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Tribiq CMS Community Edition 6.0.5a

Tribiq CMS is a content management system for websites. Without needing technical skills, you can edit and grow your website. Our CMS is probably the most scalable CMS on the market. You can get a site started in minutes, yet you can scale-up your site with multiple languages, thousands of pages. You can add Plugins to enhance functionality, and add skins to enhance the look of your site. Tribiq CMS is based on MySQL and PHP open source web products, and is available for free under the GNU Public License. We offer a large range of commercial Plugins, plus custom development services and support. Tribiq is based in the UK and offers top quality web design for UK and European customers.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

6.0.5a [10-04-12]

  • When installing the CMS, you may now choose between several different sample sites with example content.
  • If your server does not have the timezone set in your php.ini file, the CMS will now default to UTC without raising a PHP error.
  • If you have a Unix-based server and install the antiword and pdf-fly programs, the Search Results Plugin will now be able to search the contents of any Word Documents and PDFs that you upload.
  • If your server does not support sending email using PHP's mail() function, you can send email by entering the details of a SMTP server into the Site Settings.
  • Our Cookie consent system now has new policy to handle implied consent. A visitor will be shown the cookie consent message only once, upon their first visit to a site. (Note that the old functionality is still available by selecting an explicit consent policy in the Site Settings.)
  • The CMS now uses a blue colour theme for jQuery UI elements, rather than the old grey one. (You can still add style rules that overwrite this if you wish.)
  • The "Use Slash on link to Homepage" feature has been removed.
  • If you have an Extranet Login Page set up, your homepage can now be password protected.
  • Admin Permissions have been reorganised and simplified.
  • Any third-party Modules you install can now add their own Admin Permissions.
  • Asking for a password reset for your Admin account will now not clear your current password until you log in with the new password.
  • If you restore a backup of a Site from Storekeeper, and the backup was taken from a different site, you will now need to log in again as an Admin from the restored site.
  • If your SUBDIRECTORY is incorrectly set in your siteconfig file the Admin Login Page will now show an error message, rather than just not work without any explanation.
  • We've rewritten the logic for how your Storekeeper Preferences are saved. It's now much less likely that you can wipe over your own settings by working in two different Storekeeper windows at the same time.
  • Pagination in Storekeeper is now limited to 50 items per page in IE 6 and 7.
  • When selecting Categories in an Admin Box, you are now shown the number of Content Items in each Category in brackets next to the Category's name.
  • Adjusted the UI of the Content Item Multiple Edit feature in Pro to be a little more friendly and understandable.
  • When viewing Content Items by Template or by Content Type on a multilingual site in Storekeeper, you now always see the choice of language, even if there are no Content Items using that Template or Content Type in that language.
  • Menu Nodes in Storekeeper now have a hierarchical search feature.
  • You can now make multiple Menu Nodes visible/invisible at the same time
  • You can now delete multiple Menu Nodes at the same time
  • You can now delete multiple Plugins at the same time in Tabbed Nests, Untabbed Nests and Slideshows.
  • If you want to use multilingual Phrases for Tabs in Nests or Slideshows, you now need to enter them in the format [[_CODE_NAME]]
  • When editing Plugins in a Nest or a Slideshow, there is now the option to change the height of the control panel between half and full screen.
  • When editing Plugins in a Nest or a Slideshow, there is now a "Save and Continue" button that lets you save your settings but keep the settings box open.
  • Slideshows will now play whilst in Admin Preview Mode.
  • Banners will now not be shown in Preview Mode when their destination Content Item is not published.
  • Added a new "Resize and Crop" option for images in Banners and Content Lists.
  • You can set titles and floating box titles on images and banners.
  • You can now rename images after they have been uploaded, rather than having to rename them on your computer and then upload them again.
  • If you have given an inline image a title or alt tag, these will now be automatically inserted when that image is picked in a WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Languages now have English Admin-facing names; Admins use the English names in the Admin back-end. (Visitors still see the language local names as before.)
  • Language Codes/Tags can now be up to 15 characters long, up from 5.
  • Some of the language codes in our language packs were wrong and have now been corrected: English (British) is now "en-gb", and not "en"; Korean is now "ko", and not "kr"; Chinese (Simplified) is now "zh-hans", and not "zh-si"; Chinese (Traditional) is now "zh-hant", and not "zh-tr". (Note that this change won't be applied to any language you have already enabled.)
  • The browser language detection feature in Pro now allows you to now manually enter extra language codes to detect.
  • Email Templates and Newsletters now use their own image "pot", rather than needing to use inline images from the rest of the site.
  • We now have the concept of Shared Images. Any image used in a Content Item or a Plugin can be shared and easily used elsewhere on your site. Also, any image used on an Email Template or Newsletter can be shared and easily used on other Email Templates or Newsletters.
  • Inline images associated with a Content Item are now deleted if they are not in use when the Content Item is edited or published.
  • The compression quality for JPEG images that need to be resized is no longer hard-coded and can now be changed in the Site Settings
  • The CMS will now automatically create a smaller working-copy of any large images in the system. The smaller working-copy will be used to generate any thumbnails that are needed.
  • The garbage collection function that deletes old files from the cache directory will now run no more often than every 5 minutes, rather than potentially every time a page is loaded.
  • ProBusiness now places an "Accelerator" icon at the bottom left of Storekeeper. Mousing-over this gives a tooltip which lists all of the features that can be used to speed up your site, and tells you whether they are turned on or not.
  • There is now a Site Setting that lets you turn off CSS wrappers. This will make your pages load more slowly, but it makes it easier to debug your CSS.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped you moving forum threads between forums.
  • Fixed a bug where date fields were sometimes auto-focused in Admin Boxes.
  • Fixed a bug where Swatch pickers were appearing off-screen when editing the swatches for Nested Plugins.
  • Fixed a bug where deleted Content Items could keep their aliases, making those aliases unusable.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not view the Content of an Archived Template in Storekeeper
  • Fixed a bug where Extranet Users with multiple Group-memberships could see repeated links in Content Lists for Content Items that required them to be in one of several groups
  • Fixed a bug where the "Use translation chain" checkbox was visible for a Wireframe Banner, when the correct behaviour is that Wireframes shouldn't show/have this option.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug in banners, where if you show a thumbnail and title then use the "enlarge in fancybox" option, you saw each image twice when scrolling through in the fancybox.
  • Fixed a few bugs where, when adding/deleting images from/to nests, these images either did not appear in or were not removed from the "Images for the Content Item" Panel in Storekeeper.
  • Several more small bug fixes and improvements to Page Caching in ProBusiness.

