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Magican 1.4.8

Magican is a sophisticated, and easy to use, all-in-one solution to fulfilling the following user needs; cleaning, optimizing, protecting and monitoring their Mac.

New Features:

1. Enhanced detection in App Uninstallation
2. Optimized memory usage of Magican
3. Enable displaying Fan speed in floating window even if Fan Control closed
4. Fixed network speed display bug in Firewall part
5. Other bugs fixed

What can Magican do for you? It enables you to carry out several basic operations in a floating window. For instance, Magican monitors the network traffic in an absolutely new way, and the "Purge RAM" can help you quickly convert the inactive memory into free memory. In addition, you can also get the local weather forecast and terminate unnecessary processes in the floating window.
Furthermore, Magican has more features on the main window. Magican can help you locate all of the junk and virus-infected files on your Mac, and then "One-Click" helps to eliminate all of them. If your Mac has a virus-infected file, you can choose to trust it, delete it or place it in "Quarantine". Of course, you may also still wish to know the real-time information on your Mac, so Magican can show it to you with pictorial symbols. All of the data is clearly displayed. Moreover, "Software" helps users completely uninstall any software with the use of a "Remove" button. Besides the uninstall feature, it also helps users get discounted software from the App Store, and reminds you of any new app updates that are available. Users can also retrieve hardware information from the main window, which can be exported out as text or image files.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

1.4.8 [08-11-13]

1. Enhanced detection in App Uninstallation 2. Optimized memory usage of Magican 3. Enable displaying Fan speed in floating window even if Fan Control closed 4. Fixed network speed display bug in Firewall part 5. Other bugs fixed

Other versions : 1.4.7 1.4.6 1.4.4 1.4.3 1.4.2 1.4.1 1.4.0 1.3.1 1.3.0 1.2.2 1.2.1 1.2.0 1.1.6 1.1.5 1.1.4 1.1.3 1.1.2 1.1.1 1.1.0 1.0.1 1.0.0 0.9.82 0.9.81 0.9.80 0.9.72 0.9.71 0.9.70 0.9.67 0.9.66 0.9.64 0.9.63 0.9.62 0.9.61 0.9.51 0.9.5 0.9.6

v1.4.7 [07-23-13]

1. New added Firewall helps detecting each process's online speed 2. New added Fan speed control switch 3. Bugs fixed

v1.4.6 [06-24-13]

1. Fixed Fahrenheit temperature display bug 2. Fixed error in turning off ON-download Scanner 3. Fixed error in turning off Floating Window 4. Fixed crash when cleaning trash or uninstalling app 5. Fixed language error 6. Fixed other bugs

v1.4.4 [06-09-13]

1. Support Traditional Chinese 2. Enable Fan control in floating window 3. New added ignore list for Quick Clean 4. Other bugs fixed

v1.4.3 [04-28-13]

1. Optimized Software Center with application recommendation 2. Improved Korean language 3. Fixed error in "Duplicate Finder" 4. Fixed minor bugs

v1.4.2 [03-21-13]

1. Newly added customized options for Quick Scan 2. Newly added switch button for weather display 3. Enable 3G Network Monitor 4.Optimized stats-display in top status bar 5. Supported Korean language 6. Other bugs fixed

v1.4.1 [02-05-13]

1. Newly added language setting 2. Newly added special badge for donators 3. Uninstall enables deleting app icon in LaunchPad 4. Enable auto-saving city for weather forecasting 5. Other bugs fixed

v1.4.0 [01-26-13]

1. The previous "Mini window" has now become a separate Monitor to reduce CPU and memory usage 2. A brand new Optimizer has been added to manage startup items, set default programs and optimize settings 3. General bugs fixed

v1.3.1 [12-10-12]

1. File Finder for disused and large file 2. Tips for new users have been redesigned 3. Enriched Feature descriptions provided 4. Improved French and Spanish translations 5. Other bugs fixed

v1.3.0 [11-22-12]

1. New Software Centre Interface 2. Updates for all apps available (not only those from the App Store) 3. Detailed App update information provided 4. One-click downloads and installation of app updates enabled 5.Management of app updates enabled

v1.2.2 [10-25-12]

1. Fixed the problem of excessive CPU consumption 2. Fixed the crash caused by duplicate cleaning 3. Fixed the problem of failing to delete Browser Cache on OSX 10.6 4. Other bugs fixed

v1.2.1 [10-13-12]

1. Retina display supported 2. Improved performance of cleaner module 3. Fixed display bug in weather forecast 4. Fixed other bugs

v1.2.0 [09-26-12]

1. Redesigned home page with more information displayed on and shortcut settings added in 2. Simplify stats display in menubar 3. Unified Notification of OSX 10.8 style 4. Cleaner supports moving to trash 5. Other bugs fixed

v1.1.6 [08-31-12]

1.Anti-Trojan enables detecting: Tsunami/DevilRobber/Imuler 2.Correct memory usage display (Usable memory now include free and inactive memory) 3.Fix abnormal warning of temperature on OS X 10.6 4.Other bugs fixed

v1.1.5 [08-17-12]

