Advanced ETL Processor Professional 32 Bit

Advanced ETL Processor Professional is a Codeless Automation Tool. It transfers from ANY Database into ANY Database or file. Complete automation of business processes such as FTP, Email: POP3 and SMTP, File operations, SQL scripts, Zip and Unzip, ETL Task scheduler and comprehensive logging.

Work with: Text, XML, Excel, Access, DBF, Foxpro, ODBC, OLE DB, MS Sql Server, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase, SQLite, POP3, SMTP, File System, FTP, SSL, Unicode, RSS, Windows Event Log, Google Spreadsheets, SalesForce, BrightPearl and QlikView files.

Since Advanced ETL Processor Pro is a codeless most of the tasks performed without writing a single line of code

Advanced ETL Processor Pro is designed to automate complex business processes. Typical usage of it would be extract data from Excel File, Validate Date Formats, Sort data, deduplicate it and load it into the database, run stored procedure or Sql script. Once transformation is completed send email to the administrator.

Every package execution is logged, If something went wrong Advanced ETL Processor Pro writes detailed message into the log and adds a line into rejected records file.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [06-17-17]

Major Release:

Options Dialog:

"Execute only local actions" option was removed
"Use agent for execution was" removed

Maintenance tab:

Complete redesign

Schedule tab:

Execute on computer check box was removed

Schedule Dialog:

Execute on computer check box was removed

Other versions : 3.2.0

v5.9.4.5 [05-24-17]

+ Added : Tableau Server Connection
+ Added : Publishing Tableau TDE Files
+ Improved: Updated Tableau Client
- Fixed : Issues with loading version info
- Fixed : Tableau Datetime fields processing issues
- Fixed : MySql Server Repository Creation Scripts issues

v5.9.4.0 [04-03-17]

Major update: Uses new backup format

+ Improved: Repository Backup performance
+ Improved: Repository Backup restore performance
+ Improved: Repository Synchronization Wizard can use backup as source for Synchronization
+ Improved: ]Tableau client installation n

v5.9.3.13 [01-08-17]

+ Improved: Repository Creation Wizard
+ Improved: Removed Agent management buttons from log tab and schedule tab
+ Improved: Removed Number of executions field from log tab
+ Improved: Removed clutter from maintain tab
- Fixed: Addressed issues with scheduler next execution date calculation

v5.9.3.2 [11-01-16]

+ Improved: Up to 10 percent performance increase while loading data into date/time fields
+ Improved: Support for JSON as data source

v5.9.3.0 [10-12-16]

+ Added: Support for JSON as data source and target
+ Added: File Metadata Action
+ Added: Added variable
+ Added : Do not show notifications option
+ Improved : Object tree search functionality
+ Improved : Lookup transformation supports JSON as datas source now

v5.9.2.17 [08-30-16]

+ Improved : MySQL Error handling
+ Improved : Global variables handling
+ Improved: Services registration during installation
+ Improved: Management console can start and stop agent now
+ Improved: Management console can amend agent service properties now
- Fixed : BDE Datasource issues

v5.9.2.0 [05-31-16]

+ Third party components update
+ Support for the new functions introduced in the Excel 2016 January Update
+ New : Support SSL v2, v3, v1_1 and v1_2 was introduced
+ New : Support for opening xls versions from 2 to 4
- Fixed : Row Cannot Be Located for Updating issue

v5.9.1.12 [05-15-16]

+ Added support for aes192-cbc,aes192-ctr,aes256-cbc,aes256-ctr encryption to FTP client
+ Added variable
- Addressed issues with Change Date Static,Change Date Dynamic and If WeekDay functions
- Addressed Salesforce data update issues
- Addressed data compression issues

v5.9.1.8 [04-20-16]

+ Support for latest tableau api was introduced
+ Calculation transformation function support Python now
+ Improved support for RSS feeds
- Addressed issues with Running Total transformation
- Addressed Salesforce data update issues
- Log Object bugs fixes

v5.9.0.3 [02-02-16]

+ SSL Libraries update
+ Third party components update
+ SalesForce connection uses TLS 1.1 now

v5.8.3.23 [12-03-15]

+ Add refresh databases button to source and target connections
+ Added support for Unicode in server, database and table names
+ ODBC error messages support Unicode now
+ Added processor info to application title
- Expanded red box size in the status bar

v5.8.3.14 [10-26-15]

