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Skyfire is a free, downloadable mobile web browser that makes browsing on your phone exactly like browsing on your PC. Now, you can use the web from your mobile phone with unprecedented speed and simplicity.

Mobile browsing exactly like your PC
With Skyfire on your phone you can for the first time ever shop, watch web video, listen to web music and stay connected on your social network -- just as you would on your PC. We're talking about full-featured PC versions of your favorite websites. Skyfire gives you speedy page loads, full audio, images and video. From Myspace, Facebook, YouTube to Hulu - it's the full web experienced on your phone.
The real web, served-up right
Unlike other mobile browsers, Skyfire supports the desktop version of Adobe Flash applications so sites, including those that serve-up video and music, are rendered exactly as you would expect - just like your PC. You will instantly recognize the content, be familiar with the page layout -- which is not true for most mobile browsing experiences. We support all that's good about today's web - not just Flash, but also Silverlight, Ajax, QuickTime and more. And even better: Skyfire evolves with the newest capabilities without you having to do anything.
Go anywhere, see anything
Not only do we deliver video and audio, we also deliver everything else you routinely do on the web. Get maps, check sport scores, view weather forecasts, read the news, check flights, and stay active on your favorite social networks. From the Top 10 of websites all the way down to the obscurest of pages - you'll do it all from your mobile phone just like you do on your PC.
Blazing fast
Skyfire is faster than any mobile web browser you've ever used. You'll load web pages as fast as your PC and eliminate the long delays and error messages you get with other mobile browsers. Don't take our word for it, check out this bake-off by Laptop Magazine and see how we handily outclassed the iPhone 3G.
Easy to use
It's easy to experience the PC web on your phone with Skyfire's clickable content and intuitive navigation. We know it's a small screen and that's why we made navigating intuitive with full screen, thumbnails and adaptable zooming modes. You simply and quickly get to exactly where you want to be on a page - navigating at speeds that make the experience enjoyable.
Quick content and simple search
All the places you routinely visit are a click away. We have handy links to popular websites on the start page. Your bookmarks and your browsing history is just a click away. Better yet, you can even bookmark your specific view (zoom level, position) of content on a web page to get exactly to the right place in one click.

We made search simple. Use our nifty SuperBar to perform a search or enter a URL from a single field. We even suggest the most commonly used search keywords as you type. Plus the search results are from Google and Yahoo and are presented in easy to read tabs for each category: web, images, and videos, and maps. Simple and it's all a click away.

Plenty of handy features

We're always adding new features as we roll out our beta releases. Recently, we made it easy to share and easy to find mobile sites.

Discover something on the web that you want to share? Now you can send it to your friends from Skyfire via a text message. We even shorten the URL to easily fit into a single SMS text message with room to spare for your own words.

Don't like the big web page on your small screen? Want to go to the mobile site instead? If we find a mobile version of the same site, Skyfire lets you know - then you decide if you want the mobile or full website. Simply look for a 'Mobile Version' link at the top left of a page. Skyfire even renders iPhone specific web sites nicely.
On the phone you own - and free!
You can load Skyfire on your existing Windows Mobile (version 5 or 6) or newer Symbian Series 60 phones in a few steps. In a matter of minutes, you can install it either over the air or via your PC. It's free - what more can we say. No need to buy an expensive new phone and get locked into a new contract just because you want a better mobile internet experience.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [09-04-09]

  • Improved page load times. For sites that take a long time to load, we updated our algorithm to bring you the content much quicker.
  • Improved scrolling and zooming on Symbian. This is a much faster and smoother experience now.
  • Improved reconnect. Skyfire will show clearly when you can start interacting with the web page in case it previously timed out and disconnected (to save battery life).
  • WML support. If you are browsing to mobile sites that use the old mobile WML markup, you can now view the content.
  • Improved mobile website support. Mobile.* websites are now rendered automatically as mobile with the exception of mobile.yahoo.com since it is a PC site.
  • Page up/down navigation via short-key: You can use now ‘2’ and ‘8’ to easily navigate one page up or down. Great for reading articles. Now the short-key for invoking the Superbar is ‘*’. Please note that on some devices with a non-standard keyboard layout, short-keys may behave differently since this is phone specific.
  • Updated Plug-ins: For Flash, Silverlight and QuickTime we have the newest versions to give you more compatibility with more sites.
Fixes in this release
  • Skyfire quits on startup on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices: It affected a limited number of 6.0 and 6.1 devices as well. (Fixed Issue 7369)
  • Multi-line text entry behavior on Symbian: This was an issue when you exited text entry mode with predictive text on, or used the navigation keys. (Fixed Issues 7149 & 7112)
  • Superbar state on Symbian: Cancel button did not always exit from Superbar. (Fixed Issue 7156)
  • Samsung Propel and Jack (AT&T): Could not uninstall Skyfire if the SIM card was missing. Fixed.
Known issues in this release
  • Short-keys inconsistent on non-standard keyboard. On some keyboard layouts (half-qwerty, dual keyboards), the short-keys do not work as expected. (Issue 7498, 7408, 7581)

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March 5, 2009

"Very good"

by Phmoka for beta version

December 25, 2008

"I will be happy if I could download this software but I am unable to do that, will you please help me about the download"

by mahmood for beta version

October 5, 2008

"no comment"

by roschermaurice for beta version

September 14, 2008


by Golu for beta version

September 12, 2008


by rahul_ise027 for beta version

August 30, 2008


by gamix for beta version

August 29, 2008

"i m unable to download sky fire so it is bad for me"

by kirti for beta version

August 7, 2008

"good job"

by hoangbmwz8 for beta version

June 25, 2008

"very good one"

by ppraja for beta version

June 1, 2008

"I will be happy if I could download this software but I am unable to do that, will you please help me about the download."

by Me again for beta version

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