Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) 3.22

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) - program, which provides media resources (photographs, audio and video files) on your computer to other UPnP (DLNA) devices in the home network, for example, LG TV/BDP, Philips TV/BDP, Sony TV/BDP, Samsung TV/BDP, Sony Playstation 3, ToshibaTV, XBOX 360, WD TV Live, Popcorn Hour, Dune, Boxee Box, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Apple TV (AirPlay), Chromecast (Google Cast), mobile and PDA devices.
Software contains a transcoders audio and video files, allows you to convert media resources in a format that is supported by the playback device. You can also convert the aspect ratio of video files to a format screen playback device (color additions specified by the user) and to choose audio tracks, subtitles. You can to choose a transcoding from any time position.
Software supports special video folders Music (Visualization) and Photo (Slideshow).
Software supports external and internal subtitles, can impose subtitles (2D and 3D) during the process of transcoding.
Software supports loading the data about music from Gracenote.com (by song title, album, artist and fingerprint).
Software supports DMR (Digital Media Renderer) devices control, you can use the feature "Play to" to single device and multiple devices.
Software supports scripts to load the data from internet database of movies (IMDb, TheMovieDB, TheTVDB.com included).
Software supports Digital Video Broadcasting (C, S, T), you can send DVB streams from your PC on your media devices.
Software supports customizing structure of media resources for each device, dynamic folders (the items in the folder are created with a script).
Software supports automatic translation system for interface of program, using Microsoft Translate.
Software contains a transcoding profiles for VLC Media Player, you can send streams of Internet radio, Internet TV on your media devices.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

3.22 [03-16-18]

Settings - Media-resources - Scanning: added setting "Language ID for ANSI-files", can be used on Linux and MAC OS X systems for correct decoding CUE-files

Other versions : 3.20 3.19 3.17 3.16 3.15 3.13 3.12 3.10 3.08 3.07 3.06 3.02 2.86 2.84 2.80 2.77 2.76 2.74 2.73 2.59 2.58 2.54 2.53 2.12 2.11 2.10 2.09 2.06 2.02 2.00 1.80.1 1.79.1 1.78 1.77 1.75 1.73 1.71 1.70 1.59.3 1.59.1 1.58 1.57 1.55.2 1.55.1 1.54 1.53.2 1.53 1.52.2 1.51.3 1.50.3 1.50.1 1.14.3 1.14.2 1.12.1 1.12 1.11.5 1.11 1.10 1.09 1.08 1.07 1.05 1.04 1.03 1.02 1.00 0.73 0.72

v3.20 [01-13-18]

Updated transcoder ffmpeg-1.dll (version 3.4.1); Updated media-files information module MediaInfo.dll (version 17.12); Changes for Android-x86.

v3.19 [12-31-17]

Main form of the program: added the panel "Client list". Information about client device: added ability to select a device picture. DMR (Digital Media Renderer) device control: added ability to save current playlist, select a playlist from the list.

v3.17 [12-24-17]

Added support for transcoding to format RTSP (UPnP protocolInfo: rtsp-rtp-udp). Device settings - DLNA, UPnP: added setting "Maximum number of items in the description of media resources folder (0 - from request)", if enabled, server returns the specified number of items in the description.

v3.16 [12-02-17]

Changes for the function "Play To". Fedora version updated to Fedora 27.

v3.15 [11-26-17]

Added support for DAAP protocol and playback of audio and video files in Apple iTunes. Added device configuration "Apple iTunes (DAAP, 16:9, 1280x720)".

v3.13 [10-29-17]

Added support for Multicast DNS. Added support the function "Play To" for Apple TV (Airplay) and Chromecast (Google Cast). Added device configuration "Apple TV (Airplay, 16:9, 1280x720)".

v3.12 [10-07-17]

Added support for converting external subtitles files and internal subtitles to graphic subtitles (dvdsub, dvbsub, xsub) tracks of transcoded file without transcoding a video track. Device settings: added mode 8K. Added device configuration "ChromecastUltra".

v3.10 [09-23-17]

Device settings - Transcoder - Movies: added setting "Transcoding all supported tracks". Photo information: added the ability to change the rotation parameter.

v3.08 [09-06-17]

Updated FFMPEG, LibRaw, MediaInfo, LAVFilters

v3.07 [08-23-17]

Changes for Linux and MAC OSX systems.

