Actual Virtual Desktops 8.12.2

If your computer is your workplace, with this virtual desktop manager you will be able to increase your productivity sufficiently - work on multiple tasks simultaneously and stay focused on just those that you need at the moment. Plus, you won't be distracted by what's not currently urgent or necessary and by the crowd of windows on your desktop and icons on the taskbar, as you'll see just those that are related to your current job.

Actual Virtual Desktops is a virtual desktop manager that allows creating an activity-focused work environment and remove the unnecessary distraction by scattering the multitude of piled up application windows over a number of independent virtual desktops and grouping the applications on the desktops by activities they involved into. With Actual Virtual Desktops, you can create as many virtual desktops as necessary, replacing the single, often overcrowded Windows desktop, and utilize the full power of your operating system, including Windows system utilities, in any window on any of your numerous virtual desktops.

You can arrange your applications on your desktops by hand or have the program do that automatically. To arrange application windows automatically, simply define the rules telling the program on which desktop the certain window is to be sent whenever it's launched.

The program installs seamlessly, doesn't require extensive configuration or in-depth computer expertise. To quickly identify each of your virtual desktops, you can set custom wallpaper on each desktop. To quickly switch between desktops, you can assign custom hotkey to each virtual desktop. And to manage your windows manually within the virtual desktops infrastructure, you can use the typical window control elements like extra caption button, special item in each window's system window menu, customizable hotkeys, etc.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

8.12.2 [06-01-18]

1) Improved compatibility with Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.

Other versions : 8.12.1 8.12 8.11.2 8.11.1 8.11 8.10.2 8.10.1 8.10 8.9 8.8 8.7 8.5 8.4 8.3 8.2.2 8.1.1 4.5.1 4.5 4.3 4.2 4.1 3.2.2 3.2 3.1 3.0.2 3.0 2.5 2.4 2.3 2.2 2.1 1.2 1.1 1.0

v8.12.1 [04-27-18]

1) Changed: Extra buttons' look improved in Win10 Spring Creators Update. 2) Fixed: 64-bit applications might crash sometimes.

v8.12 [03-07-18]

1) Fixed: Extra buttons overlapped the My Account button in Google Chrome 64+. 2) Fixed: Extra buttons in Firefox Quantum got misplaced and drawn in wrong color. 3) Fixed: Some applications (e.g. Malwarebytes) might hang at startup if Actual Virtual Desktops was running.

v8.11.2 [10-02-17]

1) Improved compatibility with Metro (UWP) apps in Windows 10 Creators Update: fixed crashes at startup, improved extra title buttons colors in apps with custom-colored title bars, improved Compact View popup toolbar behavior. 2) Improved virtual desktops switching using the mouse.

v8.11.1 [07-29-17]

1) Improved auto-detection of free space for extra title buttons in Google Chrome. 2) Improved Windows 10 compatibility: a) fixed crashes of various apps (like Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 installers and components, iTunes Helper, iPod Service, and others); b) fixed hung Magnifier in Lens mode.

v8.11 [06-23-17]

1) Added the ability to create specific window settings for Metro (UWP) apps in Windows 10. 2) Added the factory exclusion rule to skip windows with empty captions. 3) Fixed the background spellchecking in MS Word 2016. 4) Fixed the cut captions on the Tools panels in high DPI resolutions.

v8.10.2 [04-21-17]

1) Improved title buttons look in Windows 10. 2) Fixed high CPU consumption in UltraEdit.

v8.10.1 [03-30-17]

1) Added Arabic translation. 2) Fixed title buttons look in Office 2013/2016 in Windows 10. 3) Fixed Test Regexp dialog in high DPI.

v8.10 [03-04-17]

1) Fixed title buttons in colored title bars in Windows 10. 2) Improved stability on 64-bit systems. 3) Restored title buttons compatibility with Microsoft Office and Google Chrome. 4) Improved compatibility with high DPI resolutions. 5) Fixed security issue with the library in the %Temp% folder.

v8.9 [08-17-16]

1) Added proper high DPI scaling for Virtual Desktop Switcher, extra title button, program dialogs. 2) Added ability to invoke title button menu via hotkey. 3) Added ability to set arbitrary folder for configuration files. 4) Improved compatibility with Skype, MS Office, Explorer, QuickBooks.

v8.8 [04-20-16]

1) Configuration: Back/Forward buttons added. 2) Configuration: Global Options subitems removed from the navigation tree and transformed into tabs.

v8.7 [02-12-16]

1) Support of Metro apps in Windows 10. 2) Numerous changes in the main Configuration window. 3) Fixed: Extra title buttons overlapped the standard ones in Office 2013+ apps. 4) Fixed: Sometimes title buttons did not redraw in Aero theme. 5) Fixed: Uninstaller showed queries even in silent mode.

v8.5 [09-03-15]