+ Added option to enable all variables in the package
+ Faster QVD files processing
+ Added connection status variable to FTP, SMTP, POP3 ad IMAP4 connections
- Addressed issues with creating QVD files
- Addressed issues with downloading files using SSL
- Addressed issues with variables

v5.8.3.6 [10-02-15]

+ Added Ignore Data Format option to Excel Data reader
+ Added Additional Parameters option to GPG4 Package Action
+ Added After Execution tab to all Package Actions
- Addressed issues with Loop package action
- Addressed issues with subtransformation function

v5.8.3.2 [09-16-15]

+ Added Lookup Replace Transformation function
+ Added support for Active Directory as data source
+ Added catch all objects to package
- Addressed issues with filtering data
- Addressed issues with exporting data into excel files
- Addressed issues with Running Totals functions

v5.8.2.14 [08-28-15]

+ Added Field Value transformation function
+ Added Read File Content Option to Reader
+ Added UTC To Local Date and Local Date to UTC script functions
+ Added UTC To Local Date and Local Date to UTC transformation functions
- Addressed Issues with Log screen

v5.8.2.6 [08-07-15]

+ Added support for Clarion dat files
+ Added support for Twitter
- Addressed issues with Loop package action
- Addressed issues with sending emails with attachments
- Addressed issues with sorter

v5.8.0.35 [05-27-15]

+ Documentation update
+ Added GetExcelCellValue calculation function
+ Sorter improvements
- Addressed issues with loading data from SQL Server CE
- Addressed issues with loading data from delimited files
- Addressed issues with grouper transformation
- Various bugs fixes and improvements

v5.8.0.31 [05-09-15]

+ Documentation update
+ Added GetExcelCellValue calculation function
+ Sorter improvements

v5.8.0.28 [04-18-15]

+ Up to 6 times faster data de-duplication
+ Up to 2 times faster data grouping
+ Added ability to swap reader and writer
+ Added support for 255 length fields names in Union All object
+ GetExcelCellValue function provides more detailed information about errors now
+ Documentation update

v5.8.0.19 [04-07-15]

Massive performance increase

Up to 8 times faster data sorting
Up to 40 percent faster loading data into ODBC
Up to 10 percent faster QVX files creation
Up to 10 percent faster loading data into PostgreSQL
Up to 3 times faster reading of QVD files
Up to 15 percent faster QVX files creation

v5.8.0.9 [02-27-15]

Massive performance increase

+ Working with text files - is more than 2 times faster
+ Creating QVD files - up to 30 percent faster
+ Creating QVX files - up to 30 percent faster
+ Creating Excel files - up to 20 percent faster

v5.8.0.5 [02-13-15]

+ Support for MS SQL server 2014 was extended
+ Scheduler dialogue improvements
- Addressed issues with sending SMS messages
- Addressed issues with sequence transformation object
- Addressed issues with subtransformation object
- Addressed issues with sending SMS messages

v5.8.0.0 [01-23-15]

+ Support for multiple readers
+ Joiner Renamed to Join
+ Joiner Object was introduced
+ Skip empty fields option was introduced to Join object
+ Incremental object search was added to package designer
+ Addressed issues with sending SMS messages
+ Minor interface improvements

v5.7.10.10 [12-12-14]

+ Setup and executable are digitally signed now
+ Added Reset height option
+ Up to 10 percent faster
+ Check File Action has new option: Check if file is in Use
+ License Update
+ Documentation Update
+ Changed the way parameters are passed into reports
- Updated repository creation scripts

v5.7.10.3 [11-28-14]

+ Added If South African company transformation function
+ Added Is South African company validation function
+ Added incremental search to all grids
+ Documentation update
+ Corrected issues with Is number less than,Is number more than and Is number between transformation function

v5.7.9.39 [10-27-14]

+ Added two new fields to File Sytem datasource last modification date and last access date
+ Minor interface improvements
+ Added Hide Template Tab option
+ Better report error handling
- Addressed Salesforce connection dialogue issues
- Addressed SFTP bugs
- Report generator bugs fixes

v5.7.9.26 [09-18-14]

+ Added Support for Message Queuing (MSMQ)
+ Documentation Update
+ Run At Agent Start Scheduler option was introduced
+ Better Data Reader Memory Management
+ Support for using variables inside package zip object password was introduced

v5.7.9.23 [08-31-14]