v3.06 [08-16-17]

Web-navigation: added support for secure connections (https-access), added support for compressing web-pages.

v3.02 [06-03-17]

Media resources (navigation on media device): added folder "UPnP (DLNA) servers" - the ability to play media resources UPnP (DLNA) servers found on your home network via a Web navigation (HTML5 player)

v2.86 [04-27-17]

Added setting transcoding formats for music and photo. Folder "Music (Visualization)": added support for the folder "Single track" - all songs in the folder as single video.

v2.84 [04-13-17]

Added transcoding output formats MKV, HLS, WEBM, DASH, ISMC, HDS, OGG, AVI. Added support for HTML5 media player in Web-navigation.

v2.80 [03-07-17]

Updated subtitles module (adds support for transcoding in nv12), updated transcoder ffmpeg-1.dll (version 3.2.2), added support CUDA, CUVID.

v2.77 [12-07-16]

Added device configuration "Roku Media Player (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)

v2.76 [10-16-16]

Updated transcoder ffmpeg-1.dll (version 3.1.2); updated subtitles module

v2.74 [06-19-16]

Added setting "Scan torrent files"; Added setting "Creating a video stream for moviesheet-file"; Added transcoding profile "Movies-LIVESTREAMER-FFMPEG"

v2.73 [06-11-16]

Added selection of volume level at transcoding; Added selection of DVD aspect ratio (when you select 16:9, upper and lower parts of frame are cropped); Added setting "Scale forms"

v2.59 [05-16-16]

Added support 7z archives (solid archives are ignored). Test transcoding: for menu items - the names of devices added a context menu, containing the information about the current transcoding profile for the selected device, allows you to perform a test transcoding with the selected profile.

v2.58 [03-26-16]

Added support Intel Quick Sync Video. Added ability to encode video in the format HEVC (H.265) with libx265 codec.

v2.54 [12-30-15]

Updated transcoder ffmpeg-1.dll (restored support for Nvidia Encoder).

v2.53 [11-15-15]

Main form of the program - Help: added menu items "Select style..." and "Image Set" for program interface.

v2.12 [05-08-15]

Updated subtitles module: added use of an external module subtitles ssa, ass (libass) for subtitles in mkv-files.

v2.11 [04-30-15]

New Release

v2.10 [04-04-15]

Updated transcoder ffmpeg-1.dll (version 2.6.1) - added support Nvidia Encoder (Hardware-Accelerated H.264 and HEVC (H.265) Video Encoding).

v2.09 [02-25-15]

Web-navigation: added support for the "Play to". The form of control DMR (Digital Media Renderer) device: added selection of the playback speed (rewind).

v2.06 [02-12-15]

The form of control DMR (Digital Media Renderer) device: added selection of group of playback devices for the current playlist.

v2.02 [01-09-15]

New Release

v2.00 [10-30-14]

New Release

v1.80.1 [05-23-14]

New Release

v1.79.1 [03-01-14]

New Release

v1.78 [08-17-13]

Scripts: added functions WmsOAuth... - support OAuth-authorization. Podcasts: added transfer mode "Original link (redirect)". Added support for transcoding https-links.

v1.77 [05-28-13]

Scripts: added classes TJsonObject, TJsonArray. Updated subtitles module (adds support for xml-subtitle).

v1.75 [05-04-13]

Added scripts of loading metadata about the media resource from metadata files (nfo, tgmd, mymovies.xml, movies.xml, movie.xml, series.xml, xml, tag, txt, MovieInfo.tvixie)

v1.73 [04-06-13]

Added support for media files packed into archives (bz2,cbr,cbt,cbz,gz,rar,tar,tbz,tgz,zip)

v1.71 [03-12-13]

Added support for loading music information from the site Gracenote.com: by song title, album, artist; by song fingerprint, fingerprint created by first seconds of song. Updated music transcoding profiles for support transcoding to flac-format.

v1.70 [02-14-13]

Added support for creating slide shows (more than 170 transition effects) of photos with overlaid music. Added the transcoding profiles for support TorrentStream, AceStream.

v1.59.3 [01-25-13]

Scripts: added classes TWmsScriptUPnPDevice, TWmsScriptUPnPDeviceList, TWmsScriptUPnPService; added the transcoding profiles "TorrentStream (Reencoding)", "TorrentStream (Original video)", "TorrentStream (Input Stream)", "TorrentStream (Remux)", "Internet-television (Original video)".

