SolveigMM Video Splitter 7.0.1812.07

SolveigMM Video Splitter is a fast tool to losslessly split, cut or trim MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WEBM, AVI, WMV, WAV, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, AVCHD, ASF, MP3, WMA files. Batch file support is included. Files joining supported.

The attractive and intuitive user-friendly interface allows a user to split, cut or trim a movie in just a few mouse clicks.
Based on SolveigMM Video Editing SDK, the Video Splitter offers incredible quality and speed involving no encoding/decoding operations.

Solveig Multimedia is proud to introduce a new feature to make movie cuts quick and easy. Now if you need to cut commercials from your movie, just set the fragments to be cut off and our video editor executes the task in one pass.

* Based on SolveigMM Video Editing Engine
* Supports any MPEG-2 PS/TS Format files - (*.mpg,*.ts,*.vob )
* Supports MPEG-1 files
* Supports any AVI Format files - (*.avi )
* Supports Windows Media Format files - (*.asf, *.wma, *.wmv, *.wm)
* Supports MPEG Audio Format files ( *.mp1, *.mp2, *.mp3, *.mpa )
* Supports WAV files
* Supports MP4, MOV, MKV, AVCHD, WEBM, FLV files frame accurate editing
* What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) preview. Advanced K frame navigation
* Cut commercials - video cutting of several movie portions at one time is allowed. You can get rid of all ads in your movie in a couple of simple steps
* Supports bath files (*.xtl). You can process the trimming of all media files in one pass (Business Edition version).
* Supports file by file joining
* One click registration
* Save audio only from video files
* File slicing by parts, duration or file size
* Ability to mute selected audio fragment without re-encoding for audio types
* Turn off audio/video track for selected files in Batch Manager (Business Edition version)

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

7.0.1812.07 [12-08-18]

New Release

Other versions : 6.1.1811.19 6.1.1811.15 6.1.1707.6 6.1.1706.29 6.1.1705.18 6.1.1705.12 6.1.1611.25 6.1.1611.7 6.1.1610.31 6.0.1607.15 5.2.1603.25 5.2.1602.24 5.2.1512.16 5.0.1503.17 3.5.1210.3 4.0.1412.10 3.7.1312.23 3.7.1312.18 3.7.1312.12 3.6.1309.3 3.6.1308.22 3.6.1306.21 3.6.1306.18 3.6.1305.24 3.6.1305.22 3.6.1301.16 3.6.1301.11 3.6.1301.9 3.5.1212.12 3.5.1210.18 3.2.1206.9 3.5.1210.2 3.2.1208.20 3.2.1207.9 3.2.1207.3 3.2.1206.13 3.0.1204.17 3.0.1203.19 3.0.1203.14 3.0.1203.7 3.0.1202.8 3.0.1201.27 3.0.1201.23 3.0.1201.19 2.5.1111.7 2.5.1110.27 2.5.1110.18 2.5.1110.10 2.5.1109.29 2.5.1109.26 2.3.1108.23 2.3.1108.11 2.4.1107.15 2.3.1105.25 2.4.1107.11 2.3.1103.30 2.2.1005.17 2.2.1005.4 2.2.1004.20 2.2.912.18 2.2.911.12 2.2.909.30 2.2.905.18 2.2.904.24 2.2.904.16 2.2.903.23 2.1.902.24 2.1.901.29 2.1.810.30 2.1.808.21 2.1 2.0 1.2.705.04 1.2.703.05

v6.1.1811.19 [11-21-18]

- Bad audio after trimming DV-AVI on Windows 10.
- Video Renderer option may switch to the "EVR" if the "Default" was selected.
- MP4 video height or width could be changed after trimming.

v6.1.1811.15 [11-17-18]

- Bad audio after trimming DV-AVI on Windows 10
- Video Renderer option may switch to the "EVR" if the "Default" was selected.

v6.1.1707.6 [07-06-17]

- No sound on some MKV files

v6.1.1706.29 [06-29-17]

- Crash on trimming MP4 with AVC
- Crash on deleting file from media library
- Crash on dropping WEBM file to timeline
- Trimming progress stops on the certain position on AVCHD files
- Freezes on trimming second interval on MPEG2 TS files

v6.1.1705.18 [05-19-17]

