Turn your desktop into a spectacular ocean aquarium full of tropical fish swimming around your icons. Enjoy the schools of photo-realistic tropical fish, relaxing sounds, animated bubbles & sunlight streaming down the murky waters of your screen.

License type : Free to try. • Released : December 21, 2015 • Downloads : 200 • Cost : $5.99 Buy Cheap

This exquisite freeware screensaver picturing 3D old lantern on your desktop will charm you right away. Living in the age of electricity and neon signs you can't help but wonder - why is this old lantern so mystique? A must-have screensaver!

License type : Freeware. • Released : January 24, 2003 • Downloads : 135 • Cost : $0.00

Can your PC use some landscaping? How about some majestic ancient forest, pond with water lilies, emerald grass and a small waterfall? This exquisite 3D nature screensaver is beautifully crafted to decorate your monitor. Free download.

License type : Free to try. • Released : June 27, 2010 • Downloads : 272 • Cost : $9.99 Buy Cheap

a screensaver, charming transparent bubbles flowing on the screen. you can replacement bubbles num, bubbles size, credentials picture. dulcet chime sound playing when the flowBubbles run. you can position pictures into bubbles

License type : Free to try. • Released : March 9, 2016 • Downloads : 316 • Cost : $10.00 Buy Cheap

This freeware screensaver has been specially created for all the fans of The Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkien. If you liked the book or the movie, this screensaver will make a great addition to your collection.

License type : Freeware. • Released : April 4, 2003 • Downloads : 110 • Cost : $0.00

Enjoy retro tube clocks, the latest LED timepieces and everything in between with this screensaver and animated desktop wallpaper. Choose the style you like most or leave it to chance, savoring the ultrarealistic 3D graphics! Great for all ages!

License type : Free to try. • Released : May 25, 2010 • Downloads : 130 • Cost : $9.99 Buy Cheap

Paint sprayer, A screen saver of nature with clouds.

License type : Freeware. • Released : February 11, 2009 • Downloads : 151 • Cost : $0.00

Hyperstars 3D will fascinate you with the fabulous flying through a hyperstars. It's also an live wallpaper which will animate your desktop wallpaper with an effect of hyperstars.

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 19, 2016 • Downloads : 188 • Cost : $7.95

When these computers

License type : Freeware. • Released : October 4, 2011 • Downloads : 136 • Cost : $0.00

Get into another space-time dimension full of merry surprises and celestial sounds! Catch a chance to learn magical alien secrets! Enjoy the fascinating feeling of flight through colorful polymorphous 3D tunnels of the screensaver!

License type : Freeware. • Released : December 13, 2012 • Downloads : 120 • Cost : $0.00

Would you like to see the rings of Saturn and the Asteroid Belt? This screensaver features a very realistic and accurate 3D model of the Solar System. Embark on your own exploratory voyage with this screensaver of unparalled beauty!

License type : Free to try. • Released : November 25, 2009 • Downloads : 182 • Cost : $19.95 Buy Cheap

V london is offering you a really nice screen saver. We are an london escorts agency who is now provinding to you some thing about what our girls can provide to you! Enjoy

License type : Freeware. • Released : November 26, 2009 • Downloads : 165 • Cost : $0.00

3D Living Clouds screen saver display slowly floating clouds on your desktop. You can adjust clouds speed and direction, select of three themes (day, sunset and night) Try this relaxive screen saver, it is realy eye-candy for you coffee breaks

License type : Free to try. • Released : November 3, 2009 • Downloads : 133 • Cost : $12.95 Buy Cheap

Our internal world reflects around us. When we do something to make the world better we always get it back in our life. Enjoy calming beauty of the Fairy Lake 3D screensaver designed to bring happiness and harmony to your life.

License type : Freeware. • Released : October 18, 2012 • Downloads : 166 • Cost : $0.00

Get to the deck of one the most famous battleships in naval history which served from World War II through Desert Storm! Take a closer look at the Mighty Mo and enjoy stunningly-detailed animation of the ship sailing and crew at their stations.

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 28, 2009 • Downloads : 188 • Cost : $9.99 Buy Cheap

Bring the beauty of an exotic fish tank to your desktop! Own a virtual aquarium of your dreams full of cute sea creatures, beautiful accessories and vibrant water plants.

