Twistpad 2.52 SR1

Twistpad is a fully featured Text Editor for Windows. Twistpad can be used as a simple notepad replacer, or an featured packed editor targeting web and software developers.
Twistpad supports a full range of syntax highlighting for the most popular formats out of the box (HTML, ASP, XML, C++, Pascal, etc) but it's strength relies on the easy to create new highlighting schemes.
Handling text is no problem in Twistpad, besides the usual clipboard operations, there is a wide range of formatting commands that will simplify your work whenever you need.
Written in native Win32, you can be sure that no system DLL's are installed or altered. Performance is also something we had in mind when designing Twistpad, so fast startup time, and fast parsing of text are guaranteed
Other features include Unicode support, Spell Checking and Active Spell Checking, compare text files (even currently edited ones), Export to Rich Text Format and HTML, Find and Replace in Files, Project Management, Auto-Complete, Auto-Replace, Auto-Recover, Tools/Compiler support, configurable Toolbar/Editor Context Menu/Shortcuts/Colors, advanced text format (join lines remove empty lines, etc.), text sort and many more features.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

2.52 SR1 [12-29-17]

Due to popular demand, the Find / Replace in files dialog is now resizable again
Fixed: Warning when searching in an invalid folder
Fixed: Refreshing in the Compare Window would raise an error
Minor Bug Fixes

Other versions : 2.52 2.51 2.5 SR2 2.5 SR1 2.5 2.4 2.3 2.2 2.1 SR1 2.1 2.0 SR1 2.0 1.65 1.64 1.63 1.62 SR1

v2.52 [11-10-17]

Clipboard history now retains IdentPaste, line copy and block select mode when reusing a stored clipboard item
Improved display of the Paste Multiple menu
Multiple Items paste now shows hint with the history contents
New Commands: Next and Previous modified line to quickly jump between edited sections in the current document
Copying from the compare window now supports IdentPaste and line copy mode when pasting in the main editor
Added First and Last Difference commands in the Compare Window
Added a new command in the Compare window to switch between vertical and horizontal views
Shortcuts in Compare window can now be customized in the customize dialog
New option to display the compare overview bar on the left of the window
Feedback on line jumped via double click in the Output window is now displayed on the Status bar
Numbers are now highlighted in the Output window
Toggle Bookmark command now shows the current bookmark list in sub-menu (same view as the Dock Bookmark window)
New Option in FindReplace in Files: "Search in hidden items"
Replace in files now makes a backup for replaced files (only when the option "Create Backup Copy" is selected)
Reorganized the "FindReplace in files" dialog
Updated some command button icons
New command line Switch to Jump to line of the file opened, after the file path specify the line number.
Eg: c: wistpad.exe "c:file.txt" xxxx
Fixed: Warning of failure to make the replace in read only files (No indication that the replacement was not done)
Fixed: In the compare window, if there was only one difference and on the first line, Twistpad would crash
Fixed: Editing a line in the editor, right after a jump from the search results would delete that line
Fixed: When searching in opened files, current document changes would be lost
Fixed: Same select mode in main editor and compare displays
Fixed: Same Gutter colors in main editor and compare displays
Fixed: Join Lines command now discards any indent spaces when joining the lines
Fixed: double click a number in the output window sometimes would not jump to the respective line number
Updated Help file
Other minor bug fixes and tweaks

v2.51 [09-07-16]

Added a interface to edit snippet sets
Improved snippet editing directly from the dock window, allowing to create new set of snippet and delete sets of snippets without having to manually edit the snippet files
Added a Copy Snippet command on the Snippet dock window
Twistpad can now act as a standalone compare tool, the included "TwistCompare.Exe" when invoked with two files in the command line will launch the Twistpad compare window or using the command line switch "/C" (and 2 files) directly into Twistpad command line
When comparing a file with older revisions, other revisions can now be selected directly in the Compare window
New shortcuts to find next and previous differences in the Compare window (F2Shift F2)
Added a quick find forwardackward in the Compare window (like in the editor: select text press F3Shift F3)
New option to make searches of text and differences wrappable in the Compare window
Added a menu entry to display file properties in the File History dialog
Favorites are now displayed in the File Menu (Note: This menu entry is only visible if there are favorite files defined)
Pressing the "Esc" key now reverts the auto-correction (if pressed immediately after)
New Option: Wait X minutes: Interval between saved backups (Only available in "Full History" backup type)
Updated display of "non loaded" file contents
Inserting a clip item will now send the item to the clipboard and to the top of the clipboard list
Added a warning the when running a macro more then once
Fixed: Sometimes inserting a snippet would add repeated lines
Fixed: Copying from then Compare window would not ignore deleted lines
Fixed: Viewer 1 from the Compare window background color
Fixed: Sometimes the clipboard window would stop collecting items
Fixed: NextPrevious function commands (and goto dialog) would not work correctly when function list was sorted alphabetically
Fixed: Refreshing a comparison between a file and a revision would make the history file loose the syntax highlight
Fixed: Document statistics command would hang Twistpad if the document had long lines
Fixed: Lag editing remote stored files
Fixed: Zoom in the Compare window was not synchronized
Fixed: Switch Window would sometimes display a horizontal scrollbar
Fixed: Bookmarks were always set on document 1 in the Compare window
Updated Help file
Other Minor bug fixes and tweaks

v2.5 SR2 [11-18-14]

