Bopup Observer 5.8.2

Bopup Observer is a fast, simple and completely managed HIPAA-compliant one-way instant messenger that gives an efficient way to keep employees informed and updated securely just in a few seconds. It is ideal for use in medical, clinic and educational networks to receive urgent messages, high-priority events, alerts and documents sent by administrator and other co-workers. The messenger connects to an IM server, Bopup Communication Server, which provides automated, planned and offline messaging with a chat, conversation and file transfer history.

This messaging client works like an instant pager and it supports extended messages with font and color formatting, URLs and hyperlinks shown in the text of incoming notifications. The most important feature is the Confirmation Mode activated on the collaboration server that pops up and brings the application on a top of other programs on the Desktop until the user confirms the received message. This is a great and very attractive way to get a user's attention and to be sure that the critical message has been properly delivered.

Since Bopup Observer is offered for use in business LANs and enterprise-level networks it provides different authorization methods including Windows Authentication for domain-based environments. The chat server organizes user groups and includes the News Messaging system to send instant messages and emergency alerts on a scheduled time or with specified regularity. Bopup Communication Server also distributes new versions of the messenger software so there are no needs to update the client programs by hand on employee workstations. Built-in Branding functionality gives an easy customization and shows company logo uploaded on the communications server in the messenger GUI.

The IM server has an integration with Active Directory and imports user accounts and AD groups. This client supports Terminal / Citrix environments with multiple instances of the messenger running on the same server PC.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

5.8.2 [03-12-18]

Improved displaying message history, now http://, https://, ftp:// and www. links in a text of messages are shown as clickable and the interface is similar to IM server console application. Minor fixes.

Other versions : 5.8.1 5.8 5.7.5 5.7.4 5.7.3 5.7.2 5.7.1 5.7 5.6.1 5.4.2 5.4.1 5.4 5.3.7 5.3.6 5.3.5 5.3.4 5.3.3 5.3.2 5.3.1 5.3 5.2.0 5.1.5 5.1.4 5.1.3 5.1.2 5.1.1 5.1.0 5.0.6 5.0.5 5.0.4 5.0.3 5.0.2 5.0.1 5.0 4.4.2 4.4.1 4.4 4.4.0 4.3.25 4.3.24 4.3.23 4.3.22 4.3.21 4.3.20 4.3.19 4.3.18 4.3.16 4.3.15 4.3.14 4.3.13 4.3.12 4.3.11 4.3.10 4.3.9 4.3.8 4.3.7 4.3.6

v5.8.1 [03-07-18]

Fixed issue with displaying Favorite messages on the messenger start if Private login/password authentication is used. Removed confirmation message box on the messenger exit.

v5.8 [10-10-17]

Added support to rebrand the application and remove Bopup brand (requires IM server version 5.2). Fixed minor issues with display time of messages within AM/PM format. Many small bugfixes and improvements.

v5.7.5 [08-06-17]

Fixed issue with displaying user names on using latest versions of the communication server. Improved logon interface via Private login/password, now connection can be established by pressing Enter key.

v5.7.4 [06-20-17]

Includes latest modules of Message History, encryption and server connectivity.

v5.7.3 [12-09-16]

This is recommended update that fixes application crash on Windows shutdown or version upgrade.

v5.7.2 [10-04-16]

Improvements update. Fixed issue with displaying licensing information in About dialog.

v5.7.1 [06-11-16]

Small improvements and fixes.

v5.7 [05-25-16]

Added full support of Confirmation messages, now confirmed status is sent to message sender and logged both on the IM server and local Message History. A lot of fixes and improvements.

v5.6.1 [01-23-16]

Added new menu item to Messages called Mark all as read.

v5.4.2 [12-11-14]

File Transfer dialog checks and allows to choose another folder to save incoming files if current directory already contains a data with the same names. Other fixes and improvements.

v5.4.1 [12-09-14]

File Transfer dialog checks and allows to choose another folder to save incoming files if current directory already contains a data with the same names. Other fixes and improvements.

v5.4 [10-23-14]

The message history dialog fixed error symbols appended at the bottom of each shown conversation and file transfer. A lot of other fixes, changes and useful improvements.

v5.3.7 [09-03-14]

Small improvements and changes.

v5.3.6 [06-02-14]

The messenger client clears all messages on log out. Many improvements and minor fixes.

v5.3.5 [02-21-14]

Improved support for systems with multiple monitors installed in Windows.

v5.3.4 [01-25-14]

Improved initialization of a directory for incoming files and directories. Other improvements and fixes.