- "Can't create MPEG2 demuxer" error on drag MPEG2 files to timeline

v6.1.1705.12 [05-12-17]

- Enter/Leave Fullscreen mode buttons on video window
- Dialog with output file information after trimming
- Ability to adjust user interface by show/hide UI controls via View Tab of Preferences dialog
- Cobra DVR files support

v6.1.1611.25 [11-26-16]

Fixes (freezes):
- Freeze on loading files to the timeline (AVC 10bit, profile – High 4:4:4)
Fixes (trimming issues):
- Multiple GOP in re-encoded parts on some MOV files with AVC video
- Green line on playback and trimming the result on some MP4 files
Fixes (playback issues):

v6.1.1611.7 [11-07-16]

- Smooth resize of Media library panel, maps, and timeline area
- Crash on changing zoom when waveform building in progress
- Crash on loading old project files
- Crash on dragging H264 VES file to timeline

v6.1.1610.31 [11-01-16]

- Separate interface tabs for preview and editing media files
- Information Help Wizzards on starting application
- Ability to hide media and editing slider panels
- Changed Media Library Extended view: one file per row

v6.0.1607.15 [07-20-16]

- New convenient multi-timeline. Ability to create projects with plurality of input files
- New modern design of the user interface
- “Media” control for easy access to input files

v5.2.1603.25 [03-27-16]

- Saved AAC audio track can't be played
- Progress window dissapears after first file slicing
- Wrong GOP Header time after join MPEG2 files containing one GOP on the first file

v5.2.1602.24 [02-26-16]

- ADPCM audio support in MOV files
- "File is not supported" message on opening AVI (portable version, Windows 10)

v5.2.1512.16 [12-19-15]

New Release

v5.0.1503.17 [10-21-15]

New Release

v3.5.1210.3 [04-30-15]

New Release

v4.0.1412.10 [12-12-14]

- Crash on clear file's list in Join Manager
- Crash if empty folder in Join Manager selected
- Crash on opening some AVI files with MP42 video on Win8
- Crash on navigating while the playback of MPEG2 file in zoomed state
- Crash on zooming timeline on some MKV

v3.7.1312.23 [12-24-13]

- Corrections in italian localization

v3.7.1312.18 [12-18-13]

New Release

v3.7.1312.12 [12-12-13]

Fixes (crash):
- Crash application on trimming MP4 file
- Crash on preferences settings change
- Crash on cancel trimming files containing AVC1 video
- Crash on audio streams change
- Crash on trimming WMV in Windows8
- Crash on trimming WEBM
- Crash on "calculate size" on AVI file

v3.6.1309.3 [09-03-13]

New Release

v3.6.1308.22 [08-22-13]

- Trimming and joining Bluesonic BS-F008 DVR files
- Displaying route on Yandex maps and speedometer, compass, readings on Bluesonic BS-F008 DVR files
- Displaying extra video window and switch control for front camera and rear
- Trimming and joining Bluesonic BS-F003 DVR files

v3.6.1306.21 [06-21-13]

New Release

v3.6.1306.18 [06-19-13]

- Information message has been added with a link to upgrade policy when upgrading to the next major version

v3.6.1305.24 [05-25-13]

New Release

v3.6.1305.22 [05-23-13]

- Disabled Google Maps on DETALECO CamBox CE DVR files

v3.6.1301.16 [01-16-13]

New Release

v3.6.1301.11 [01-11-13]

New Release

v3.6.1301.9 [01-09-13]

- Saving video frame to JPEG format
- Full screen mode
- H264 VES saving for MKV, MP4 and ASF formats
- Drag and drop input, output files from information panel to other applications
- Ability to hide information panel
- Saving ADTS AAC for files with AAC audio

v3.5.1212.12 [12-13-12]

- Certified for Windows 8 compatibility.

v3.5.1210.18 [10-18-12]

New Release

v3.2.1206.9 [10-11-12]

- Audio Waveform
- Ability to mute selected audio fragments without re-encoding for audio types: mpeg audio (v1, v2, l1, l2, l3), aac, ac3, wma (v2, v3, voice), pcm, ms adpcm, intel adpcm
- Saving elementary video stream for AVI files with AVC1

v3.5.1210.2 [10-02-12]