v1.59.1 [11-23-12]

Individual settings of the client device - "Support for files without transcoding": added ability to edit the supported formats in the form of table; Added the transcoding profile "Movies (Optimal)", uses the table supported formats from the device settings.

v1.58 [10-23-12]

Added support for creating screenshot of web-pages, the link must begin with the prefix webshot://. Updated transcoder ffmpeg-1.dll to version 1.0. Podcasts - "Script for the links to the resource": now possible to return the command line, which will be create a stream of the media resource.

v1.57 [09-23-12]

DMR Control: added support of Party Streaming (Playing the same music in different rooms) for devices Sony. For "Play to" added support the DLNA feature "Play Container" (playback of folder media resources). Added device configurations: Nokia Lumia (DLNA), Nokia Lumia (Web), Pioneer BD Player (DLNA)

v1.55.2 [09-10-12]

Settings - "Media-resources": in the Folder list added the column "Exclude from the common scan"; Navigation on the media device: in each folder of music resources added the folder "Single Track"; Updated subtitles module (added support for mov-subtitles).

v1.55.1 [08-28-12]

Added device configurations: "Oppo Player"; "Sony Network Media Player". Added support for bookmarks on the media resources folders through navigation on the media device. Added ability to restrict access of client devices to media resources by rating in stars and the color system parental control.

v1.54 [07-30-12]

Added support for iso-images of SACD-discs and dff-files (DSD and DST-encoding). Added the transcoding profile "Music - SACD". Individual settings of the client device: added configuration settings for maximum LPCM-transcoding parameters (Sample rate, Channels, Bits (size of sample)).

v1.53.2 [07-15-12]

Added support for transcoding music with visualization modules (supported types: Windows Media Player, Winamp, BassBox, Sonique). Device configurations: "Samsung TV [E] (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)", "Sony BDP 2012 (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)". The transcoding profile "Music - WMA Lossless (DirectShow)".

v1.53 [07-05-12]

Added support for transcoding music with visualization modules (supported types: Windows Media Player, Winamp, BassBox, Sonique). Device configurations: "Samsung TV [E] (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)", "Sony BDP 2012 (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)". The transcoding profile "Music - WMA Lossless (DirectShow)".

v1.52.2 [06-15-12]

Loading data from online database of movies, music: added the mode "Automatic loading information"; added scripts for IMDb Germany (IMDB.DE), IMDb France (IMDB.FR), IMDb Italy (IMDB.IT), IMDb Spain (IMDB.ES), IMDb Portugal (IMDB.PT). Navigation on the media device: added the folder "Sort order".

v1.51.3 [05-17-12]

Added device configuration "Apple iPad 3 (DLNA, 14:9, 720x404, 8Player)". Scripts: added support for processing file tags (providers: Exif, Xmp, MediaInfo), added support for the feature "Play to" (single device, multiple devices). In the section Music added the list mode of media resources "Cards".

v1.50.3 [04-04-12]

In the table "List [Movies]" added the column "3D" (No, Horizontal pair, Vertical pair, Two video-tracks). Added support for transcoding 3D-films (Horizontal pair, Vertical pair) with the addition of 3D-subtitles.

v1.50.1 [03-22-12]

"Play to" for the group of playback devices, "Transcoding mpo-files" (No, Horizontal pair, Vertical pair), the possibility of an authorization server access in Web-mode, for mkv-files in the folder Transcoding added the folder "Chapters".

v1.14.3 [02-10-12]

Added ability DMR (Digital Media Renderer) devices control. In the popup menu of lists of media resources added the menu item "Play to".

v1.14.2 [02-08-12]

Added ability DMR (Digital Media Renderer) devices control. In the popup menu of lists of media resources added the menu item "Play to".

v1.12.1 [12-11-11]

Added device configurations Sony Table S, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, ASUS O!Play. Added support for uploading files to server (DLNA Upload). Added settings for transcoding to FLV-format.

v1.12 [11-10-11]

Added device configurations Philips BD Player, Boxee Box, Samsung Wave, Toshiba TV 2011. Added reading of keywords when scanning photos. Added ability to play rtmp-streams from any minute. Added mode "Folder Transcoding in each folder of media-resources".

v1.11.5 [10-01-11]

