An open source, cross platform, secure, internet tunneling platform with file transfer, web server, remote admin, proxy, and load balancing. Enables connections through or around firewalls and across sub-networks.

License type : Freeware. • Released : November 25, 2006 • Cost : $0.00

TekSIP 3.4.7 download

TekSIP complies with RFC 3261, RFC 3263, RFC 3311, RFC 3581 and RFC 3891. It supports NAT traversal, UPnP and ENUM.

License type : Freeware. • Released : February 9, 2009 • Cost : $0.00

ClientIPForwader 1.5.1 download

ClientIPForwarder is ISAPI plug-in for Microsoft ISA server inserts remote client IP address into http(s) header allowing to monitor real client IP addresses from Application layer protocol, creates or replaces variables in http(s) header.

License type : Free to try. • Released : November 22, 2006 • Cost : $24.00

Our award

NetServe is a secure Web Server and File Sharing upload/download tool. With Perl,ASP,PHP support, security protected access for multi users. Secure File Upload, Remote Admin, Configuration Wizard, Resumable Downloads and Digest Authentication.

License type : Demo. • Released : November 22, 2006 • Cost : $25.99 Buy Cheap

Host your J2ME application in your server

License type : Freeware. • Released : November 23, 2006 • Cost : $0.00

Very easy to use, freeware, graphical Windows based Web Server supporting CGI, PHP, and Perl. Share files without the need for your clients to download software, as they can simply use their favorite web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla.

License type : Freeware. • Released : November 22, 2006 • Cost : $0.00

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SSH 1+2, reconnect, backup tunnels, integrated firewall, reconfiguration of MS Internet Explorer and much more

License type : Freeware. • Released : November 22, 2006 • Cost : $0.00

Free tool that scans your server logs and events for hacking attempts to find out if you are a target of bots or individual hackers.

License type : Freeware. • Released : November 22, 2015 • Cost : $0.00

This is a simple and yet reliable protection from accidentally accessing Internet websites located in at-risk geographical countries. Save your preferences into a file and load when you need it. 200+ countries and territories.

License type : Free to try. • Released : July 15, 2015 • Cost : $24.95

AdSysNet Active Directory Reporter is simple centralized application that helps the Active Directory Administrators to track the users successful and failure logins with exact reason. The application supports multiple domains in centralized install.

License type : Free to try. • Released : March 2, 2015 • Cost : $0.00

Crib Sheet
Crib Sheet 1.05.08 download
M8 Software(UK)

Crib Sheet is a server application for companies where operators at workstations need fast access to stock texts or graphics.

License type : Free to try. • Released : January 22, 2015 • Cost : $316.00

Kernel for Exchange server tool not only successfully restores and recovers emails, but also provides instant EDB file recovery in a very short interval. It ensures accurate recovery of deleted user mailbox data.

License type : Free to try. • Released : January 14, 2015 • Cost : $299.00

Quick Email Receiver is a free email tool that lets you receive emails from any pop server. For example you can use gmail server. Before you can receive an e-mail message you should first enable pop service by going into GMail settings.

License type : Freeware. • Released : December 4, 2014 • Cost : $0.00

Live chat support software cater specific chat needs of business organizations. It can be used as live chat support for websites of a company

License type : Free to try. • Released : December 2, 2014 • Cost : $7.00

AdSysNet LDAP Searcher is a simple utility to search the active directory objects. Also the tool lets the Admins to execute the customized ldap queries. The resultant list of AD objects can be exported to PDF, EXCEL, CSV and HTML files.

License type : Free to try. • Released : March 10, 2015 • Cost : $29.00

If you are thinking of moving from on-premises GroupWise email system to the online email system of Office 365, use Kernel Office365 Migrator for GroupWise. This is the most popular tool to convert GroupWise to Office 365.

License type : Free to try. • Released : November 13, 2014 • Cost : $999.00

Qpopper enables a UNIX /Linux machine to act as a Post Office Protocol version 3 ( POP ) server.

License type : Open source. • Released : November 1, 2014 • Cost : $0.00

Exchange auditing tool generates multiple reports simultaneously which displays the old as well as current value of the changes made, also allows grouping and filtering the columns of reports and then saves the reports in PDF, CSV and MHT format.

License type : Free to try. • Released : July 29, 2014 • Cost : $349.00

NTFS Security Management Suite 2014 offers a combined permissions auditing and management solution to Windows administrators looking to secure their networks against unauthorized access.

License type : Comercial. • Renewed : December 1, 2015 • Cost : $299.00

AD Auditor
AD Auditor 14.06.01 download
AD Auditor

LepideAuditor for Active Directory provides ideal solution to monitor user activities in the Active Directory environment. All it takes is just a few minutes to track changes in Windows Active Directory components and create predefined reports.

License type : Free to try. • Released : July 23, 2014 • Cost : $449.00

Searching messages and other items in multiple mailboxes on Microsoft Exchange servers. Provides greater functionality than the built-in features in Microsoft Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007 servers.

License type : Free to try. • Released : July 22, 2014 • Cost : $300.00

Norton Zone

Finally, file sharing that`s both easy and safe. From the company that protects the world`s most important data — yours. Download now and get 5GB storage free.

License type : Freeware. • Released : June 17, 2014 • Cost : $0.00

Extremely concerned with the security of file servers, organizations are looking beyond native file server auditors for conducting file server auditing. Native auditing tools are not considered the best bets because of their scattered logs, less ...

License type : Free to try. • Released : June 17, 2014 • Cost : $349.00

Fetchmail is a full-featured and robust remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility. It retrieves mail from remote mail servers (POP3, IMAP, ODMR, ETRN) and forwards it to your local machine`s mail delivery system for local reading.

License type : Open source. • Released : June 15, 2014 • Cost : $0.00

Full-featured HTTP server intended for personal and professional use. For personal use, instead of hosting websites with a webhoster, you just run it on your Windows machine. Configure your web presence in your familiar windows environment.

License type : Free to try. • Released : June 13, 2014 • Cost : $25.90

SmartServ is the smallest and easiest free web testing environment builder. It enables user to setup a virtual local testing server with one click. It can be used for web app testing and website testing. Both Apache and IIS are supported.

License type : Freeware. • Released : June 13, 2014 • Cost : $0.00

Cloud Combine

Cloud Combine allows you to browse your cloud storage in a way similiar to Windows Explorer. You don`t have to think about the internals of Azure blob storage or Amazon S3 — you just do your regular file operations, we take care of the rest.

License type : Free to try. • Released : May 29, 2014 • Cost : $9.99

Kernel for Exchange Server Recovery tool provides Exchange database corruption solutions. The software efficiently fixes all EDB corruption issues and swiftly restores complete Exchange data. The software is available in free trial version also.

License type : Free to try. • Released : May 14, 2014 • Cost : $299.00

At times situation do arise where one got to access the data items of Exchange mailbox in Office 365. The ideal way to do so is by performing Exchange to Office 365 migration with the help of Exchange to Office 365 migrator.

License type : Free to try. • Released : May 5, 2014 • Cost : $499.00

Windows file server Auditing software is compatible with Windows server 2000/2003/2008/2008 R2/2012, SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2012 and SQL Express and most of the Windows operating system platforms.

License type : Free to try. • Released : April 22, 2014 • Cost : $349.00