Other versions : 6.0.4c 6.0.4b 6.0.3c 6.0.3b 6.0.3a 6.0.2d 5.2.7c

v6.0.4c [07-31-12]

  • When typing a URL at the end of a sentence in a WYSIWYG Editor, the full-stop will no longer be placed inside the link.
  • Fixed a bug with the Plugin Nest Module that incorrectly blocked Admins without certain permissions from viewing Reusable Plugins in Storekeeper.
  • Fixed a bug where authors were prompted if they wanted to leave the page or not after saving an inline WYSIWYG Editor with inline script/styles in it.
  • Fixed a bug where the links to tribiq.com in the News Panel in Storekeeper did not work when clicked.
  • Fixed some problems the Search Module was having searching for multilingual characters.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when dealing with Content Items that had translations, but a missing Menu Node Translation.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when changing a Site's default language.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Contact Forms and some other Plugins from sending email on certain server setups.
  • One of the comments in the tribiq_siteconfig.sample.php file was not technically accurate and has been corrected.
  • jQuery datepickers should now work correctly in Visitor Mode.
  • When creating a custom language, the CMS now checks that the language code has been entered in lower case.
  • Fixed a problem that was preventing the CMS from running on php 5.4.

v6.0.4b [06-12-12]

  • Raw HTML Snippets and frameworks can now have inline JavaScript and CSS tags without this causing problems in Admin Mode or Nests. However this will disable AJAX reloads.
  • Our .htaccess rules have changed format. When you update your site from Tribiq 6.0.3 to 6.0.4, you will need to update your mod_rewrite rules.
  • Our direct-download links now have a new format.
  • RSS feeds can now have friendlier URLs.
  • The CMS can generate a Sitemap for Search Engines.
  • A few changes to the top level navigation in Storekeeper: Administrators are now found under "Users"; Languages and Countries are now found under "International".
  • Text shown in Storekeeper is now selectable.
  • When viewing Content in Storekeeper, you can now filter by language.
  • When viewing Content in Storekeeper, there is now the option to view a Content Item in a quick-preview window.
  • Filtering by date in Storekeeper now uses "On or before/On or after" logic which hopefully should be more intuitive.
  • Installing Modules is now a simpler process.
  • Creating a new custom Language is now a little more streamlined.
  • You can now delete a Language if it is not the default language, and no Content Items were published in it.
  • There have been several changes to how Phrases are shown in Storekeeper: you now navigate by Phrase code first then by language second; you can easily see which Phrases are missing translations and you can easily add those translations.
  • When exporting/importing Visitor Phrases, you can now use Excel spreadsheets rather than CSV files. This is recommended if you plan to use Excel to edit them, as Excel has problems editing multilingual phrases in CSV files if you open a CSV file using Excel's default options.
  • The interface for moving Menu Nodes has been changed; rather than having to select a parent Menu Node, you now select where you want your Menu Node to be placed. Also, you can now place a Menu Node at specific ordinal when moving it, rather than having it appear at the end.
  • You can now mark a Template as Archived; this removes it from the list of Templates that can be used when creating a Content Item.
  • "Locking" a Content Item is now referred to as "Checking out a Content Item".
  • The interface for creating drafts using the Admin Toolbar has changed slightly. You are now only prompted to create a draft when you attempt to edit something, rather than straight away when you click on the "Edit" tab.