v5.3.3 [11-21-13]

Added support for preventing uninstallation of the messenger from Program and Features panel by using "DisableUninstall" option in configuration file. Fixed program hotkey issues. Small fixes.

v5.3.2 [10-22-13]

Fixed error with displaying single quote sign the message list that became a double quote sign. Improved Message History module.

v5.3.1 [10-10-13]

Fixed issues with duplicate records in Add/Remove Programs if upgrade is installed under regular user account. Fixed adding received file transfers to a local message history.

v5.3 [10-08-13]

Fixed issues with duplicate records in Add/Remove Programs if upgrade is installed under regular user account. Fixed adding received file transfers to a local message history.

v5.2.0 [06-08-13]

Main menu added "Remember me" and "Log out..." items if the messenger connects to the IM server using manually entered account ID and password. Current IM account is shown in the caption of main window if third-party authentication is used. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

v5.1.5 [03-15-13]

Added support for new "DisableRememberMeOption" hidden option which disables the "Remember me on this computer" checkbox on "Log in" screen on messenger startup. Address of the IM server is shown in Setup Wizard interface if it is specified in setup.ini file located in the same folder with MSI file.

v5.1.4 [02-10-13]

Improved showing and printing Message History containing long messages (removed scrollbars from message texts). Other minor changes.

v5.1.3 [12-23-12]

Added new option to save received files to a subdirectory that includes sender's name. Option that creates new sub-folder named current date on file transfer receipt is now shown in the Options dialog. Fixed issues with saving and restoring positions of the main window on Desktop. Misc changes.

v5.1.2 [10-24-12]

Added new option to show main window of the messenger in Taskbar. Prior downloaded settings are removed if there is no settings file on the IM server on connect. A lot of usability improvements, minor changes and fixes.

v5.1.1 [10-14-12]

The main window can be sized to be thinner and shorter. File Transfer dialogs keep their desktop positions and options. A lot of improvements, minor changes and fixes.

v5.1.0 [10-09-12]

This version instantly downloads new settings from the communication server. Branding logo is now shown in the main window too. A lot of interface changes, improvements and fixes.

v5.0.6 [06-01-12]

Added Italian version of the program. Small improvements.

v5.0.5 [03-14-12]

Fixed minor issues when disabled "common" options may become available for change through the messenger interface.

v5.0.4 [03-07-12]

Added support for sleep (suspend) mode in Windows. Other small fixes and improvements.

v5.0.3 [02-28-12]

Added function to save selected messages and file transfers from Message History to a text file. Small fixes and improvements.

v5.0.2 [12-09-11]

Fixed minor issues on automatic authorization under Windows Authentication. Small fixes and improvements.

v5.0.1 [11-14-11]

Fixed storing and displaying messages to/from Message History that contain single quote (') sign.
Other minor improvements and fixes.

v5.0 [10-26-11]

This major version is built on a new communication protocol so it requires Bopup Communication Server version 4.0 and later. A lot of changes and improvements.

v4.4.2 [09-08-11]

Fixed error on decompressing (unpacking) received files occurs on some computers. Fixed issues with stored positions of windows and dialogs if the screen resolution in Windows has been changed. Other small issues and improvements.

v4.4.1 [07-29-11]

Fixed issues with updating existing common settings on messenger upgrade.

v4.4 [07-03-11]

Added separate notification settings for receiving personal and group/news messages. A lot of changes and minor improvements.

v4.4.0 [06-24-11]

Added separate notification settings for receiving personal and group/news messages. A lot of changes and minor improvements.

v4.3.25 [03-29-11]

Improved deploying the MSI setup package with the setup.ini configuration file. Now if the "RunOnStartup" common option is used the messenger automatically starts on user's first logon on a computer.

v4.3.24 [03-19-11]

Added Dutch setup package.

v4.3.23 [03-11-11]

Added support for improved and extended setup.ini configuration file. Added "ReceivingFolder" option in the setup.ini file to specify a directory for received files.

v4.3.22 [02-27-11]

Fixed security issues if the instant messenger is used by multiple users under the same Windows logon account. Now the messenger stores settings and message history for each user separately.

v4.3.21 [02-06-11]

This version disables the "Clear current history" button in the Options dialog box if common "LogHistory" option is used via setup.ini configuration file.

v4.3.20 [01-11-11]

Fixed automatic startup if multiple Windows users use the messenger on the same computer (all registry settings are now stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER root). A lot of improvements and minor bug fixes.

v4.3.19 [01-06-11]