- WEBM files format frame and K-frame trimming and joining support
- Frame accurate MP4 files with MPEG4-Visual Video trimming
- Mask for advanced naming of output files
- New stylized preferences dialog
- Drag & drop of output/input files specified in the Information window

v3.2.1208.20 [08-21-12]

- Crash on changing audio track
- SMM_BatchSplit.exe asks administrator permissions
- Timeline area is not updated after minimize-restore operations
- Timeline area is not updated on opening trimmed MPEG file
- Switching programs on mpeg streams breaks frame/k-frame navigation

v3.2.1207.9 [07-10-12]

- Jerking Video playback when you insert the audio silence in AVI files with MP3 audio with variable bitrate
- Corrections of the Italian localization
- Crash when opening MOV files of long duration containing PCM audio
- Hangs while trimming some MP4 files

v3.2.1207.3 [07-04-12]

- Hangs on trimming AVI files with MP3 audio with variable bitrate
- Hangs on trimming on some MOV, MP4 files
- No audio in quicktime player after trimming and joining MOV files
- Hangs on joining some MKV files

v3.2.1206.13 [06-15-12]

- Fixed artifacts on video after trimming MP4 with AVC1 video
- German translation corrections

v3.0.1204.17 [04-18-12]

- GUI and help file Italian translation
- "SolveigMM Video Editing Engine works in Demo Mode" message using remux wmv file function and Index mpeg files in a folder function.
- The size of the MP4 file after cutting more than the original

v3.0.1203.19 [03-19-12]

- fix "Error: SolveigMM Video Editing object ver or above is required" SMM_BatchSplit.exe using portable installation

v3.0.1203.14 [03-15-12]

- Trimming hangs at 100% on some MKV files
- Trimming hangs at 0% on MKV with interlaced AVC
- Trimm and Join speed optimization on MP4 files
- Running task using Batch Manager shows error "Can't Start Trimm process for current task" with message "Editing Engine works in Demo Mode"

v3.0.1203.7 [03-08-12]

- Updated components for compatibility with latest SolveigMM Video Editing SDK 2.0 installation
- No video after cut AVI files with H264 codec
- Crash on trimming AVI with H264 codec
- Too slow trimming AVCHD files
- Fast forward playback of output file after trimming AVI

v3.0.1202.8 [02-09-12]

- MPEG 1/2 trimming is not accurate
- MPEG 1/2 trimming too slow and can not be completed
- Too slow editing on some MP4 files
- WMV trimming hangs sometimes

v3.0.1201.27 [01-27-12]

- Progress hangs at 0% sometimes when trimming mp3 file
- Chinese and French translations of the user interface and help files was updated
- No selection of time is displayed in the editing window when use spin buttons

v3.0.1201.23 [01-25-12]

- Restored "stop" button to navigation panel
- "Class not Registered" error on trimming avc video in Portable installation

v3.0.1201.19 [01-20-12]

- New and improved interface
- MOV/MKV/MP4/AVCHD formats frame accurate trimming and joining
- Thumbnails on timeline feature
- Time format switching (time and frame time)
- Now it is possible to set markers within a frame (it is useful in case one frame is too long - 1 minute or so)

v2.5.1111.7 [11-07-11]

- Wrong font size of menu items on winXP
- WMV trimming hangs sometimes when select interval at the end of the file

v2.5.1110.27 [10-28-11]

- Added French translation (interface and Help)
- Updated information for German

v2.5.1110.18 [10-18-11]

- Fixed program hang when cutting multiple parts from avi file that contains only video

v2.5.1110.10 [10-11-11]

- Update user guide in Russian

v2.5.1109.29 [09-30-11]

- Program hangs when canceling cutting wmv file
- Program hangs when adding mp3 file to Join Manager
- Synchronization of selected tracks in the Control menu with the settings save dialog
- Crash when editing avi files containing AAC audio
- Updated help files

v2.5.1109.26 [09-26-11]

- Frame accuracy for WMV files (WMV1, WMV2, WMV3, MSS2)
- Validation of WMV files
- Indexing of MPEG1/MPEG2 files from the selected folder
- Localization to German, Russian and Chinese languages

v2.3.1108.23 [08-23-11]

- Speeded up trimming and joining process on wmv files
- Increased speed of joining on avi files
- Updated installation package design

v2.3.1108.11 [08-12-11]

