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Off-page optimization is a complicated process and implies not only finding linking partners and contacting them, but also evaluating link prospects and managing existing links over time. Would you believe that all these can be done easy, fast and safe in just one efficient SEO app? Yes, it is entirely feasible with LinkAssistant. Just have a look at the most prominent features the software is powered with. -Search for sites to establish linking partnerships with - by keyword search, by sites that link to your competitors and other methods. -Analyze your potential link partners by dozens of ranking factors. Since quality of links is far more important than their quantity - you can be dead sure that LinkAssistant won't let you opt for a link that can potentially hurt your site's rankings. To make sure that the link passes SEO value - just wait a couple of minutes while LinkAssistant is checking domain age and IP, Alexa rank and Compete traffic, directory listings, Google and Yahoo! popularity, a number of outgoing links and even more SEO factors. -Perform all e-mail outreach activities and connect promptly right from the tool. And even more, LinkAssistant will create personalized e-mails so that you can save your time on e-mailing tasks. The tool has a fully functional and integrated browser btw! -Monitor all the links using the following criteria: are your partners continue to link back? Are your partners using black-hat techniques? Are your partners still as important as before? In case there is an issue with anything mentioned above - LinkAssistant will alarm you that measures have to be taken in order to prevent your site from negative results. Above all, LinkAssistant is 100% safe and search engine friendly due to human emulation and proxy rotation features. Organize your entire link building campaign at ease with the super convenient app for link management and partner outreach! The Free version is available!

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

6.26.2 [12-19-18]

- Synchronization of project and global settings has been added;
- IP library has been updated;
- A new index has been applied for calculation of InLink Rank and Domain Strength metrics;
- Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Other versions : 6.23.21 6.23 6.19.6 6.12.7 6.7.2 6.5.3 6.3.7 6.2.6 6.1.2 5.11.1 5.9.1 5.6.3 5.3 5.1.10 5.1.3 5.0.4 4.17.2 4.16.4 4.15.2 4.14.6 4.14.4 4.12.20 4.12.7 4.11.6 4.11.2 4.10.6 4.9.2 4.7.2 4.6.1 4.5.3 4.4.6 4.4.1 4.2.2 4.1 4.0.3 3.20.3 3.20 3.18.6 3.17.7 3.17.4 3.16.4 3.16 3.14.8 3.13.3 3.12.4 3.11.6 3.10.2 3.7.12 3.7.7 3.7 3.1.9 3.0

v6.23.21 [09-18-18]

- New: pause and resume any task; project auto-save when your scheduled task is completed;
- New: run scheduled tasks for a part of the project;
- The algorithm for updating Alexa Rank has been improved.

v6.23 [05-30-18]

- The whois library for checking domain age has been updated.
- Improved UI for minimized interface view and for screens with low resolution.
- improved memory utilization algorithm for 64-bit Windows machines.

v6.19.6 [12-13-17]

- Search engines' settings were updated to respond the latest Google Country Service update
- Improvements in general stability.
- Preferred location was added for Google Mobile

v6.12.7 [06-28-17]

- New InLink Rank metric: long-awaited alternative to Google PageRank.
- Several bugs were emergently fixed.

v6.7.2 [01-11-17]

- New updated and improved interface.
- Bug-fixes and general improvements.

v6.5.3 [12-08-16]

- General improvements in stability.
- Several bugs were emergently fixed.

v6.3.7 [09-10-16]

Several performance and stability improvements implemented in LinkAssistant.

v6.2.6 [07-29-16]

- Adjustment settings for high-DPI displays were added to WebSiteAuditor.
- Bug-fixing and general improvements.

v6.1.2 [05-13-16]

-No more captchas and temporary blocks with new safe querying mode!
-New search engine: Bing South Africa.
-Updated French, Dutch, Spanish and French localization in LinkAssistant.

v5.11.1 [03-04-16]

-New link prospecting feature in Link-Assistant: find new link opportunities using 10 different techniques!
-Updated Spanish and French localization.

v5.9.1 [12-17-15]

-New search engines in Link-Assistant: Google Solomon Islands (, Google Uzbekistan (
-Renewed options for automated report publishing: automated report generating and publishing, plus new automated report upload to SEO PowerSuite Cloud!

v5.6.3 [10-24-15]

