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Qcodo 0.4.22 Stable

The Qcodo Development Framework is an open-source PHP framework that focuses on freeing developers from unnecessary tedious, mundane coding.
It is a completely object-oriented framework that takes the best of PHP and provides a truly rapid application development platform. Initial prototypes roll out in minutes instead of hours. Iterations come around in hours instead of days  (or even weeks). As projects iterate into more cohesive solutions, the framework allows developers to take prototypes to the next level by providing the capability of bringing the application to maturity.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

0.4.22 Stable [09-06-11]

  • Packaging for 0.4.22 Stable Release (Mike Ho)
  • Fixed Hash Processing issue with IE8/9 while in IE7 Compatability Mode (Mike Ho)
  • Typo Fix on OB Cleaning in Redirect (Mike Ho)
  • Account for possibly multiple output buffers on redirect (Mike Ho)
  • - ob_clean() is no longer called when no output buffers are running (Ben Roux)

Other versions : 0.4.21 0.4.20 Stable 0.4.19 0.4.18 0.4.17 0.4.16

v0.4.21 [07-22-11]

  • Updated copyright information (Mike Ho)
  • Modified year selections on date pickers to be current time / year dependent (Mike Ho)
  • Minor code cleanup on PathInfo (Mike Ho)
  • Merge pull request #15 from klucznik/cachePathInfo (Mike Ho)
  • fixed wrong property name (apselico, Marcos Sanchez) (Mike Ho)
  • Fix for Issue #83, allowing for explicit NULL override on QListItem Constructor (Gaspar Attila) (Mike Ho)
  • Added comment explaining actionparameter override functionality in QCheckBoxList (Mike Ho)
  • Fixed Email Header DateTime Specification to be compliant with RFC 2822/5322 (Mike Ho)
  • Fixed intermittent QEmailServer encoding issue for Subject line (Mike Ho)
  • Fixed potential xss vulnerability (Mike Ho)
  • Merge pull request #21 from aniccola/master (Mike Ho)
  • added missing optional clauses to gen templates (Andy Niccolai)
  • added postgresql example database. Journaling database example is also included (Marcos Sánchez)
  • fixed Exception call. Use default port number if not provided (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Fixed permissions issue on Log files (Mike Ho)
  • Updated metacontrol template to use new AddItems() method for Type-based listboxes (Mike Ho)
  • Minor syntax and comment cleanup on QListControl and added CountItems() method (Mike Ho)
  • Adding a convenience method to QListControl to add an array of item, or key value pairs like those create by Type tables (Shannon)
  • added QBackspaceKeyEvent (Shannon)
  • typo (Justin Sinclair)
  • Added 'Enabled' property to QListItem to allow for disabled options in select lists. (Justin Sinclair)
  • Fixes errant linebreak on long subject lines in QEmailServer (Mike Ho)
  • Fix to QForm polling to account for ClearPollingProcessor() call in the polling event handler (Mike Ho)
  • add caching to Qpplication::PathInfo() (Zbyszek Czarnecki)
  • Fixed typo in instructions (Mike Ho)
  • Fixed sql syntax issue on QQCustomFrom clauses on queries with joins (Mike Ho)

v0.4.20 Stable [12-26-10]

  • Marked codebase as stable

v0.4.19 [12-21-10]

  • fixes http://www.qcodo.com/issues/view.php/80 (Marcos Sánchez)
  • fix for http://www.qcodo.com/issues/view.php/76 (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties and a SelectedIndexes setter (Marcos Sánchez)
  • cleaner and faster way to check ControlIDs (Marcos Sánchez)
  • deleted static property QErrorHandler:: modification as it no longer exists (Marcos Sánchez)
  • fix missing translation in QDateTimePicker (Marcos Sánchez)
  • corrected translation (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Fix to error reporting bug on QEmailServer class (Mike Ho)
  • Implemented custom left join functionality to QcodoQuery (Mike Ho)
  • Added error attribute viewing on CLI errors (Mike Ho)
  • Implemented custom from and custom node functionality to qquery (Mike Ho)
  • Added DateTime link to linked DateTimeTextbox for QCalendar (Mike Ho)
  • QErrorHandler merge (Marcos Sánchez)

v0.4.18 [10-19-10]