1) Windows 10: Numerous fixes for extra title buttons.

v8.4 [05-29-15]

1) Improved Compact View in Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox. 2) Added hiding/showing extra title buttons 1-by-1 (gradual Compact View). 3) Fixed rare crashes when unloading Actual Virtual Desktops. 4) Fixed NuSphere PhpEd 15 debugger hang at startup. 5) Improved compatibility with MAGIX products.

v8.3 [04-20-15]

1) Win10-style Virtual Desktops Switcher added. 2) High DPI support improved. 3) Title buttons' color change on mouse hovering added in Windows 8/8.1. 4) Fixed: "Shift the buttons vertically" and "Compact view" options were absent in Default Settings.

v8.2.2 [11-12-14]

1) Windows 8.1 Update 1 compatibility. 2) Windows 10 compatibility. 3) Quick Setup wizard. 4) Multi-window configuration. 5) Compact view for title buttons. 6) Default window settings propagate to specific settings.

v8.1.1 [02-06-14]

Windows 8.1 compatibility.

v4.5.1 [04-13-13]

Win x64: Memory leak fixed.

v4.5 [03-28-13]

1) Hotkeys now work in DirectInput games (Battlefield 3, Skyrim, etc.). 2) List of hotkey actions can be filtered by categories. 3) Low-level mechanisms improved for better compatibility. 4) Vista+: Compatibility with Internet Explorer improved. 5) Title buttons look correct in JRiver Media Center.

v4.3 [11-27-12]

1) Windows 8 RTM support. 2) Compatibility improved with Microsoft Office 2007 and higher, Logitech SetPoint, WordPerfect 12, GOM Player, JRiver Media Center, SmartDraw 12, HTML-Kit Tools.

v4.2 [09-07-12]

1) Improved stability on 64-bit systems. 2) Windows Vista/7: Speed of virtual desktops switching in Independent mode increased significantly.

v4.1 [07-26-12]

1) Compatibility with Windows 8 Release Preview, Windows Media Player, NVIDIA nView, RocketDock. 2) Italian language added.

v3.2.2 [11-24-11]

1) Crashes in dwm.exe fixed.

v3.2 [10-31-11]

1) Compatibility improved with many popular products (like Visual Studio, all Adobe products, SnagIt, Softimage). 2) Norwegian language added. 3) Tracking of window caption changes improved. 4) Numerous fixes.

v3.1 [08-03-11]

1) Reboot-less update to new version on Windows Vista/7. 2) Indonesian language added. 3) Stability issues fixed.

v3.0.2 [07-13-11]

1) Multi-monitor wallpapers fixed on portrait-oriented monitors. 2) Hanging of just opened console windows fixed.

v3.0 [05-02-11]

1) Independent lists of virtual desktops on each monitor in a multi-monitor environment. 2) Ability to clone the Virtual Desktops Switcher on all monitors.

v2.5 [02-13-11]

1) Title button's look in Aero improved. 2) Back up/restore configuration. 3) Undo/Redo commands in Configuration window. 4) Fixed: Virtual Desktops Switcher disappeared after switching desktops.

v2.4 [11-25-10]

1) Aero Glow on title buttons. 2) Buttons' skins for Office 2007 Silver/Black styles. 3) Buttons work in Office 2010 64-bit. 4) Open Configuration via single/double click on tray icon.

v2.3 [08-08-10]

1) Title buttons compatible with MS Office 2010. 2) Regular expressions to detect a target window by its caption. 3) Excessive consupmtion of graphic resources at the high system load under Windows 7 x64 fixed. 4) Title buttons interfered with the tabs dragging in Google Chrome under Windows 7.

v2.2 [06-15-10]

1) Support of administrative tools in Vista/7. 2) Improved support of console windows in Windows 7. 3) Ability to create specific settings from the Log tool. 4) Default Move to Next/Previous Virtual Desktop hotkeys changed to Win+ and Win+Shift+. 5) Improved Vista SideBar compatibility.

v2.1 [02-15-10]

1) Console windows support on Win7. 2) Auto-check for updates. 3) New hotkeys to suspend/resume the program. 4) Compatibility with Win7 Desktop Slideshow. 5) Fixed cyclic auto-switching of desktops. 6) Many fixed bugs/stability issues on x64.

v1.2 [04-10-09]

1) Now virtual desktops support the extra multi-monitor settings for their wallpapers. 2) The option to make the additional title button Office 2007-like is added. 3) The amount of consumed Windows graphics resources is decreased significantly.

v1.1 [10-21-08]

1) Now the title button looks fully native under Windows Vista Aero. 2) The overall stability is improved when running on Windows x64. 3) Now the change of order in the list of virtual desktops is handled correctly. 4) The reaction on Win+D system hotkey is improved.

v1.0 [07-21-08]

Actual Virtual Desktops 1.0 (04.07.2008)
[!] Initial Release

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