-Cloud project storage is now available: use SEO PowerSuite Cloud and fully integrated Dropbox.
-Updated Dutch localization in Link-Assistant.

v5.3 [08-19-15]

-New options in Link-Assistant reports are now available: tag filtering, custom color schemes, HTML editing and adjustable time ranges for graphs!
-General improvements and bug-fixes.

v5.1.10 [07-01-15]

-New e-mail templates in Link-Assistant: Guest Posting Inquiry, Product Review Request, Link Removal Request.
-Improved general stability and performance.

v5.1.3 [05-20-15]

-Improved stability and performance.
-Some minor bugs were successfully fixed.

v5.0.4 [04-12-15]

- Now you may create new custom drag-n-drop reports in Link-Assistant!
- New search engines are now available: Baidu Thailand ( and Google Mobile (all countries)

v4.17.2 [03-07-15]

- As a LinkAssistant user, you are now eligible for a permanent 30% discount on reliable private proxies from our partner.
- Minor bug fixes and stability improvements have been implemented.

v4.16.4 [12-25-14]

- LinkAssistant was updated to work smoothly on the new MAC OS X Yosemite operating system.
- Minor bug fixes and stability improvements have been implemented.

v4.15.2 [10-21-14]

-You now have a quick CSV export button in LinkAssistant that lets you export all the record you see in a workspace in a click
-New Domain Overview section has been introduced that contains key SEO statistics regarding the site you are analyzing
-Urgent fix for built-in Chromium browser released

v4.14.6 [09-06-14]

-LinkAssistant's user interface has gotten a fresh look-and-feel
-You can now move custom workspaces across projects - no need to create a personalized workspace from scratch anymore
-With the Enterprise license, you can now use Quick CSV export to immediately export the records visible in project

v4.14.4 [08-15-14]

-LinkAssistant's user interface has undergone a major facelift/redesign
-New feature called 'Copy workspace' now lets you transfer your custom workspace settings across projects
-In the Enterprise version, you can now use Quick CSV export to instantly export all records visible in the workspace

v4.12.20 [06-06-14]

- New one-click print feature
- Domain Age factor improved

v4.12.7 [03-18-14]

- Checks 2 more factors of your link prospects' pages: LinkedIn shares and Pinterest pins.;
- More efficiency at finding link placement options and checking cache dates and numbers of indexed pages;
- New (Not provided) keyword traffic calculations

v4.11.6 [10-16-13]

- Several changes were implemented to make LinkAssistant's performance smoother and less resource-consuming;
- A new anti-CAPTCHA service introduced;
- The number of supported search engines have been revised and is now 333.

v4.11.2 [09-08-13]

- Several changes were implemented to make LinkAssistant's performance smoother and less resource-consuming;
- The algorithms for ranking factors gathering and processing were updated;
- The number of supported search engines have been revised and is now 332.

v4.10.6 [07-10-13]

- With new huge backlink index launched in SEO SpyGlass, necessary updates and improvements were implemented in LinkAssistant too;
- New features for tracking traffic from social media are now available in LinkAssistant;
- The number of supported search engines have been revised and is now 346.

v4.9.2 [05-03-13]

- You can now store all Events you consider important for your SEO progress in LinkAssistant with the Events module;
- Mechanisms for collecting and processing all ranking factors got updated;
- The number of supported search engines have been revised and is now 342.

v4.7.2 [02-09-13]

- Data caching mechanisms in LinkAssistant have been optimized;
- A number of performance improvements and bug fixes (running scheduled tasks, uploading data via FTP, and others) have been implemented
- Th number of supported search engines is now 342.

v4.6.1 [12-23-12]

- An emergency fix for the bug that's been causing problems with SEO reports generation has been released;
- The way LinkAssistant retrieves data from external services got streamlined;
- Th number of supported search engines has been updated and is now 340.

v4.5.3 [10-30-12]

- LinkAssistant 4.5.3 works with new Bing API keys;
- The number of supported search engines has become 351;
- Parsing of factors in LinkAssistant has been optimized to speed up its operation.

v4.4.6 [08-29-12]

- The bug that was sometimes hampering the collection of Google-related SEO factors has been fixed;
- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is now 350;
- The reporting feature in LinkAssistant got further improved and stabilized.

v4.4.1 [07-16-12]