  • Added improved SysLoginId handling for DB Journaling and added MySQL Journaling create script for Examples DB (Mike Ho)
  • Updated codegen templates to codegen journaling functionality (Mike Ho)
  • DB Instantiation refactoring to support Journaling capability (Mike Ho)
  • Removed HTTP Status for CLI-based Errors (Mike Ho)
  • typo (Marcos Sánchez)
  • typo (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added translation calls to qcodo_info.inc.php and updated spanish translation (Marcos Sánchez)
  • reverted http://github.com/qcodo/qcodo/commit/4499c3ed88271b6c6cfcd20e74dd54f5d7a2d384 because the new redirect doesn't work on my configuration (Marcos Sánchez)
  • show real path of _DEVTOOLS_CLI_ and correct script if working on windows (Marcos Sánchez)
  • check for php minimum version (Marcos Sánchez)
  • usage of str_ireplace instead of multiple str_replace(s) (Marcos Sánchez)
  • fixes http://www.qcodo.com/issues/view.php/67 (Marcos Sánchez)
  • date_default_timezone_set always exists with qcodo minimum version requirement (Marcos Sánchez)
  • QDataGridBase properties (Marcos Sánchez)
  • QControlLabel properties (Marcos Sánchez)
  • QControlGrouping properties (Marcos Sánchez)
  • QCheckBoxList properties (Marcos Sánchez)
  • QCaledarPopup properties (Marcos Sánchez)
  • QCaledar properties (Marcos Sánchez)
  • QButtonBase properties (Marcos Sánchez)
  • QBlockControl properties (Marcos Sánchez)
  • QWaitIcon properties (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QQAssociationNodes (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QQReverseReferenceNodes (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QQNodes (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Fixed status code on error/exception for default error handler (Mike Ho)
  • fix for constants not showing when using short_open_tag = Off (Marcos Sánchez)
  • do not send a 500 server error message and redirect to ERROR_FRIENDLY_PAGE_PATH if we are running on climode and ERROR_FRIENDLY_PAGE_PATH is set (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added latest versions of safari, chrome, firefox and ie (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added phpunit info to the qcodo cli script file (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Implemented DB Adapter for SQLite3 databases (Mike Ho)

v0.4.17 [08-29-10]

  • Implemented DB Adapter for SQLite3 databases (Mike Ho)
  • The adapter must have a connection handler before making a transaction. (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Moved QLinkTarget definitions into _enumerations (Mike Ho)
  • allow setting target attribute in QLinkButton (Zbyszek Czarnecki)
  • Fix to QDialogBox to not lose focus on a child control (Mike Ho)
  • Added full Backtrace logging to QLog (Mike Ho)
  • Implemented enhanced child control handling and managment methods to QControlBase (Mike Ho)
  • Updated cleaned up JS for DateTimePicker (Klucznik) (Mike Ho)
  • Updates to QDateTimePicker to allow for easier customization and better localization (Klucznik) (Mike Ho)
  • RedirectToList page using relative redirect not static path (Zbyszek Czarnecki)
  • small fix to generated metacontrol documentation (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QRadioButton class (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QControlBase class (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QTextBoxBase class (Marcos Sánchez)
  • added properties for QCheckBox class (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Cleaned up PHP Version support, removed dependency on memory_get_peak_usage, and removed deprecated 5.0.x support (Mike Ho)
  • Fix for Issue #53, adding ExpandAsArray support to QuerySingle in codegen templates (Mike Ho)
  • added missing documentation for generated metacontrols (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Small change to QApplication::PathInfo() to allow more flexibility (Zbyszek Czarnecki)
  • Added NoDataHtml support to QDataGrid (Mike Ho)
  • Allow support for multi-valued email headers (Mike Ho)
  • Fix on quoted printable encoding on email subject line (Mike Ho)
  • Refactored QEmailServer, added support for sending raw messages (Mike Ho)
  • Added NoDataHtml support to QDataGrid (Mike Ho)
  • added PHP 5.3 error types (Marcos Sánchez)
  • Added missing data model images to examples repository (Mike Ho)
  • Added support to link QImageControl and QFileUploader and improved caching performance (Mike Ho)
  • Allow QCalendar to trigger any blur or change-based events on its linked datetimetextbox (Mike Ho)
  • small fix in translation files (Marcos Sánchez)
  • updated es.po translation file and added es_ar.po file for Argentina (Marcos Sánchez)
  • modified CheckRemoteAdmin method to work also on other loopback addresses like (Marcos Sánchez)
  • set  to false when closing connection (Marcos Sánchez)
  • modified formatting to follow qcodo standards (Marcos Sánchez)

v0.4.16 [08-04-10]

  • Improved meta-databind approach for MetaDataGrids
  • Cleaned up error handling for DataGrid Html parsing
  • Fix to error handling override with updated error handling callback
  • Switch to default originating ip address of
  • Reassigned qcodo global callback methods as PHP callback variable type
  • Fix for Issue #63, adding error handling support for CLI scripts
  • Added sysname support to SQL Server (Neel Basu)
  • Updates to date time translation
  • Fix to QEmailTextBox to allow for non-required validation
  • Fix for wrong path to spacer.png (klucznik)
  • Fixes for errors in examples (klucznik)
  • Missing translation in QDateTimeTextBox (klucznik)
  • Day names translation in QDateTime (klucznik)
  • Added ConvertToCamelCase method to QString
  • Added cancel upload and downloadurl functionality to QFileUploader control
  • Hash processor now uses native event when possible and fires sooner on (klucznik)
  • Fix to URL Hash Processing to prevent explicitly naming QForm as parent
  • Small QLog fix (klucznik)
  • Added new test file QTypeTest (marcos)

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