  • The interface for managing Menu Nodes from the Admin Toolbar has changed slightly. You must now enable the Menu Wand before you can create or edit Menu Nodes by clicking on them.
  • Menu Nodes that are not yet active are now not shown in italics whilst in Preview Mode.
  • We've added buttons on the Template/Template Family Tabs of the Admin Toolbar which let you quickly open Storekeeper and edit the current Template/Template Family.
  • There is now a "Remove" option on Slots, giving you a quicker way to remove a Plugin from a Slot than having to open the "Layers" box to do so.
  • We've introduced Head and Foot slots for Content Items, Templates and Template Families. This lets you easily add JavaScript and CSS to the top and bottom of your page.
  • The title and language code of a Content Item are now visible on the Admin Toolbar.
  • Content Summary Lists now sorts on First Created Date by default, thought we still strongly recommend that you not rely on this default behaviour and set a release date.
  • When viewing a Banner Image in a fancybox, you can now put a limit on the size of the enlarged image, rather than always using the maximum possible size.
  • When placing Banner images in Untabbed Nests, Tabbed Nests and Slideshows, you now have default options for displaying an enlarged version of the image in a fancybox.
  • Direct download links from Content Summary Lists are now available in Community.
  • You can now register custom file-types in the CMS, which can then be created as Document Content Items and offered as downloads by the Content Type: Download Plugin.
  • We've added a Cookie Consent feature to the CMS; if enabled, no Modules in the CMS will place a Cookie on a visitor's machine until they accept a prompt.
  • If you wish to reset your site, as a safety feature you must first disable it and then re-enter your Administrator password.
  • The Newsletter Module will now not include inactive Users, suspended Users or Users with no listed email address when sending Newsletters.
  • The Scheduled Task Manager now shows an icon at the bottom left corner of Storekeeper to indicate whether it is running.
  • The new Incoming Email Manager allows the CMS to handle incoming emails, for example using the Email to Dropbox Module.
  • The new Content Type: Audio Module is now available.
  • The ProBusiness Module now has a Page Caching feature. This can also cache the output of individual Plugins, AJAX reloads and RSS feeds.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred if an Admin resets their password and then presses the "Skip Change Password".
  • You can now quickly add one or multiple Content Items into the Menu (and this is now Community).

v6.0.3c [03-15-12]

  • Removed the ability to place a Twitter Plugin into a Plugin Nest as this was breaking the admin interface.
  • Administrators are now no longer able to delete their own Administrator accounts.
  • Fixed a bug where you saw the "Edit Contents Inline" action for WYSIWYG Editors on published Content Items. (You must first create a draft before clicking this.)
  • Fixed a bug where, when linking an unlinked Content Item with an unlinked Menu Node, the CMS would allow you to choose a linked Menu Node.
  • Fixed a problem where Swatch-pickers would sometimes appear offscreen when changing swatches for Nested Plugins.
  • Fixed a bug where customised frameworks were lost when updating from old versions of Tribiq CMS 5 to version 6.0.3.
  • Fixed an issue where old cached copies of the CSS and JavaScript libraries could cause problems on the Admin Login page.
  • Fixed a bug where Extranet Users could not set their profile picture using the Extranet User Image Module.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not save changes to the Captcha Theme setting in the API Keys Site Settings.
  • Fixed a bug where HTML exports of Content Items generated by the Export Tools Module could not be imported again by the Export Tools Module, if they contained special characters in certain fields.

v6.0.3b [02-03-12]