License type : Free to try. • Released : June 11, 2009 • Downloads : 210 • Cost : $19.95 Buy Cheap

Awesome spooky 3D screensaver with full moon, enchanted forest and haunted house. Great for home or office, it is especially popular during Halloween and among kids. The graphics, sounds and 3D effects are great. This saver is surely worth it.

License type : Free to try. • Released : May 23, 2002 • Downloads : 183 • Cost : $12.95 Buy Cheap

Are you tired of boring screensavers that plague the monitors all over the world? Oh, these kitties are so cute. Wow, these are pretty flowers indeed! Joking, of course. If you ask me, the world is ready to delete all these plain ...

License type : Free to try. • Released : April 10, 2016 • Downloads : 195 • Cost : $9.95 Buy Cheap

You are a sea explorer searching for unknown mystery hidden in the blue depth. In the distance you see a mysterious ancient sunken ship. Once it furrowed the seas and now it is in profound sleep dreaming of waves and sails spread to the wind.

License type : Free to try. • Released : April 25, 2008 • Downloads : 176 • Cost : $18.95 Buy Cheap

Ancient Castle 3D Screensaver invites you inside to walk through and outside majestic stronghold belonging to a powerful medieval lord. These walls remember the days of sieges and furious attacks. But they also remember days of feasts and chivalry.

License type : Free to try. • Released : October 1, 2003 • Downloads : 165 • Cost : $17.95 Buy Cheap

The calm lake surface reflects the rising sun, shining gently through the mist. In the middle of the lake, half-hidden in the haze, there is a still fish-boat. The nature is awakening, accompanied with musical sounds. This is Fog Lake Screensaver.

License type : Free to try. • Released : March 26, 2009 • Downloads : 187 • Cost : $14.95 Buy Cheap

Take a boat to the fairy ship which will get you to the secret equatorial island. Crystal clear waters, tender clouds and evergreen palms will create atmosphere of calm and happiness. Soft little waves will teleport you to the source of your dreams.

License type : Freeware. • Released : December 15, 2012 • Downloads : 174 • Cost : $0.00

We used to think that Clock is just a time-measuring tool. Ingenious Alien scientists created Interstellar Time Factory aimed to produce the time of the highest quality. It was launched into space and on March 27, 2009 reached our Solar system.

License type : Free to try. • Released : November 26, 2009 • Downloads : 173 • Cost : $19.95 Buy Cheap

Desktop Flag 3D brings you the patriotic spirit of a proudly flying flag of your country on your screen. You can choose any of the 192 flags or load a picture of your own flag.

License type : Free to try. • Released : August 19, 2016 • Downloads : 324 • Cost : $9.95 Buy Cheap

Hey, come to see new free salute screensaver! There is holiday in the city and all citizens come together to enjoy the salute. Various salute colors and effects will not leave you indifferent to this screensaver.

License type : Freeware. • Released : September 25, 2016 • Downloads : 202 • Cost : $0.00

Mountain Waterfall 3D Screensaver takes you to a spectacular waterfall situated in the mountain wilderness. Relaxing music and sounds of wildlife take you away from the hectic city, creating an atmosphere of comfort.

License type : Free to try. • Released : July 27, 2009 • Downloads : 160 • Cost : $9.99 Buy Cheap

"Winter Afternoon" is an Animated Screensaver by EleFun Multimedia devoted to the seasons. Winter came to the faraway quiet forest. Just recently it was clothed in golden autumn dress, birds` singing, which were going to fly away to the war

License type : Free to try. • Released : November 15, 2008 • Downloads : 156 • Cost : $14.95 Buy Cheap

Enjoy pleasant 3D effects as Buning Sun takes you to outer Space full of motion: Sun, Eruptions as well as Burning and reopening of your Screen is animated. Screensaver is available at www.xaya3d.com along with Free Preview Animations.

License type : Free to try. • Released : October 12, 2006 • Downloads : 205 • Cost : $5.00

The graceful antique clock leads you into the fictional flying island of Laputa connecting the mystical world of Jonathan Swift and the fabulous land of Miyazaki anime-art.The magic staircase shows you the way to the magic castle riding in the clouds

License type : Freeware. • Released : November 7, 2008 • Downloads : 152 • Cost : $0.00

Take your chance to get a magnificent 3D view of planet Jupiter with this great free screensaver! You will be deeply impressed by the highly realistic image of the largest planet of the Solar system. Jupiter was firstly visited in 1973.

License type : Freeware. • Released : October 24, 2008 • Downloads : 167 • Cost : $0.00