Bopup IM Suite Office Pack 5.2.6

Bopup IM Suite Office Pack is a secure client/server instant messaging suite designed to provide efficient, internal and private communication over networks of any size. It meets most of the critical business and enterprise needs, such as centralized management, the Active Directory (LDAP) support, message and file transfer logging and can be easily deployed over the business infrastructure to unite the entire company's offices and other locations into one internal IM workspace with control over messaging groups, user permissions to view others and send messages and documents, message and transfer archives with printing support. This software bundle includes a license for Bopup Communication Server (IM server) + 50 instant messengers (that include apps for Window PC and Android platforms).

Since the IM server stores and delivers offline messages and files, users never lose information they are supposed to receive. Messaging is encrypted with strong algorithms so personal and group conversations are safe and secure even if data is sent via the Internet. Users can send messages with formatted text, links and graphic emoticons (smileys), organize their personal Contact Lists, access their contacts from any workplace and see who is online and available for communication. The client software can be configured on the server to run in the Confirmation Mode, which means that the client pops up every time a new message is received and keeps the window on top until the user confirms the message.

To crown it all, the server-side software is fast to deploy and easy to use. It has a great and flexible user interface and comes with a built-in messaging system for scheduled and planned user notifications including the File Distribution system that offers a managed distributing documents to users. Client instant messengers can be easily installed and distributed via Group Policies with the support of pre-installed settings.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

5.2.6 [05-03-18]

The IM server added ability to select text in all views in the Management Console. Messenger clients improved displaying message history, now http://, https://, ftp:// and www. links in a text of messages are shown as clickable.

Other versions : 5.2.5 5.2.4 5.2.3 5.2.2 5.2.1 5.2 5.1.2 5.1.1 5.1 5.0 4.5.3 4.5.2 4.5.1 4.5 4.4 4.3.9 4.3.8 4.3.7 4.3.3 4.3 4.2 4.1.8 4.1.7 4.1.1 4.1.0 4.0.14 4.0.13 4.0.11 4.0.10 4.0.9 4.0

v5.2.5 [04-24-18]

The server added IM Client Configuration Tool version 3.0.0. Messenger clients improved displaying message history, now http://, https://, ftp:// and www. links in a text of messages are shown as clickable.

v5.2.4 [03-12-18]

Both the server and messenger clients improved displaying message history, now http://, https://, ftp:// and www. links in a text of messages are shown as clickable.

v5.2.3 [02-27-18]

The Search for messages and file transfers view of the Management Console added function to display data in Conversation mode. The Presence Status view of the Management Console now shows how long each user is being connected to the IM server. The messenger client added search for contacts function.

v5.2.2 [12-06-17]

The IM server fixed issues with delivery of contact's presence status to other users according to OU permissions and also an error on console startup if it' another instance is already running.

v5.2.1 [11-24-17]

The server added functionality to rebrand IM clients and show company name instead of Bopup (requires latest versions of the messengers), fixed small issues with showing time in 12-hour format (with AM/PM indicators) and had many minor improvements and fixes.

v5.2 [11-03-17]

The server added functionality to rebrand IM clients and show company name instead of Bopup (requires latest versions of the messengers), fixed small issues with showing time in 12-hour format (with AM/PM indicators) and had many minor improvements and fixes.

v5.1.2 [08-11-17]

The function of automatic rebuild of Contact Lists supports up to 1,000 users. The Management Console uses F2 key to edit currently selected item. The console checks and remove space symbols on the end while it creates new user accounts, groups, news, units and file tasks. Other improvements.

v5.1.1 [06-06-17]

The IM server adds context help file translated in Russian language and contains many fixes in Russian localization. It also fixed error on moving items from Pending to Deleted view in the console.

v5.1 [03-27-17]

The server added localization to Russian language. The server console speed up showing data in Message History. Management Console checks and registers IM service module if it is missing. Fixed issues with upgrade previous versions. Many other improvements and minor fixes.

v5.0 [01-19-17]

Includes major release of the IM server with new modern design of views, flat icons and bitmaps. The server comes with a huge amount of fixes, improvements and enhancements.

v4.5.3 [10-05-16]