1.Enhanced app uninstaller in software center 2.Fixed menu bar icon's position bug under OS X 10.8 3.Fixed bug of updating app in Toolbox 4.Fixed bug of obtaining CPU temperature and GPU temperature

v1.1.4 [08-03-12]

1.Lower CPU usage while running Magican 2.Fixed freeze problem while switching monitor stats 3.Fixed bugs of installing tools in Toolbox 4.Fixed crash problem in Trojan scanning 5.Bugs fixed

v1.1.3 [07-22-12]

1.Enable on-download scanner (Auto detect files downloaded from Safari, Chrome and Mail) 2.Enable auto shut down after full scanning 3.Optimize memory usage of Magican 4.Support OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion 5.Bugs fixed

v1.1.2 [07-05-12]

1.Fixed bug that may mistakenly delete other files while uninstalling Magican

v1.1.1 [07-04-12]

1.New added Multi-Touch gestures in Magican 2.New added Wizards for newbie 3.Users could drag Magican App to Trash to completely uninstall Magican 4.Optimized Magican to reduce CPU usage 5.Fixed app crash caused by scanning Trojan 6. Other bugs fixed

v1.1.0 [06-20-12]

1.Add new module - “Security” which has integrated and enriched anti-Trojan feature by detecting and removing more than 30 kinds of Trojan and their alteration 2.Weather report could confirm city location in app’s first running 3.Bug fixed

v1.0.1 [06-01-12]

1.Enable users to type in fan speed directly 2. State lamp flash while disk write/read 3. Allow users to choose for the temperature unit at the first time of running app 4. Bugs fixed

v1.0.0 [05-21-12]

1. Redesign the whole UI and logo 2. All disks info are available 3. Added more detailed battery information 4. Enable to control Fan speed 5. Display internet IP 6. Bugs fixed

v0.9.82 [04-16-12]

1. Redesign floating window simplify RAM release and weather broadcast 2. Redesign pop-up window to be more intuitive and simple 3. Auto locate city to gain weather information 4. Bugs fixed

v0.9.81 [03-26-12]

1. Display CPU usage& memory usage in floating window 2. Fix the problem of "checking S.M.A.R.T status failure" 3. Optimize CPU usage 4. Avoid crash problem caused by refreshing database in Software center 5. Other bugs fixed

v0.9.80 [03-14-12]

1. New added module-ToolBox offers more Magican apps 2. Magican File, Magican Document and Magican Rest could be downloaded from ToolBox 3. Magican File, Magican Document and Magican Rest are compatible with Mac Lion 4. More features...

v0.9.72 [02-20-12]

1. Floating window could be moved to Status Bar 2. Remind of system update in Software Center 3. Accurate city locations in weather broadcasting 4. Repairing freeze problem in cleaning process 5. Bug fixed

v0.9.71 [02-07-12]

1. Notification of each software updates could be ignored or not at will 2. Refresh discount software information more frequently 3. Redesign floating window UI 4. Bugs fixed

v0.9.70 [01-28-12]

1. Recommending free apps of today in Mac App Store 2. Recommending discount software in Mac App Store 3. Reminding software updates in Mac App Store 4. Recommending hottest apps in Mac App Store 5. Redesign floating window, make it more succinct

v0.9.67 [12-28-11]

1.To easily catch memory info, interface of memory release is redesigned 2. Fix bugs in clean item, like app compatible problem 3.Fix weather broadcasting UI bug under Mac OS X 10.6 4.Stop producing useless logs during Magican running

v0.9.66 [12-19-11]

1.Christmas skin added 2. Broadcasts weather for the next three days 3.Display more precise network traffic 4.Optimize the usage of CPU 5.Bug in "show icon in dock" fixed 6.Bug of incomplete uninstalling fixed 7. Bug fixed

v0.9.64 [12-07-11]

1.Display the total amount of deleted junks 2. Floating window displays monthly network traffic 3. Bug fixed

v0.9.63 [11-24-11]

1. Reduce memory usage of Magican 2. Prompt purging memory result 3. Add weather broadcast on floating window 4. Redesign loading window 5. Fix bugs in item of cleaning binaries, avoid of application (like Office 2008) being destroyed 6. Bugs fixed

v0.9.62 [11-10-11]

1. Add memory release function; 2. Scanning useless binaries could identify applications containing signature and remain them by default; 3. Reduce Magican memory usage; 4. Add feature of checking new version; 5. Some bugs fixed.

v0.9.61 [11-03-11]

1, Fixed display bug for battery alert window 2,Fixed crash bugs when scanning

v0.9.51 [10-21-11]

1. Added application uninstalled on software list. 2. Fixed temperature mistakes on some types of Mac. 3. Fixed unexpected closing mistakes while scanning data and managing documents. 4. Improved background stability

v0.9.5 [10-18-11]

New Release

v0.9.6 [10-14-11]

New Release

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November 1, 2012

"I'm in love with your software! Thank you for making it free for now!"

by cyccy for 1.2.2 version

October 16, 2011

"I do really like one feature of clean. Magican helps me clear all useless items out off my Mac."

by sharon for 0.9.6 version

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