+ Added GUID function to scripting language
+ Documentation Update
- Addressed issues with BIGINT fields
- Management console fixes

v5.7.9.19 [08-14-14]

+ Support for Sending SMS messages was introduced,
following services are supported: Twilio, BulkSMS, TelAPI and Essendex.
+ Documentation Update
+ Interface improvements
- Date Format bugs fixes
- Addressed problem with keep characters functions

v5.7.9.14 [07-31-14]

+ Added CASE transformation function
+ Added Delete Leading Characters
+ Added Delete Trailing Characters
+ Added support for special characters
+ Interface improvements
+ Documentation Update

v5.7.9.9 [07-17-14]

+ Excel processing engine update
+ Extended functionality of Get Excel Cell Value and Get File Context functions
+ Documentation update
- Addressed issues with Undo Redo buttons
- Addressed excel' files locking problems

v5.7.9.2 [06-18-14]

+ Added Authentication support to HTTP package objects
+ Renamed Web Service Lookup to HTTP Post
+ Added HTTP Get Transformation function
+ Documentation Update
+ up to 10 times faster data sorting
- Web Service Lookup issues were addressed

v5.7.8.4 [05-31-14]

+ Smaller Setup
- Addressed issues of loading data from the files with old creation date
- Fixed problem with log deletion
- XML and ODBC fixes
- Execution stability fixes
- Date Diff function fixes

v5.7.7.7 [02-08-14]

+ tables list refresh is faster now
+ Added RichText object to the Report Designer
+ Added option to set defaults
+ Added option to filter target fields
- Addressed some sqlite issues
- Addressed issues with missing files

v5.7.7.0 [01-20-14]

+ Updated regular expression for US SSN
+ Extended agent logging
- Addressed some FTP Package dialog issues

v5.7.6.28 [01-06-14]

- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files
- Addressed issues with long object names
+ HTTP Form package object was introduced
+ Documentation update
+ ,, system variables we added
- Corrected issues with FTP automation

v5.7.6.24 [12-23-13]

+ When new output field is added field id is assigned automatically
+ Documentation update
+ OleDB support for repository connections
- Autoformat fixes (Some mappings may need to be updated)

v5.7.6.21 [12-15-13]

+ Support fro Zoom in/Out was introduced
+ Target Data tab was introduced to the transformation editor
+ Better printing support
+ Execution Agent was optimized to run less SQL against repository
- Email processing bug fixes

v5.7.6.16 [12-09-13]

- Corrected issues with processing emails send by IPAD
- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files

v5.7.6.15 [11-28-13]

+ Added send as HTML option
- Addressed issues of loading data from flat files
- Fixed bugs related to loading data in to VARCHAR(MAX) fields.

v5.7.6.0 [11-08-13]

+ Salesforce is supported as datatarget
- Addressed more autoformat problems
+ Extended Global variables scope
- Fixed problem with zip files locking
- Resolved Synchronization problem

v5.7.2.5 [06-28-13]

+ Functionality of Splitter and Get Line functions was improved
+ QVD generation bugs fixes
+ "Is Value in Database" and "If Value in Database" were added
+ Documentation update

v5.7.2.2 [06-10-13]

+ Connection mapping dialog was added to repository synchronization wizard
+ Data reader timeout was introduced for ODBC,Access,MS Sql Server, OleDB, PostgreSql, MySql and MS Sql Server CE connections
+ Smaller executable
+ Memory usage was reduced for Excel files
- Addressed some HL7 issues

v5.7.1.3 [05-07-13]

+ Introduced Repository Synchronization wizard
- Addressed problems with "If in List" Function

v5.7.0.10 [04-21-13]

+ Addressed problems with updating Oracle blob fields
+ Addressed some grouper issues
+ HL7 Examples were added
+ Undo/Redo Functionality was improved
+ Documentation update

v5.7.0.7 [04-09-13]

HL7 samples were added
Compare values function was added
IF Functions were introduced
Total number of functions now 500+
Comments were added to Literal function
Various bug fixes and interface improvements
Documentation update
Addressed some regular expressions bugs

v5.6.3.4 [03-03-13]

Added align left, align top, align right, and align bottom buttons
Dedupicator Lookup and InLinst functions are up to 20 percent faster
Ability to link output fields was introduced
Hints were added to Lookup object
Better object selection for packages and mappings
Support for HL7 was introduced

v5.6.2.9 [02-15-13]

