-22-12]

Group operations with monitors and hosts is introduced.

v3.1.5909 [02-20-12]

Maintenance release with several bug fixes plus support for additional authentication methods in MS SQL monitor.

v3.1.4975 [03-05-11]

SNMP traps support. Some enchancements in Web Transaction Monitor and Remote network agents

v3.0.4556 [10-29-10]

Bulk automatic remote upgrade of Remote Network Agents. Local browser cache support in Web Transaction monitor.

v3.0.4458 [08-27-10]

Distributed monitoring. Remote Network Agents enable monitoring in multiple separate networks from one location.

v2.1.4302 [08-05-10]

Beta version with Remote Network Agents for monitoring in multiple separated networks is avaialable

v2.1.3926 [05-07-10]

DNS server monitor; Web interface improvement (ability to Start, Stop or Poll now any monitor or group); Custom script or program monitor - 'Run As' using any user account

v2.1.3819 [03-17-10]

SMS via GSM modem/phone, Web Transaction monitor, SSH monitor and alert

v2.1.3706 [02-01-10]

Web Transaction monitor, SSH, Discovery progress

v2.1.3629 [12-22-09]

SNMP SET, SFTP support

v2.1.3492 [11-16-09]

'Play Sound' alert

v2.1.3479 [11-05-09]

'Play Sound' alert

v2.1.3359 [09-23-09]

'Play Sound' alert

v2.1.3078 [07-04-09]

New Action Profiles

v2.1.3023 [05-14-09]

Minor Update

v2.1.2900 [04-16-09]

Minor Update

v2.1.2848 [03-23-09]

Minor Update

v2.1.2727 [02-25-09]

Minor Update

v2.0.2492 [12-15-08]

New Release

v2.0.2234 [09-16-08]

New Release

v1.3.2117 [08-24-08]

Major Update

v1.3.2038 [08-03-08]

Major Update

v1.3.2023 [07-12-08]

Major Update

v1.3.1944 [06-21-08]

Minor Update

v1.3.1907 [05-31-08]

Minor Update

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