- LinkAssistant's Dutch interface has been updated and improved
- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is now 400
- Several minor usability fixes have been performed to further advance LinkAssistant's performance

v4.2.2 [06-08-12]

- LinkAssistant performance significantly enhanced to make the tool work faster and take up less of one's RAM and bandwidth
- Contact information retrieval improved for non-English language sites
- The Russian interface has been updated
- The number of supported search engines is now 759

v4.1 [04-20-12]

- Polish, Spanish and French interface versions have been significantly improved
- Mechanisms for collecting and processing all ranking factors got updated
- The number of supported search engines is now 803
- The bug that was hampering the collection of Yahoo!-related factors has been fixed

v4.0.3 [03-03-12]

- Hot new design - check it out!
- 5 new color schemes for the SEO tool's interface added
- The number of supported search engines has reached 783
- You can now sort scheduled tasks in alphabetical order

v3.20.3 [01-28-12]

- The number of supported search engines has reached 777
- When exporting data to CSV, you can now choose to export the Notes column value as well
- Mechanisms for collecting and processing all ranking factors got updated

v3.20 [12-16-11]

- The number of supported search engines has reached 773
- Processing CAPTCHAs in Centrum search engine in case of interrupted search has been improved
- Supports Yahoo! Search BOSS v2 APIs
- Yahoo! Popularity factor has been removed due to Yahoo! Site Explorer shutdown

v3.18.6 [11-11-11]

- LinkAssistant has been fully translated into Polish
- The number of supported search engines has reached 767
- Processing CAPTCHAs from Exalead and Seznam.Cz search engines has been improved

v3.17.7 [09-16-11]

-New link building and link partner management SEO reports released in beta
-Checking traffic and domain rank of sites according to got improved
-Proxy status verification in LinkAssistant now returns more up-to-date results

v3.17.4 [08-11-11]

1. LinkAssistant now supports new Yahoo BOSS API keys
2. From now on, proxy server address entered in LinkAssistant's Proxy Settings can also be used for the tool's built-in browser
3. LinkAssistant's major performance upgrade has significantly reduced the number of CAPTCHA prompts

v3.16.4 [07-08-11]

1. Answered emails now get marked with a special tag
2.The number of tasks that can be performed simultaneously has reached 25
3. Is now available in 7 tongues (English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian and Slovak)

v3.16 [05-28-11]

1. New quick-filter option Does Not Contain was added
2. Export of tags from LinkAssistant project to another is now available
3. The number of tasks that can be performed simultaneously is now 25

v3.14.8 [04-15-11]

1.Uploading reports via FTP improved
2. is now available in Spanish and Slovak
3. Now checks the date when the page was cached by Yandex (Russia's major SE)

v3.13.3 [02-21-11]

1.Anti-spam CAPTCHA in submission forms of link directories added
2.Now supports 7 link exchange scripts, including LinkeX PRO

v3.12.4 [12-29-10]

- The number of supported search engines reached 711
- Interface translated into Dutch
- Scheduled data exports added

v3.11.6 [11-16-10]

- The number of supported search engines reached 704
- Popularity in Social Media workspace added
- UNIQUE Anti-CAPTCHA search safety feature added

v3.10.2 [09-29-10]

- The number of search engines reached 655.
- LinkAssistant's link verification feature has been improved to identify capitalized and non-capitalized anchors.
- 'Import from CSV' feature improved to secure proper data display.
- New default workspace 'Popularity In Social Media' added to the s

v3.7.12 [07-19-10]

Fully translated into French.
The number of search engines reached 655.
Checks the number of pages linking to a domain or a certain page according to
Checks the number of bookmarks and articles in and
New features added to Task Scheduler.

v3.7.7 [05-17-10]

Interface in German and Russian.
The number of search engines reached 633.
Checks the number of bookmarks in
Calculates the number of articles posted in
New features added to Task Scheduler.

v3.7 [03-06-10]

Interface is translated into Russian and German languages
The number of supported search engines reached 579
Task Scheduler is added to automate SEO tasks
Automatic update notification is included
A special built-in translator's interface was added

v3.1.9 [07-25-09]

Search engine algorithms updated for Google, Bing,, Ask and Lycos
Search engine API keys support improved
38 new regional and local search engines added
Local storage of link directory introduced

v3.0 [03-24-09]

Initial Release of LinkAssitant Enterprise

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