+ Added Keep Characters Function
+ Added Epoch to Date Function
+ Added Date to Epoch Function
+ Interface improvements
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

v5.6.2.3 [01-28-13]

+ Improved support for MS SQL Server 2012
+ Improved support for BDE
+ Logging improvements for Connection type, connection name and connection details
- Agent bug fixes
- Various bug fixes

v5.6.2.0 [01-11-13]

+ Support for BDE and Paradox was introduced
- Various bug fixes

v5.6.1.4 [12-17-12]

+ Added copy paste functionality to IMAP connections
+ OLE Reports Dialog is resizable now
- Various bug fixes

v5.6.0.0 [11-24-12]

+ Support for stored procedures as data target was introduced
+ Performance improvements for MS SQL Server Connection
+ Various Bug Fixes
+ Documentation Update

v5.5.2.3 [11-01-12]

+ Added option to ignore XML tags between Table tag and Record tag
+ Documentation Update
- Fixed set variables bugs

v5.5.1.3 [10-15-12]

+ Support for Stored procedures as data targets was introduced for OleDB connection
- Various bug fixes

v5.5.1.0 [09-15-12]

+ Added new object Log which can be used to analyze data quality issues
+ Reader Parameter Object was renamed to Metadata object
+ Ability to extract package name, OS user name, computer name, transformation name and Application name was introduced
+ Documentation Update
- Various bug fixes

v5.5.0.0 [09-01-12]

+ Support for QlikView QVD files was introduced
- Various bug fixes

v5.4.3.2 [08-11-12]

+ New Version control tab was introduced
+ Version control can submit several objects now
+ Version control dialog can delete multiple objects now
- Various bug fixes

v5.4.3.0 [07-22-12]

+ New package object was introduced = Case
+ Massive performance improvement up to 10+ times for some data sources/targets
- Various bug fixes

v5.4.0.0 [06-25-12]

+ Support for BrightPearl was introduced
+ Support for IMAP4 was introduced
+ Support for Sales Force was introduced
+ Support for JDBC was introduced
+ Support for IP Sockets was introduced
+ Additional filters for file/zip and check file operations
+ Documentation update
- Various bug fixes

v5.3.1.2 [05-30-12]

+ Support Excel named ranges was introduced
- Various bug fixes

v5.3.0.2 [05-15-12]

+ Uses 10 times less memory for large excel files
+ Support for loading data from RSS, Google spread sheets and windows event logs was introduced
+ Dynamic Excel sheet names
+ Documentation update

v5.2.0.9 [04-07-12]

+10x performance increase for generating QVX files
- Addressed some SMTP problems
+ Documentation update

v5.2.0.1 [03-23-12]

+ New arithmetical functions were added Add,Subtract,Divide,Multiply,Max and Min
+ Union ALL transformation object was created
+ Documentation update
+ Support for Dynamic SQL for ETL transformations was introduced
- Various bug fixes
- Addressed some SMTP problems

v5.1.0.0 [02-22-12]

+ Read and write QlikView QVX files
+ Support for QVX_QV_DUAL fields type was introduced
- Addressed some issues related to working with MS Sql Server Compact edition
- Various bug fixes

v5.0.1.2 [01-27-12]

+ Timeout was added to SQL Scripts
+ Documentation update
+ First Record flag, Last Record flag, First Record flag for file/table/sheet, Last Record for file/table/sheet were added to Reader parameter data transformation function
+ Sequence and Running total transformation function improvement

v5.0.1.0 [01-14-12]

Even smaller executable
SMTP testing was fixed for SSL connection
Export Dialog alignment problem was corrected
Main windows alignment problem was corrected
Position saving problem was addressed for validator/transformer/package editor
Corrected some repository creation scripts

v5.0.0.10 [12-31-11]


+ Package Debugging
+ Parallel execution
+ Highly optimized code
+ Execution agent is now only 5 mb (compare this to some java etl tools)
+ Schedule for execution Packages, Transformations and SQL scripts
and much more

v4.2.7.2 [10-26-11]

+ Package debugger was introduced
+ Breakpoints were introduced
+ Execute single package object option was introduced
+ Project Tree View - COLLAPS/EXPAND buttons were added
+ More generic log viewer
+ Ability to group packages, sql scripts reports and emails was added

v4.2.7.0 [10-11-11]