Added device configurations VLC Media Player, Android 3.X. Changes in the formation of DVD-structure. In transcoding options added file format MPEG1, video codec MPEG1. Changes for Panasonic devices (subtitles, settings for UPnP-sorting).

v1.11 [08-30-11]

Added device configurations VLC Media Player, Android 3.X. Changes in the formation of DVD-structure. In transcoding options added file format MPEG1, video codec MPEG1. Changes for Panasonic devices (subtitles, settings for UPnP-sorting).

v1.10 [07-14-11]

Added device configurations LG TV, XBOX 360 Live. Web-navigation now does not require licensing. Support for subtitles in mp4-files.

v1.09 [04-05-11]

Added device configurations Dune Media Player, Popcorn Hour Media Player, Samsung Features TV. In the settings of podcasts added "Priority of video formats", schedule for update. Added settings for loading custom playlists.

v1.08 [12-31-10]

Added device configurations for Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod (AirPlayer, 8Player, MLPlayer, LMPlayer, MediaBrowser, PlugPlayer, Safari) - transcoding on the fly; Added French translation.

v1.07 [11-13-10]

Added creation of folders of media resources for playlists BD-disks; Added Podcasts folder to section Photo; Added Polish, Dutch, German translation.

v1.05 [09-14-10]

Added device configuration "DLNA Device (version 1.5, 16:9, 720x406)", "DLNA Device (version 1.0, 16:9, 720x406)"; Added Italian, Romanian translations

v1.04 [08-01-10]

Added device configuration "Sony BDP-S370/S470/S570/S770", "LG BD Player", "Samsung BD Player", "AV Receiver (music only)", added support for AudioCD-files (cda) and images of AudioCD (bin-file with a cue-file)

v1.03 [06-23-10]

Folder of podcasts feeds: ability to create a list of podcasts feeds using the script, example of using "Watch TV Shows", "TheWB", "NBC - Shows" in Podcasts Gallery; distribution kit includes a Bulgarian translation file

v1.02 [06-08-10]

Added settings page "Events" - handle different events with media resources: "After addition of media resource at scanning", "After reading of properties of a media resource", "After the beginning of playback of a media resource", "After end of playback of a media resource".

v1.00 [05-16-10]

Podcasts: ability to read a list of media resources without RSS-feed, podcast gallery (http://www.wildmediaserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=259), support transcoding files with names in Unicode, licensing connections media devices to the server (http://www.wildmediaserver.com/page8.php)

v0.73 [03-20-10]

Added customizing the structure of media resources, transcoding buffer - transcoding without writing to disk, backup/restore program data, support dynamic folders, support TheMovieDB.org, TheTVDB.com, support for ape-files 24/96 and 24/192, support wv-files, support subtitles on Wine.

v0.72 [03-10-10]

Added localization using Google Translate and Microsoft Translate. Added device configurations "WD TV Live HD Media Player", "Sony TV NTSC". Added support FLAC (5.1, 96 kHz). Fixed bug server startup on Windows 64-bit. Fixed various problems reading MP3-tags.

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June 1, 2010

"It's a nice piece of software and functionality wise it's very good compared to others I have tested. However, for the purchase price of $40, it's a bit iffy. The software is far from polished in terms of UI, usability and plain English. You'll encounter some tooltips in Russian. Support is through Eugene, who clearly has difficulty speaking/writing/understanding the language. There is a forum for which people can ask questions, but many times Eugene can't understand what is written, or worse yet, provides a response which isn't all the clear because of the language barrier. Additionally, if you post something that Eugene doesn't agree with, your post will get deleted with no mention why.

Be careful of the licensing model. Some TVs, like my Sony KDL-46NX700 have 2 network adapters (wired and wireless). These equate to 2 different device IDs, and you will need separate licenses for each, not 1. I'm not sure if I agree with that, but that's how it is. Make sure you decide on which network connection you want to use prior to purchasing the software if you have a device that supports 2 different network connections. In an ideal world, how one chooses to connect their device to the network shouldn't matter, but the Russian philosophy must be different.

The program has great features - not much comes close to it. However, the UI is poor and usability is lacking because of the language issue. Very little documentation comes along with it, and so you may not know what many of the options do. You can try posting a question on the forum about it and you might get a response that makes sense. If Eugene thinks it's a stupid question, he'll just delete it though. Support and customer service is a 0."

by Dan for 1.00 version

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