Pressing the "Esc" key now cancels formatting commands
Fixed: Gutter line numbers where switched in compare window
Fixed: Keywords containing na "equal" sign could not be used as a keyword in syntax definition (Syntax would return na error)
Fixed: Some issues with the plug-in interface
Other Minor bug fixes

v2.5 SR1 [10-20-14]

Print Preview windows size and options panel visibility are now preserved across sessions
Fixed: Compare commands only affected the top editor
Fixed: Comparing current document in word-wrap mode with saved version
Fixed: Search highlight word would not highlight the word if it was underlined in a URL
Fixed: Equal sign could not be used as a keyword in syntax definition (Syntax would return na error)
Fixed: Option "Non Syntax Text Color Always Black" was not persistent across sessions
Other Minor bug fixes

v2.5 [09-16-14]

Dock Function Window contents can now be sorted by line (default) or by line content (alphabetically)
Dock Function Window can now be filter function names
Added a command to browse the current file history (requires Backup type set to "Full History")
Added a new command to Align text in a tabular style with given separator
Added a new command to compare the current file with the clipboard contents
Added a new command to compare the current file selection with the clipboard contents
Added an option to lock opened files in Twistpad
Added an option to show progress operations in the application Taskbar button (Windows 78.x only)
Added an option to show folder history on OpenSave file dialogs or, if not set, show favorite folders from the Dock File Browser window (Windows Vista78.x only)
Ruler now displays the current cursor position and selection (if selection is in the same line)
"Automatic URL color" will "adapt" to the current syntax scope color (and be underlined)
When URL are Control+Click is now used to launch the URL, instead of double click
Added a new command, in the Preferences dialog, to clear the search
eplace history
Added a new command: "Remove consecutive blank lines" to the Format menu
Added two new options to the Find in Files dialog; "Expand Search Results" and "Clear Previous Results"
Added a new option for searched terms (in Search results and Find functionsList bookmarks) to be highlighted with the same background color as the editor search highlight)
Close Window allows to compare contents of the modified files with the saved version (Via context menu)
New option to output sort operations to a new window
Compare With command now uses current editing buffer instead of saved version
Compare now displays number of changes (added, deleted and modified lines)
Compare now supports temporary word highlight (Ctrl+Click)
Commands hint show the command description
Added shortcuts to paste multiple menu items
Added the possibility to edit name and description of macros
Organize Macros command is now available in the Playback Macro Dialog
Improvement: Usability in Playback Macro Dialog for better keyboard support
Improvement: Usability in the compare window
Improvement: Usability in the Window Manager
Improvement: Usability in the Switch Window
Improvement: Usability in the Close"Close All But This" Dialog
Improvement: Usability in the Document bar
Added a context menu to the Document bar to add or remove items
Check for new version now warns about available beta versions (Note: Beta versions are only available to registered users)
Recovered files are now displayed with the document warning panel
Clean obsolete history files at startup now also clean obsolete favorite folders as well
improvement: Copy append command will now append items in the internal clipboard as well
Active Spelling new default shortcut: Shift+F7
Context in the Bookmark window has been moved to the second column
"Format Text" command is now called "Wrap Text"
Fixed: Some issues in the compare window
Fixed: Document bar is now in sync with the scrollbar Thumb
Fixed: Show Current selection in document bar (option) was not working
Fixed: Update of track changes display on horizontal scroll
Fixed: Faster shutdown of application
Fixed: Highlighted internet links are now ignored by the active spell checker
Fixed: Search highlight match's would always consider the whole document even if the Document bar was not active
Fixed: At startup, when loading the last workspace, the function list would not show the document functions
Fixed: Undo behavior upon deleting a block selection
Fixed: "Save As" would not remove the warning bar
Fixed: Find all on current document or on all documents would raise an error if there was an empty document
Fixed: Statistics command would not be disabled if there was no active document
Fixed: Documents not loaded would not be fully loaded for comparison
Fixed: Temporary search color was not restored from a previously saved theme
Fixed: Clipboard window mouse hint would go beyond end of screen
Fixed: Full Screen would make the taskbar button disappear on Windows 8.x
Fixed: On Windows 8.x having more than 30+ document windows open would raise an application error and Twistpad would be closed
Dialogs now use the correct font for Windows Vista7 and 8.x
Removed classic and high Color icons
Updated Help file
Other Minor bug fixes and tweaks

v2.4 [02-17-13]

New Release

v2.3 [06-12-12]

New Release

v2.2 [08-29-11]

New Release

v2.1 SR1 [12-05-10]

New Release

v2.1 [11-25-10]

New Release

v2.0 SR1 [01-30-10]

New Release

v2.0 [11-14-09]

New Release

v1.65 [03-18-09]

New Release

v1.64 [08-20-08]

New Release

v1.63 [03-27-08]

New Release

v1.62 SR1 [02-18-08]

New Release

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