+ Null function
+ Interface Improvements
+ Standard print preview
+ Support for scrolling in Package editor and transformation editor
+ Option "Full tree expand" when unticked objects tree shows list of projects
- Better error handling for ADO and MS Sql scripts
- Command line parameter fix

v4.2.6.17 [09-25-11]

Overwrite all files
Skip existing add create new ones
Append data to existing files and create new ones
Append data to existing files
Delete Files

v4.2.6.10 [09-05-11]

Added Support for XSLT transformations
Added Get Variable, XML XSLT transformation, Validate XML function
Interface Update
Various bug fixes

v4.2.6.9 [08-07-11]

Ping Server and Check Database connection was introduced
Added File name and Directory name extraction transformation functions
Data splitter modifications
Various bug fixes

v4.2.6.8 [08-03-11]

Added Fields Selector transformation function
Various bug fixes

v4.2.6.5 [07-27-11]

Improved support for spaces in table names and SQL reserved words
Added clear log check box to transformation progress dialog
Added open open execution log button
Added Clone Row, Base64 Encode, Base64 Decode, GUID, Random transformation functions
Various bug fixes

v4.2.6.3 [07-11-11]

Range lookup transformation function was introduced
When data is exported into excel file numeric values are stored as numbers
Various bug fixes

v4.2.6.0 [06-28-11]

Major ETL tools update

This release changes the way the Data Validator works

It allows the user to validate and transform the data at the same time.
To update:
Open Data Validator and map validation rules to output fields.
Save Data transformation.
Repeat for all transformations

v4.2.5.3 [06-03-11]

Incremental Transformation function search was introduced

v4.2.5.2 [05-31-11]

Packages and Transformation editor Fixes
Various Bug Fixes

v4.2.5.0 [05-12-11]

Lookup Improvements and Fixes
Data preview improvements
Clear log shows dialog box first
Transformer and Validator have names now
Direct Latest Version downloads from application
Various Bug Fixes

v4.2.4.14 [04-13-11]

Script language extension:

DeleteCharacters(S,CharactersToDelete) Deletes specific characters from the string
Delete(S,Start,End) Deletes part of string S
EnsureNoPrefix(S,Prefix) Removes prefix from the string when present
EnsureNoSuffix(S,Suffix) Removes Suffix to the string when present

v4.2.4.11 [04-01-11]

Command line support for errorlevel was introduced
Zip library update and fixes
Added post changes button to table browser
Added Optimize Column Width button
Fixed number of problems related to working with data groupper

v4.2.4.9 [03-13-11]

Fixed number of problems related to working with InList and Lookup functions
Fixed number of problems related to working with uniqueidentifierfileds in sql server

v4.2.4.4 [02-24-11]

Data Sorter bug fixes
FTP Log is more compact now
More useful error messages from copy and move file operations

v4.2.4.2 [02-09-11]

New Reader parameter: Source File Creation Date
SFTP bug fixes
Repository scripts update

v4.2.4.0 [01-26-11]

Support for Sql Server Compact Edition was introduced
Various bug fixes

v4.2.3.6 [01-16-11]

Fixed Issues with SQLite imports
Support for zip files > 4 gigs was introduced
Some issues related to SMTP and POP3 connections were resolved
Support for Charts, Bar codes and OLE objects was added to report

v4.2.3.0 [12-13-10]

Support for SFTP was introduced
Export of empty tables was fixed
Various problems related to working with very large files were resolved
Copy and Move file operations can also rename multiple files
Calculation was not showing result correctly in preview mode

v4.2.2.9 [11-30-10]

Major update

Powerful data transformation language was introduced
Lots of new functions, procedures, bug fixes
Copy field names form data reader to data writer
Documentation update

v4.2.2.3 [11-26-10]

Works correctly with mixed case objects in PostgreSQL
Scripting language was extended
Various bug fixes
FTP bug fixes
Documentation update

v4.2.2.1 [10-23-10]

Loads Data from XML files
Exports data into XML
Works correctly with multiple PosgreSQL schemes
Support for PosgreSQL 9 was introduced
Support for German Locale was introduced
Select all and copy from data grids
Documentation update
Various bug fixes

v4.2.1.1 [10-06-10]

Supports multiple text line delimiters now

v4.2.1.0 [09-19-10]