The server added support for IM clients for Mac OS and iOS platforms (currently in development stage) and contains a lot of minor improvements and enhancements. The messenger versions are improvement update.

v4.5.2 [07-20-16]

The File Transfer tab of the Options dialog in the server console added advanced settings that can be enabled by default in order to open receiving folder, execute/open received file or use automated mode for every file delivery. The messaging clients add many improvements and additions.

v4.5.1 [06-18-16]

The server console displays appropriate icons in Presence Status view when users are in Away mode. and fixes error with empty OU list in Create New Organizational Unit Wizard if a parent unit is changed on a first dialog. The messaging clients add many improvements and additions.

v4.5 [06-09-16]

Server added support for confirm of messages delivered from the observer client. Messenger added options to show conversations on a top but in inactive state. Messenger fixed switching to Away mode and issues with pop up of conversations on receipt of new messages.

v4.4 [01-21-16]

Added support for IPv6 protocol. The server added option to hide a list of assigned users to a group in client messengers and fixed issues with sorting messages and file transfers shown in Message History. The messenger client fixed possible issues with disconnection on it's startup.

v4.3.9 [11-29-14]

The IM server added a missed check when a message or file transfer is being delivered to a user from a hidden (blocked) Organizational Unit (OU). Other small fixes and improvements.

v4.3.8 [09-28-14]

The IM server added support to exchange files/directories from applications built using IM Client SDK and fixed issues with the message history when recent file transfers might be shown on the bottom of the list.

v4.3.7 [09-10-14]

Added option to disconnect existing user's session when he connects from another location and the IM server supports only a single established session for the same user account.

v4.3.3 [04-07-14]

The IM server fixed issues with creation of IM accounts from instant messaging clients. Instant messaging client software improved support for systems with multiple monitors installed in Windows.

v4.3 [12-14-13]

Improved setup wizard of the IM server which now detects installing built-in MS SQL Server 2005 on Windows 2012/8 and shows appropriate help dialog. Added support for Android clients (coming soon). The server console now displays overall progress of the server. Clients can prevent their uninstall.

v4.2 [11-04-13]

Added support for "User is typing message..." instant notification delivered between users. The server fixed issues with selecting and displaying huge amount of messages and transfer in the history. Fixed security issues with installing the communication server with built-in SQL Server 2005 Express.

v4.1.8 [05-23-13]

The IM server fixed hangup of Management Console if it is installed as a stand-alone application in Administrator mode to remotely manage existing instance of Bopup Communication Server.

v4.1.7 [05-17-13]

The server implemented the "Hide Organizational Units that are not available to users" option that hides unavailable units in user's Contact List in the messenger client. The server fixed issue with disappearing child user accounts if Organizational Unit is moved in Management Console.

v4.1.1 [10-27-12]

Bopup Communication Server includes latest version of Setup.ini Configuration Tool to control IM client settings. IM clients add a new option to show main window in Taskbar. Bopup Messenger sends instant messages even faster. A lot of minor changes.

v4.1.0 [10-10-12]

Bopup Communication Server added option to deliver structured Contact Lists that include Organizational Units. Settings for the IM clients are created/changed via Setup.ini Configuration Tool and delivered to users on their next connection to the IM server. A lot of minor changes and improvements.

v4.0.14 [09-09-12]

Added option to protect with password a launch of local Management Console. Added ability to edit built-in and non-removable @BUILTIN_SENDER account on the IM server. Fixed error in the Setup Wizard that occurs when only the Management Console is installed on Windows 64-bit systems.

v4.0.13 [05-31-12]

Fixed issues within the installation of Bopup Communication Server if an existing Microsoft SQL Server is used as a database server.

v4.0.11 [04-16-12]

The installation package of Bopup Communication Server now comes with built-in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express instead of MSDE 2000 included prior this version which makes possible to install the communication server with the SQL software on latest versions of Windows system.

v4.0.10 [03-30-12]

Fixed a lot of issues that occur if logging and archiving of Message History is disabled on the IM server (added to previous version 4.0.9). The Setup Wizard of the IM server added information on the TCP/IP port that is used by the communication server.

v4.0.9 [03-23-12]

Added Setup.ini Configuration Tool to configure and set up pre-defined options for the IM client software.

v4.0 [10-27-11]

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