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There are thousands and thousands of stories…just by a touch, just by a look, someone became enlightened. They do not appear rational to us. How is this possible? This is possible! Even a look from the master into your eyes will change your ...

The moment you become knowledgeable you lose innocence. And innocence is the garden. In innocence, flowers bloom. In innocence, fragrance is released. In innocence, all is bliss. The garden is a symbol for innocence.

Just throw your scriptures into the river. Now you are a nobody, floating with the river, in a deep letgo. When the river meets the ocean, that meeting-point is God. The river becomes the ocean and the individual consciousness becomes the divine.

The very goal is to reach the ocean -- the river becomes the ocean and the individual consciousness becomes the divine. When a drop is lost in the vast ocean, the absolute meaning of life, the supreme bliss of life, the paramount beauty of life is ...

...It does not bother about God...

Existence waits millions of years for somebody to become enlightened, and when someone becomes enlightened existence wants him to share, to spread the word, whatsoever the cost, to all those who are fast asleep. They are not all going to awake, but ...

If you are peaceful the whole world becomes peaceful to you. It is just a reflection. Whatsoever you are is reflected all over. Everyone becomes a mirror.

...Unlimited decks and other oracles...Powerful Card Titles and Card Meanings Managers...Make screenshots of the spreads and readings at one click of the mouse...


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