- Help file was updated

v2.4.1107.15 [07-18-11]

- The user interface and help file on Russian, German and Chinese languages is translated.
- In the Hebrew localization the Plugin window and the menu bar of the Windows Media Player is absent.

v2.3.1105.25 [07-13-11]

- Error "No conversion available for selected input" on trimming wav file after mpeg2
- Error "Destination file has not been set" on trimming wma file after mpeg2
- Wrong K-frame navigation on avi/ wmv files (skipping frames)
- Changed default extentions on selecting output mpeg2

v2.4.1107.11 [07-11-11]

New Release

v2.3.1103.30 [04-01-11]

Simplification of product registration process
Sound Volume control
WAV files support
MPEG-1 files support
Automatic check updates feature
Recent files menu
GOP accuracy trimming mode for MPEG-2
GOP accuracy trimming mode for MPEG-1
Logging feature
Save audio only from AVI, ASF, MPEG-2 PS

v2.2.1005.17 [05-17-10]

- Installer updated to be more compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

v2.2.1005.4 [05-10-10]

- Improved MPEG-2 joining speed.
- Video preview aspect ratio stays always the same.(Video in prewiew window is not stretched as was earlier)

v2.2.1004.20 [04-20-10]

-Merging in file by file mode of the files - AVI, WMV/ASF, WMA, MP3, MPEG-2 PS/TS/VES, MPEG-1 SS/VES
-Ability to choose MPEG-2 TS program for playback
-Audio language is should for MPEG-2 TS streams in the Splitter Control menu
-Splitter binaries and installation is signed by Comodo

v2.2.912.18 [12-24-09]

- Minor components updates

v2.2.911.12 [11-20-09]

- Crash while trimming some AVI files with AVC/H264 video
- Error "The data is invalid. HRESULT: 0x8007000d" while trimming and joining some AVI files with AAC and AC3 audio to have align blocks in media type
- Inability to join AVI DV Type-1 files
- Trimming poblem of AVI with VBR audio

v2.2.909.30 [10-19-09]

- Crash occurred at the end of AVI files trimming if input AVI files MPEG audio bitrates equals to zero, in other words corrupted.

v2.2.905.18 [06-22-09]

- MPEG-2 Frame accuracy: If a fragment ended with one of the first open GOP's B-frames, those frames had been dropped

v2.2.904.24 [05-12-09]

- Some joining problems fixed.
- Potential loss of the part of video after trimming AVI and Windows Media files.
- AVI-DV Type1 joining invalid progress.
- Some changes in join manager interface .

v2.2.904.16 [04-17-09]

- Inability to trim AVI files (Error: trimmer configurations have not been set).
- Inability to start trimming after loading new file.

v2.2.903.23 [03-23-09]

-"Open folder" mode available via Join Manager Toolbar.(small arrow near the + picture).
-"Browse for output" request when Joining is completed.
-Ability to hide Joiner progress window.
-Files are sorted before adding into the list.

v2.1.902.24 [02-27-09]

fix: Evaluation logo appeared even in regisrered version

v2.1.901.29 [02-01-09]

- File size is scalable (KB,MB,GB)

- Hotkey profiles can be changed/saved
- AC3 audio disappeared after AVI trimming

v2.1.810.30 [10-30-08]

- Inaccurate editing of DVD VOB files.
- Video screen did not redraw
- Fixed a crash while trimming some AVI files with MP3 audio
- Fixed error whentrying to edit MPEG-2 with LPCM audio
- Error when tryin to open SSP or XTL project with reference to index file for MPEG-2 files > 4GB

v2.1.808.21 [08-21-08]

- Fixed a bug with MPEG-2 files aspect ratio changes. After MPEG-2 files
editing aspect ratio could be changed.

v2.1 [05-09-08]

- Added MPEG-2 High Defenition files. Fast frame accurate editing mode.

v2.0 [04-03-08]

- Addet MPEG-2 files fast frame accurate editing support

v1.2.705.04 [05-14-07]

- Added command line version of the SolveigMM Video Splitter - SMM-BatchSplit
- Added an ability to Save/Load current project
- Added a feature to keep a window size after closing/opening

- Many major and minor bugs were fixed

v1.2.703.05 [11-24-06]

MP3/WMA files editing feature. A lot of major and minon bugs were fixed.

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