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WebSTAR Updater 3.0.2

Webstar 3.0.2 Updater Fixes A Ton Of The Following Things:

WebSTAR Server

Arguments sent to Preprocessors no longer result in a "Bad URL reference
received from ..." message.
Worked around Open Transport memory leak on PowerPC's when handling
Plug-In listens.
Modified thread scheduling to prevent "freeze on quit" problems that can
sometimes occur when running Plug-Ins with custom threads/
Corrected a problem where the server would "stall" or stop serving data
Modified to support only one cache flush at a time. This may correct
problems with the server being set to Refuse Connections after multiple
flush cache requests.


Fixes a problem where async file calls were being made, but nothing was
waiting on the results.
Fixed a compiler bug in handling of MacBinary uploads.
Trying to delete a busy file will now cause it to get moved to the trash.
Now understands incoming files in MacBinary III format.
Corrected problems were the server would "spin endlessly" when serving
(RETR) a zero length file.
Appending ".bin" to a files name will now cause that file to be sent to
you using MacBinary II.
Increased the limit on the size of each file forks in MacBinary II format
from 0x7FFFFF (8,388,607) to 0x1FFFFFF (33,554,431) bytes.
'LIST' and 'NLIST' requests will now ignore file names of "*".
Rewrite of MacBinary II/III file upload code to address server crashing
problems when performing MacBinary/Anarchie Pro 3 file uploads.
Added MacBinary upload support for Finder Comment strings.
MacBinary uploads no longer trasmit the 'kHasBeenInited' bit to address
possible file corruption problems.
Included fix that may address some 'ABOR' command problems.
Each fork of a MacBinary uploaded file can now contain up to 4 GB of data.
Rewrite of MacBinary II file download code. Now properly forms MacBinary
II header including previously missing CRC.
Added MacBinary download support for Finder Comment strings.
Fixed a bug where sending no data would cause the connection to close.
This happened only at the end of files, and only under certain
An error message may now be reported when downloading file names
containing a "/". NOTE: Since file names with a "/" have never been
officially supported in WebSTAR FTP, please make sure to change your file
names, if needed, before using this release.

WebSTAR Admin Application

Added support for the VDMAPI (Virtual Domain Manager API).

WebSTAR Data Cache

Corrected problem where data cached files where being held "open".

WebSTAR Directory Indexer

Fixes a permission problem when uploading to sub-folders.


Operators now match more then the first digit of a value.
Corrected minor problem when calling HandleIncludeFile.
Addressed a problem where aliases were not followed when SSI data caching
was enabled.
Now remembers the state of the "SSI data caching" flag across server

WebSTAR Virtual Hosts

Added support for the VDMAPI (Virtual Domain Manager API)
Fixed a bug with the "locking" of table entries.
Fixed a memory bug that caused crashes when NITRO was installed.

WebSTAR WebObjects Adaptor

Corrected a problem where the WebSTAR WebObjects Adaptor would sometimes
send incorrect data to WebObjects executable applications.

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