  • The installer will now not install the CMS if the license is missing from the CMS' directory.
  • PHP Strict errors are now disabled by default on new installations. You can change this by editing your tribiq_siteconfig.php file.
  • Some of the Admin Boxes in the Site Settings section have been renamed to make what they are for a little clearer.
  • Updated the help text for the Date and Time Site Settings to be clearer.
  • The "Use a cookie-free domain" Site Setting is now no longer set or overwritten when restoring a backup.
  • Fixed a bug in the image compressor where images with escaped characters in their names appeared broken.
  • Fixed a bug where backup files were given invalid filenames on sites accessed with a port-number in their URL.
  • Fixed a bug where Content Items in the Content Panel were marked as ghosts in some refiners where they shouldn't be.
  • Fixed a bug in the Menu Plugins where Menu Items with hidden or private or unlinked children sometimes still given the CSS class for Menu Items with children.
  • Fixed a bug where the name of an Unlinked or Private Menu Node was visible if one of its children was linked and not private. This still happens, but now only if that child is currently visible.
  • Fixed a bug where the choice of Swatches for Slots was sometimes not copied when duplicating a Template.
  • Fixed a bug for multilingual sites where links in Storekeeper's list-view to Content Items and Menu Nodes did not always link to the Content Item or Menu Node in the correct language
  • Canonical URLs now always use the primary domain, if one is set.
  • The Slot/Layers Admin Box will now ask you to confirm your choice when making a change that will affect multiple Content Items.
  • You can now put a Document Download Plugin in a Nest without running into bugs in the Admin interface.

v6.0.3a [01-09-12]

  • Fixed a bug in the Admin Back-end where the "gemstone" info box did not work.
  • Added the White Coral Skin, which will now be used by all new installations.
  • You can now overwrite Visitor Phrases on Reusable Plugins as well as Wireframe Plugins. In addition, the interface for doing so has been improved.
  • Visitor Phrases are now used for day and month names, to multilingualise them.
  • Some bug fixes/improvements have been made to the user registration/sign-up process, including fixing a bug where Users were missing their confirm code if they were created from Storekeeper.
  • Users can now subscribe to Comments, Forums and Forum Threads.
  • Forums now have the option for an email notification to be sent to an Admin with each post.
  • Storekeeper now uses a loading spinner when first loading.
  • The interface for Menu Mode in the Admin Toolbar has been changed slightly to make them easier to understand.
  • Menu Nodes now share the same tree between languages. Moving or deleting a Menu Node in one Language also moves/deletes it in all other languages.
  • There is now a view of translations of a Menu Node, to match the view of translations of Content Items. Also, this view has been reworked to be clearer and easier to use.
  • When choosing a destination for a Banner or a Menu Node, translations of the same Content Items are now grouped into the same choice.
  • When picking an image for a Wireframe Banner, you now see images related to the current Content Item at first, just like when adding an image in a WYSIWYG.
  • Banner Titles and descriptions can now contain Visitor Phrases.
  • There is now the option to revert the Content in a Wireframe Plugin to the published version on a draft Content Item.
  • When looking at the images used on a draft Content Item you now also see images from the published version.
  • There are now views of missing translations of Content Items and Menu Nodes in a specific language.
  • Content Items that are Special Pages now have a distinct icon in Storekeeper to help distinguish them from Content Items that are not special.
  • The option to change your default Language has been moved from the Site Settings Panel to the Languages Panel.
  • The URLs shown in the Spare Domains Panel are now clickable.
  • If you place the Google Analytics Plugin on a page, it will now track clicks on any download-now links from Banners, Content Summary Lists and Menus on that page.
  • The Document Download and Meta Data Plugins now display the Release Date of a Content Item, and never the date published.
  • The migration process from Tribiq 5 has been improved for sites with documents.
  • The server settings for the PHP warning level and MySQL Query Cache are now visible in the site settings.
  • Local Storage is now used for AJAX requests in Visitor Mode, for browsers that support it.
  • You can now use a cookie-free domain name for "static" files such as JavaScript, CSS and images.
  • Tribiq CMS Pro now adds the Translations tab to multilingual sites, that lets you quickly view and switch between translations of the current Content Item.
  • A new Module is available in Pro that adds the ability to export, translate and import a page.

v6.0.2d [11-01-11]

  • Fixed a bug where you could not set a Slot to Opaque at the Template Layer.
  • Fixed a bug where you colud not create a Third-level Menu Node from Storekeeper.
  • Fixed a bug where images on archiced/trashed Content Items were not correctly being marked as archived.
  • If a Page Not Found or an Internal Server Error occurs during installation, the installer should now report the error rather than just freezing without any message.

v5.2.7c [06-17-11]

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