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Silence is the speech of the spiritual seeker. Soft sweet speech is the expression of genuine love. Love sings lullabies. It soothes. It applies balm. Practice the vocabulary of love; unlearn the language of hate and contempt.

When you look at me, suddenly there is a little light inside. You listen to me, you become attentive. When you become attentive your third eye becomes focused. There are thousands and thousands of stories…just by a touch, just by a look, ...

If you chant it everyday, you need not chant any other Mantra. It protects you from calamities and confers upon you intelligence, learning and success.

The whole world is One Single Tree;The different countries are it's branches;It's root is God; Human beings are the flowers; Happiness is the fruit;Self-realization is the sweet juice therein.

...Higher and higher than all ordinary ones are another set of teachers...


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