IMG Chat X 1.0.1 download
Mike Patton

Cocoa IRC chat client based off of Open Mac IRC.

License type : Freeware. • Released : June 13, 2009 • Cost : $0.00

Restore default Emoticons in iChat.

License type : Freeware. • Released : August 6, 2009 • Cost : $0.00


IRC for #Macbidouille on freenode.

License type : Freeware. • Released : September 11, 2009 • Cost : $0.00

ZoIPer 2.14 download

SIP and IAX/IAX2 software phone.

License type : Freeware. • Released : August 19, 2009 • Cost : $0.00

wija 0.14 download
Media Art Online

Extensible Jabber/XMPP client with GnuPG integration.

License type : Freeware. • Released : July 5, 2009 • Cost : $0.00

Facebook 3.12 download

Connect directly to the social network.

License type : Freeware. • Released : September 19, 2009 • Cost : $0.00

BlackFire 1.1.1 download

Xfire client.

License type : Freeware. • Released : May 30, 2009 • Cost : $0.00

JustChat 2.3 download

An MSN chatting software which can help you to chat safely and securely. The JustChat window can pretend to be word, excel or any custom application layout. When you are using JustChat to chat with friends, your boss will think you are typing report.

License type : Free to try. • Released : December 21, 2009 • Cost : $9.95 Buy Cheap

Send and receive secure and anonymous email. Chat and exchange secure instant messages, create secure message boards. Share document folders through easy to use interface.

License type : Freeware. • Released : November 3, 2009 • Cost : $0.00

RingCentral Toll Free Number, telephone and fax via Internet software and service for professionals and small businesses. This software solution provides a toll free or local phone number and advanced features not found in traditional phone systems.

License type : Free to try. • Released : July 31, 2009 • Cost : $9.99 Buy Cheap

Don,t Worry to Start your own Voip Business from your home PC Please contact APNAVOIP

License type : Free to try. • Released : July 12, 2009 • Cost : $1500.00

ExoSMS 0.0.9 download

exoSMS is a convenient application that enables you to send personalized messages to many recipients easily from a PC connected to a GSM phone. No internet connection or special subscription required. Just use your ordinary prepaid/postpaid GSM...

License type : Free to try. • Released : June 3, 2009 • Cost : $0.00

Our award
SkypeCap for Mac
SkypeCap for Mac 3.6.7 download

SkypeCap - captures and records audio calls made from Skype for Mac OS X. SkypeCap saves audio calls in MP4-AAC format to your Mac. Use SkypeCap to record your call now. Share the file created by SkypeCap later. Save important calls forever.

License type : Free to try. • Released : April 9, 2009 • Cost : $39.95

MSN Slide Max
MSN Slide Max download

MSN Slide Max enables you to make slideshows as display pictures of all versions of MSN Messenger. You can search and download pictures online, change personal message with pictures automatically and can even make animation as display pictures.

License type : Free to try. • Released : January 26, 2009 • Cost : $29.95

FREE PostNuke Chat Module strengthens your website by seamlessly integrating PostNuke with the 123 Flash Chat Software and instantly adding a chat room in website. Features: 1) display chat room data in PostNuke; 2) Auto-login.

License type : Freeware. • Released : January 15, 2010 • Cost : $0.00

PrettyMay Call Recorder for Skype (PMCRS) is a powerful Skype add on, which allows you to record skype calls on Windows easily. PMCRS offer many features as following: 1, Call Recording. 2, Skype Answering Machine.3, Save Skype Voicemails.4, ...

License type : Freeware. • Released : July 5, 2008 • Cost : $0.00

Webcam Recorder records webcams to AVI files and watch them whenever you want. Work with AOL Instant Messenger. Audio can be recorded from any source. Webcam Recorder can record anything which can be displayed on your screen.

License type : Free to try. • Released : June 24, 2008 • Cost : $0.00 Buy Cheap

OnLAN Messenger
OnLAN Messenger 4.3.0 download
Corp Soft

OnLAN Messenger - Enterprise product - messaging service is a client-server multi-user application for instant messaging and file exchange (instant messenger).

License type : Free to try. • Released : May 8, 2008 • Cost : $4.00 Buy Cheap

WeFi For WinXP
WeFi For WinXP download

WeFi enables reliable connection to wifi wherever wireless networks are available. Monitor friends` online status and location, know the proximity of neighboring WeFi users who allow it and chat! Find Wi-Fi anywhere with WeFi hotspot directory.

License type : Freeware. • Released : March 27, 2008 • Cost : $0.00

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ICQ 7.0.1205 download

ICQ 6 provides users with an innovative communication experience and enables quick and simple interaction among users across all communication platforms. ICQ 6 offers the entire suite of digital and mobile communication tools available today...

License type : Freeware. • Released : October 21, 2008 • Cost : $0.00

qeep is a global mobile community. It offers cheap communication worldwide, it’s fun, and it`s completely FREE. qeep brings great instant messaging, photoblogging, live gaming and the unique *Sound Attack* straight to your mobile.

License type : Freeware. • Released : February 28, 2008 • Cost : $0.00

Design IVR tree for Asterisk PBX and Simulate the tree off-line including all features such as voicemail,DTMF,TTS,DB,broadCasting,Play wave,Play value,Get Password,..............

License type : Free to try. • Released : February 26, 2008 • Cost : $300.00

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Skype download
Skype Limited

Make calls from your computer – free to other people on Skype, cheap to phones and mobiles across the world.

License type : Freeware. • Released : February 18, 2008 • Cost : $0.00

Dear Friends: Want to setup VOIP company, a business under your own brand name? We have complete solution to launche VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) company. All support comes included. Features: PC2Phone, Device2Phone, Calling Card,...

License type : Free to try. • Released : March 20, 2008 • Cost : $0.00

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InspIRCd 1.2.6 download

InspIRCd is a modular C++ IRCd (IRC daemon) for Linux, BSD, Windows and Apple OS X systems created to provide a stable, modern, and lightweight IRCd written from scratch.

License type : Freeware. • Released : January 26, 2008 • Cost : $0.00

IVR Studio for easy development of interactive voice response systems. Quick development and deployment of music on hold, voicemail, auto attendant, and other inbound call applications. IVR Solution for SIP, VOIP, PSTN, and Skype services.

License type : Free to try. • Released : October 28, 2007 • Cost : $0.00 Buy Cheap

MSN Content Crazy Show allows you to download, preview ,install MSN winks and dynamic display pictures with only few clicks.It can download winks(dispaly pictures) from server automaticlly.Now it has 1300 winks(moods) to download and more will be add

License type : Freeware. • Released : October 26, 2007 • Cost : $0.00

Carousel is software to connect VoIP calls to ordinary telephone lines and vice versa using one of a number of professional telephony devices. It works as a virtual FXO gateway.

License type : Freeware. • Released : October 15, 2007 • Cost : $0.00

Um den kostenlosen Rückrufbutton nutzen zu können brauchen Sie einen gültigen VoIP-Account von SiPHome. Wir empfehlen Ihnen den "Classic Prepaid" Tarif ohne Grundgebühr. Der ebenfall

License type : Freeware. • Released : September 30, 2007 • Cost : $0.00

Galeax 2.14 download

You can create one or several different avatars with graphic or animated nickname Create own Voice Video chat room with many features such as graphics or animated logo, online games, draw board, background music, file transfer, photo gallery and more

License type : Freeware. • Released : August 4, 2007 • Cost : $0.00