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WinSleep by MollieSoft

WINSLEEP by MollieSoft keeps your computer asleep (while not too busy) as much as possible during periods you specify.
** Runs on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
** Provides a detailed time-line graph showing when your computer was awake, asleep, or hibernating.
** Sleep Journal shows when/why your computer woke up or went to sleep.
** Provides convenient Sleep and Hibernate buttons for manual use when desired.
** Use remote viewer WinSleep Monitor to connect from anywhere!
** Shows the current CPU/Disk/Network usage percentages for your computer.
** Define multiple sleep schedules (daily, weekly, or monthly time slot), each with a designated sleep policy with its own CPU/Disk/Network usage limits.
** Set wake schedules and an optional task (program) to be run at each wake.
** Helps prolong the life of your desktop computer. Your disk drive is not spinning, motherboard is not powered, fan is not running (and accumulating dust inside the computer casing), and your monitors are in standby mode.
** Saves money! A typical desktop uses 250 watts of electricity when awake, but only a few watts while asleep. Power companies (in the US) may bill at say 10 cents per kWH. This is .25 kWH @ 10 cents = 2.5 cents/hr you are saving while asleep. Say WinSleep sleeps your computer for half the day; this is $.30/day = $109.50 per year. The more you sleep, the more you save. (We didn't even count the power consumption of the computer monitor here.)

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [01-17-19] - More reliable read/write for configuration file.

Other versions :

v1.4.12.0 [05-17-18] - Various minor stability fixes.

v1.4.11.0 [09-02-17] - Cosmetic changes.

v1.4.10.0 [06-09-17] - Added 'Cancel Sleep Countdown if busy' checkbox to the Preferences dialog. If this is checked, and the machine then becomes busy during the Sleep Countdown, the sleep attempt will be cancelled.

v1.4.9.0 [04-15-17] - Prevent spontaneous cancellation in Sleep Dialog when usage limits are exceeded. Minor stability fixes.

v1.4.8.0 [03-09-17] - Fixed timeline issue for multi-day awake periods.

v1.4.6.0 [03-02-17] - Added support for Monitor remote edit of Sleep/Wake Schedules. Fix: Deactivate all schedules on Sleep Schedules remote update, then reactivate.

v1.4.4.0 [02-08-17] - Stay Awake period now attached to the Wake Schedule instead of the associated Task.

v1.4.3.0 [01-21-17] - Updates for Monitor

v1.4.2.0 [01-12-17] - Respond to Monitor commands for Sleep and Hibernate (Monitor version or greater required).

v1.4.1.0 [12-30-16] - Added support for WinSleep Monitor, a remote viewer for WinSleep.

v1.3.8.0 [11-02-16] - Added Preferences dialog for miscellaneous settings. - Added Show Help for Sleep Settings and Wake Settings windows.

v1.3.6.0 [10-25-16]

Version - Show history log in a separate view if desired; added Window menu button at top-right of secondary views, to assist navigation
Version - Added new 'Graph Settings' panel to replace the time-line graph context menu.

v1.3.3.0 [10-15-16]

Version - Various fixes for journal/graph cross-navigation.

v1.3.1.0 [10-13-16]

Version - Added a Sleep Journal with wake/sleep reasons.

v1.2.5.0 [10-01-16]

Version - Show splash screen at program start.

v1.2.4.0 [09-26-16]

Version - Correct any unterminated power state or policy records at program start; show seconds (in addition to hours and minutes) in the graph tooltips.

v1.2.3.0 [09-24-16]

Version - More robust initial data load; added 'Main Window' button to Sleep/Wake Schedules Views.

v1.2.2.0 [09-22-16]

Version - Attach an optional task (run a program) to a Wake Schedule.

v1.2.1.0 [09-13-16] - Added Wake Schedules, used to schedule daily/weekly/monthly wake timers.

v1.1.25.0 [08-31-16] - Fix abort that can occur if wake from sleep when no policy has ever been in effect.

v1.1.20.0 [08-30-16]

1.1.20 changes: Replaced Kagi vendor link with FastSpring. Use fewer files to store historical data for machine power state and sleep policy periods. More accurate representation of sleep policy periods on the graph. Show correct policy in system information graph when multiple policies exist. Better error reporting if cannot create required Performance Counters at startup.

v1.1.24.0 [08-22-16] - Various fixes for policy graph accuracy; ignore Sleep/Hibernate buttons until fully resumed from sleep.

v1.1.23.0 [08-13-16]

> - Correct sleep policy graph errors that could occur if asleep for more than 2 days.

v1.1.22.0 [08-11-16]

Version - New "Compact View" button for a more concise display.

v1.1.19.0 [08-05-16] - Show "Wake at End" schedule option on Windows 10 as well; may wake or not depending on your BIOS. Simplified computation of machine ID for licensing.

v1.1.18.0 [07-15-16]

Version - Fix date-time parsing error in handling licenses for foreign locales.
Version - WinSleep is now compatible with Windows 7; Use the config file instead of .NET property files.

v1.1.16.0 [06-11-16]

Version - Fixed expiration date of trials for day/month format locales.

v1.1.15.0 [05-14-16]

Version - Better management of window size and position.

v1.1.14.0 [05-12-16]

Version - Recover log files in case of forced shutdown.
Version - Allow versioning in license mechanism.
Version - Better detection method for network utilization percentage.
Version - Use 24 hour clock since am/pm is not used in some countries.

v1.1.13.0 [04-27-16]

Version - Allow versioning in license mechanism.
Version - Better detection method for network utilization percentage.
Version - Use 24 hour clock since am/pm is not used in some countries.

v1.1.11.0 [04-14-16]

Version - Better detection method for network utilization percentage.
Version - Use 24 hour clock since am/pm is not used in some countries.

v1.1.9.0 [04-12-16]

Version - Use 24 hour clock since am/pm is not used in some countries.

v1.1.7.0 [04-07-16]

New Release

v1.1.6.0 [03-30-16]

New Release

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