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WpfDiagram 3.4.2

Wpfdiagram Adds To Applications The Ability To Create And Present Various Kinds Of Diagrams:

- flowchart and process diagrams
- workflow and data flow charts
- database entity-relationship diagrams
- organizational and classification charts
- hierarchy and relationship diagrams
- networks and graphs

The basic types of diagram elements - shape nodes, table nodes, and links - can be grouped and attached one to another to form complex structures. The control provides more than 100 predefined shapes and allows custom-designed ones. Both images and text can be placed inside nodes. Appearance can be customized further by setting fonts, colors and brush styles, custom painting.

Other features include an alignment grid, shadow effects, scrolling and zooming, locking, z-order and pen styles. Several automatic layout algorithms, link routing and graphs analysis functions make WpfDiagram even more useful. Diagrams can be stored in files, printed on paper, exported to image files or PDF, serialized in .NET streams such as memory buffers or network sockets.

The control's programming model comprises more than 500 methods, properties, and events. Full source code is available for purchase too, giving you unlimited ability to customize the control.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

3.4.2 [01-19-17]

Spline links; DiagramNode.Bounds supports binding; RotationStep specifies rotation increment; run SpringLayout from worker thread;

Other versions : 3.4.1 3.4 3.3.1 3.3 3.2 3.1 3.0.5 3.0.4 3.0.3 3.0.2 3.0.1 3.0 2.8.2 2.8 2.7 2.6 2.5.2 2.5.1 2.5 2.4 2.3.3 2.3.2 2.3.1 2.3 2.2.1 2.2

v3.4.1 [07-09-16]

free-form selection; ShapeListBox component;

v3.4 [03-03-16]

free-form drawing, FreeFormNode class; adjustment handles for Shape formula parameters; undo / redo records for in-place edit; Center text style improved for vertical links; fix for links to nested folded containers; AdjustmentHandle class represents handles;

v3.3.1 [09-27-15]

resize table columns and rows; barcode nodes; KeepInsideDiagram node constraint; ShapeDesigner improvements; improved dash-frame rendering; link routing improvements;

v3.3 [05-06-15]

display Visio stencil shapes; LicenseKey disables evaluation mode; associate AnchorPattern with Shape; edit anchor patterns in shape designer; absolute anchor point positions; alignment grid in shape designer control; TableNode.RowAnchorPattern property;

v3.2 [12-20-14]

support for Xaml templates; shape designer control; improved arrowhead rendering; LinkLabel.Brush property; DrawForeground event; Visio and PDF export improvements; DiagramView zoom methods;

v3.1 [06-23-14]

Tree map layout; Decision flowchart layout;

v3.0.5 [06-11-14]

export Visio 2013 files; VirtualizingDiagram.NodeStyleSelector; Visio2013Importer improvements; SetSelfLoopShape event customizes self-loops; LinkLabel fixes and improvements;

v3.0.4 [02-01-14]

import Visio 2013 files; zoom control; rename pages in TabbedDiagramView; several new shapes; support for Visual Studio 2013;

v3.0.3 [11-05-13]

import OpenOffice Draw files; DiagramView3D displays graphs in 3D; improved selection hatch frames; HatchBrush fills nodes with patterns;

v3.0.2 [08-19-13]

import Visio 2003 XML drawings; enhanced attachments to links; PdfExporter improvements; the swimlane grid can be exported to Visio; improved link labels layout;

v3.0.1 [05-10-13]

preserve order in tree layout; select-only behavior; specify if selection changes et the Dirty flag; modifier key for toggling selection; disable adding or removing to/from containers;

v3.0 [11-21-12]

themes and theme editor; node effects; multi-page diagrams and tabbed views; multiple labels per link; layers and layer list-view control; one-way graph layout; parallelization of layout algorithms; magnifier tool;

v2.8.2 [05-23-12]

attached nodes rotate with their master node; custom shape definitions saved by SaveToXml; rotate ShapeNode's text independently from the node; reverse Y axis direction in Ruler control; automatic Visual Studio toolbox installation;

v2.8 [02-08-12]

VirtualizingDiagram implements diagram items' virtualization; Id property added to DiagramItem; FindLinkById and FindNodeById methods; lane headers can be anchored to the top-left of the viewport; improved path-finding for long links in QuickRouter;

v2.7 [10-28-11]

FractalLayout tree layout algorithm; specify start and end nodes for LayeredLayout; interactive node alignment via alignment guides; draw with the right or middle mouse buttons; Visual Basic .NET tutorials added;

v2.6 [06-08-11]

CompositeLayout multi-level graph layout algorithm; improved alignment in FlowchartLayout branches; OrthogonalLayout improved to create less link bends; CircularLayout can dynamically select appropriate radius; support for resizing multiple nodes simultaneously;

v2.5.2 [05-20-11]

define node shapes using Visio-like shape formulas; improved support for nodes with non-uniform size in SpringLayout; improved symmetry in SpringLayout; SetZoomFactor zooms the diagram with specified pivot point;

v2.5.1 [02-08-11]

Export diagrams to Visio XML Drawing format; Links snap to nearest node; control length of U-bends in QuickRouter; InchDivisions property added to Ruler;

v2.5 [11-20-10]

Swimlane diagram layout; CascadeLayout algorithm; TriangularLayout algorithm; HierarchicalLayout algorithm; OrtogonalLayout improvements; Swimlane grid extensions;

v2.4 [07-11-10]

templatable nodes; export diagrams to WMF images;

v2.3.3 [06-12-10]

export diagrams to SVG; custom DiagramNodeAdapter serialization; frozen nodes in SpringLayout;

v2.3.2 [06-02-10]

support for VS2010 and .NET 4; items support WPF styling; DiagramNodeAdapter.MouseInputMode property; fixed support for browser applications;

v2.3.1 [04-10-10]

new text formatting properties; improved auto-scrolling in the Overview control; GetNearestNode method; text clipping can be disabled;

v2.3 [01-19-10]

Support for custom arrowheads; Adjustment handles styling; Granularity property added to QuickRouter; IntermediateShape arrowheads displayed for Bezier links;

v2.2.1 [10-09-09]

graph relationship queries; LayeredLayout can straighten links crossing multiple layers; visual effects during item modification;

v2.2 [07-30-09]

TreeViewNodes can display hierarchical data; BPMN notation support; flowchart layout algorithm; topological ordering layout algorithm;

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