Added support for the "UpgradeIU" option in the setup.ini file that manages the Setup Wizard interface on upgrade. Fixed error with deleting and reseting settings of the program on upgrade.

v4.3.18 [12-26-10]

Fixed automated opening the "My Account" dialog on the "Password" tab and displaying an appropriate message if a user is forced to change his password (only if the Private Login/Password authentication is used).

v4.3.16 [11-28-10]

Added support for pre-configured options in the setup.ini file in addition to "common" settings.

v4.3.15 [10-11-10]

Added support of the "DisplayMode" option in the setup.ini file to format displayed user names. Fixed an availability of the "Log history" menu item if common option is set. Fixed opening URL/network/email links shown in messages. Hidden options set through the setup.ini file can be now overwritten.

v4.3.14 [09-14-10]

Added support for a pre-existing brand logo image that can be placed near the MSI package.

v4.3.13 [08-09-10]

Small bug fixes and little improvements.

v4.3.12 [07-05-10]

Fixed receiving new version updates and branding logo from communication server. A lot of improvements.

v4.3.11 [06-24-10]

Added ability to copy selected text in the Message History to clipboard.

v4.3.10 [04-28-10]

Fixed playback of a sound file when a new message arrives. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

v4.3.9 [04-07-10]

Added German version (stand-alone setup package). Fixed saving and displaying messages in Message History with a single quote sign. Fixed "Remember me on this computer" option. A lot of minor improvements and bug fixes.

v4.3.8 [01-28-10]

A lot of minor improvements and bug fixes.

v4.3.7 [01-18-10]

A lot of minor improvements and bug fixes.

v4.3.6 [12-24-09]

Minor improvements and bug fixes.

v4.3.4.5090 [09-07-09]

Added File Transfer and File Distribution features. Added French version of the program. Minor bugfixes and improvements.

v4.2.16.4333 [03-24-09]

Minor bugfixes and improvements.

v4.2.15.4294 [02-28-09]

Fixed "Confirmation Mode" that could not be properly set up from IM server.

v4.2.14.4265 [02-18-09]

A many bugfixes and improvements.

v4.2.13.4228 [02-04-09]

Fixed invalid character encoding in the Message History module.

v4.2.12.4201 [01-16-09]

Fixed unhandled error on the program startup that may come up under non-english user accounts in Windows.

v4.2.11.4173 [11-25-08]

Fixed error event #132 (Cannot connect to the IM server) on the program startup. Fixed error when incoming message could not be marked as a Favorite message. A lot of minor bugfixes and improvements.

v4.2.10.4111 [11-01-08]

A lot of minor bugfixes and improvements.

v4.2.9.4081 [10-08-08]

Fixed upgrade and installation issues on Windows Vista systems. Minor bugfixes and improvements.

v4.2.7.3953 [09-17-08]

Fixed errors with installing pre-defined settings from setup.ini configuration file.

v4.2.6.3907 [08-27-08]

Added support to enter Windows Login ID and password in the Windows Authentication mode (including connections outside a LAN/Domain). Added option to remember entered IM account name and password for establishing connection with the IM server. Small bugfixes and improvements.

v4.2.5.3851 [08-25-08]

Minor bugfixes and improvements.

v4.2.4.3820 [08-07-08]

Added support for private login/password functionality. Minor bugfixes and improvements.

v4.2.3.3785 [07-12-08]

Fixed and improved establishing a connection with IM server.

v4.2.2.3744 [06-20-08]

Option that restricts exit the program is moved to setup.ini pre-configuration file. A lot of minor bugfixes and improvements.

v4.2.1.3698 [05-30-08]

This version is built on the new IM protocol and requires Bopup Communication Server 3.2.0 or higher. great number of interface improvements and enhancements including minor bugfixes.

v4.2.0.3663 [05-03-08]

This version is built on the new IM protocol and requires Bopup Communication Server 3.2.0 or higher. great number of interface improvements and enhancements including minor bugfixes.

v4.1.4.3395 [02-14-08]

Added Spanish language. A lot of small improvements and bugfixes.

v4.1.3.3347 [01-16-08]

A lot of program interface and usability improvements and bugfixes. Fixed instant updates from the IM server under non-administator user accounts.

v4.1.0.3156 [12-09-07]

Added functionality to install new updates and versions from IM server. Improved support of Terminal Server environments. A lot of improvements and minor bugfixes.

v4.0.0.2580 [01-12-07]

All-new version of the product brings the new standards to corporate and business communications and offers an ultimate secure IM.

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