Works directly with SQLite now
Various Interbase/Firebird related bug fixes
Fixed bug with import of MS Access tables with spaces in names
Minor Interface Changes
Fixed FTP list command for WindowsNT
Memory leaks were fixed

v4.2.0.0 [08-07-10]

Data grids:
Grouping panel was added
Advanced filter dialog was introduced
Record number
New look and feel
Works directly with Excel 3.0-2007
No ODBC, OleDB or MS Jet Required
Works correctly with mixed data types
Works correctly with cells with more 255 characters

v4.1.0.12 [07-29-10]

Massive performance improvement for large data repositories
Various access violations were fixed
Problem with duplicated fields was resolved

v4.1.0.9 [07-16-10]

Various bug fixes

v4.1.0.7 [07-03-10]

Some problems were addressed related to loading data into varchar(max),nvarchar(max),varbinary(max)

v4.1.0.6 [06-06-10]

ETL Package Variables
Package Script
HTTP Download Object
Documentation Update
Unlimited Email Attachments
System variables

v4.1.0.5 [05-24-10]

Print reports directly to printer
Several new report export formats - Excel, Rtf, Csv and Pdf
Fixed Loading data into DBF files

v4.1.0.2 [04-18-10]

Support for SQL Server 2005/2008 was improved
Various bug fixes

v4.1.0.0 [03-30-10]

Database to Email and Email to Database transformations
Transform files into blob fields and Export of blob fields
Secure Email
Improved support for blobs
Detailed log for POP3,SMTP, and FTP

v3.3.3.7 [02-28-10]

Secure email is now supported
More detailed log for SMTP,POP3 and FTP objects
Project Restore

v3.3.3.6 [02-22-10]

7 new ETL Transformation functions were added

In Place Replace
Encode Xml Element
Decode Xml Element
Encode Xml Attribute
Decode Xml Attribute
Encode Xml String
Decode Xml String

Total number of Data transformation functions is now 48

Documentation Update+minor bug fixes

v3.3.3.5 [02-11-10]

Support for FTPS and FTPES was introduced

v3.3.3.4 [01-25-10]

Now you can use Advanced ETL Processor to generate SQL Insert Scripts from any table or file
Various bug fixes
Documentation Update

v3.3.3.2 [01-13-10]

Now you can use Advanced ETL Processor to generate SQL Insert Scripts from any table

v3.3.3.0 [01-03-10]

Support for Ole Db was Introduced (this part is still in beta stage)
InList and Lookup ETL objects bugs were fixed

v3.3.2.18 [12-16-09]

Minor Bug Fixes
Documentation Update
Support for Dynamic file names was extended
Now you can use calculations in target file names
FTP Improvements

v3.3.2.17 [11-15-09]

Two new transformation functions were added
Replace Characters and Delete Characters
Minor Bug Fixes
Documentation Update

v3.3.2.16 [11-03-09]

Two new transformation functions were added
Replace Characters and Delete Characters
Minor Bug Fixes
Documentation Update

v3.3.2.12 [10-10-09]

Some issues related to zip object and repository backup were resolved

v3.3.2.6 [09-23-09]

New package object called "Data Export" was introduced
Now you can export 3000+ tables from the database with couple of clicks
Now you can filter incoming emails based on sender ans subject

v3.3.2.1 [08-21-09]

Minor Bug Fixes
Documentation Update

v3.3.2.0 [07-26-09]

Updated sequence transformation obejct
Running totals
Updated documentation
Minor bug fixes

v3.3.0.19 [06-21-09]

Minor bug fixes

v3.3.0.12 [05-12-09]

This version works up to 30 percent faster comparing to the previous release

More information:
* Full support for unicode
* Support for sql functions and oracle sequences
* It is now possible to pull data directly from Oracle database without ODBC.
* Various bug fixes

v3.3.0.3 [04-16-09]

This version works up to 30 percent faster comparing to the previous release

More information:
* Full support for unicode
* Support for sql functions and oracle sequences
* It is now possible to pull data directly from Oracle database without ODBC.
* Various bug fixes

v3.2.0.8 [03-23-09]

Updated SQL Query Builder
Support for Oracle 11g

v3.2.0.6 [02-25-09]

Updated SQL Query Builder
Support for Oracle 11g

v3.2.0 [12-26-08]

Updated SQL Query Builder
Support for Oracle 11g

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