ImageJ 1.49

Image Processing and Analysis in Jave.
ImageJ is a public domain Java image processing program inspired by NIH Image for the Macintosh. It runs, either as an online applet or as a downloadable application, on any computer with a Java 1.4 or later virtual machine. Downloadable distributions are available for Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X and Linux.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

1.49 [07-21-15]

Thanks to Jan Eglinger, the open(path) macro function opens a folder of images as a stack. Use open(path,"virtual") to open a folder as a virtual stack.
  • Thanks to Ilan Tal, added the WindowManager.getAllNonImageWindows() method.
  • Thanks to Jan Eglinger, fixed a bug that caused the recorder to display a warning message when recording Image>Properties or Analyze>Set Scale and the unit was "µm".
  • Thanks to Christophe Leterrier, fixed a bug that caused the DirectoryChooser, when using Java 7 or later, to not use the native Mac OS X file chooser.
  • Thanks Thorsten Wagner, fixed a bug in the RoiManager that caused the "Labels" checkbox to be ignored when the "Use ROI names as labels" option was enabled.
  • Thanks to Olivier Burri, fixed a bug that caused the run("Merge Channels...","...") macro function to not correctly handle missing arguments.
  • Thanks to Megan Hagenauer, fixed a 1.49t regression that caused plot windows to disable global calibration.
  • Thanks to Jan Eglinger, fixed a 1.49t regression that caused Image>Properties to change Y and Z units to "pixel".
  • Other versions : 1.48 1.47 1.46 1.45 1.44 1.43 1.43o

    v1.48 [03-16-15]

    Stacks open and save in less time due to faster IJ.showStatus() method.

  • Added the Image>Type>Lab Stack command, which converts an RGB image into a L*a*b* stack using code from Duane Schwartzwald's Color Space Converter plugin.
  • Thanks to Ferdinando Pucci, the Image>Stacks>Tools>Concatenate command works with images that differ in width or height.
  • The Image>Overlay>To ROI Manager command starts numbering at 1 instead of 0.
  • Thanks to Curtis Rueden, Image>Stacks>Images to Stack suggest using Image>Stacks>Tools>Concatenate if the user attempts to combine two or more stacks.
  • The IJ.showStatus() method is up to a 1000 times faster (example).
  • ImageJ displays a better error message when attempting to run a plugin with a missing library.
  • Added the getList("image.titles") macro function.
  • Thanks to Norbert Vischer, added the Roi.setPolygonSplineAnchors(), Roi.setPolylineSplineAnchors() and Roi.getSplineAnchors() macro functions (example).
  • Thanks to Philippe Carl, added the RoiManager.isSelected() method (JavaScript example).
  • Thanks to Philippe Carl, fixed a bug that caused plugins using the NonBlockingGenericDialog to hang when they were called using the run() macro function.
  • Thanks to Matt Jackson, fixed a bug that caused the Image>Zoom>To Selection command to sometimes not work as expected (window does not expand) when the alt key is down.
  • Thanks to Analia Lourenco, fixed a bug that caused ROI Manager outlines created by the particle analyzer to not be displayed in batch mode macros.
  • Thanks to Neil Fazel, fixed a bug that caused File>Import>Text Image to not correctly open files containing "nan" (lower case "NaN") values.
  • Thanks to Philippe Carl, fixed a bug that caused the Edit>Selection>Restore Selection command to not work as expected after making a selection in the ROI Manager.
  • Thanks to Ilan Tal, fixed a bug that could cause the "Close All" command to throw an exception and cause ImageJ to hang.
  • Thanks to Leon Espinosa, fixed a 1.49k regression in the behavior, when processing stacks, of the Process>Binary>Convert to Mask command and "Threshold" widget's "Apply" option.
  • Thanks to Philippe Carl, fixed a regression that caused the ROI Manager's "Show All" and "Labels" buttons to not be recorded.

  • v1.47 [06-12-13]

    The macro intepreter provides a better error message when a macro tries to index an empty array, such as the ones returned by the split() function when no tokens are found.

  • Thanks to Gilles Carpentier, fixed a bug that caused Image>Stacks>Tools>Reverse to not work as expected with composite color images.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Edit>Options>Memory & Threads to fail when ImageJ was started using the Linux launcher.
  • Thanks to Josef Borkovec, fixed a bug that caused GenericDialogs to not correctly record strings containing Windows file paths with backslashes.
  • Thanks to Barry DeZonia, fixed a bug in Image>Color>Arrange Channels that caused it to throw an exception with stacks with more than 10 channels.
  • Thanks to Gilles Courtand, fixed a v1.47s regression that caused the Process>Batch>Macro and Process>Batch>Virtual Stack commands to throw exceptions.

  • v1.46 [06-27-12]

    Thanks to Bob Loushin, fixed a bug that caused dashed line ROIs to only display correctly at 100% zoom.

  • Thanks to Raymond Coory, fixed a v1.46o regression that caused the TurboReg plugin to throw an exception.
  • Fixed a v1.46n regression that caused the ROI Manager's "Associate 'Show All' ROIs with Slices" option to not work as expected.
  • Thanks to Olivier Bardot, fixed a v1.46p16 regression that caused the Image>Hyperstacks>Temporal-Color Code command in Fiji to fail.

  • v1.45 [10-20-11]

    Thinks to Norbert Vischer, macro arrays automatically expand as needed (example).

  • Thanks to Gilles Carpentier, image selections created using Edit>Selection>Image to Selection or Image>Overlay>Add Image can now be saved and restored.
  • Thanks to Johannes Schindelin, fixed a bug that caused the status bar to not be updated when scrolling a stack using the mouse wheel.
  • Thanks to Nagananda Gurudev and Johannes Schindelin, fixed a bug that sometimes caused an exception when opening LZW-compressed LSM files.
  • Thanks to Christophe Leterrier, fixed a bug in the newArray() macro function that caused it to not correctly handle array element arguments.
  • Thanks to Gilles Carpentier, fixed a bug that caused Analyze>Tools>Scale Bar to delete pre-existing overlays.

  • v1.44 [01-30-11]

    Image>Color>Merge Channels preserves LUTs and display ranges when merging images and stacks to create composite images.

  • Thanks to Michael Schmid, the current image is now only auto-thresholded when the Threshold window is activated via the menu command or by pressing "T".
  • Thanks to Duncan Mak, the "Loop back and forth" option in the Image>Stacks>Tools>Animation Options dialog box is now persistent.
  • Added the setOption("loop", boolean) macro function.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a DICOM sequence opened as a virtual stack to not be sorted correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Plugins>Macros>Run to record incorrect code.
  • Thanks to Michael Schmid, fixed bugs that caused commands that bring windows to the front, like selecting from the Window menus and Window>Show All, do not de-iconify windows on Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the More>>Fill command in the ROI Manager to fail with composite ROIs.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an out of memory error when opening a DICOM sequence from a folder containing a .xml file.
  • Thans to Barry DeZonia, fixed a bug that caused the Paste command to not work as expected in "Transparent-white" mode with 32-bit images.
  • Thanks to Nico Stuurman, fixed a bug that caused channel and slice position changes in animating hyperstacks to be ignored.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception when an empty folder was dragged and dropped on the "ImageJ" window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the getSelectionCoordinates() macro function to not work as expected with wider than one pixel straight line selections.

  • v1.43 [07-06-10]

    ImageJ now requires Java 1.5 or later.

  • Added the Image>Stacks>Tools>Insert and Image>Stacks>Tools>Montage to Stack commands.
  • Image>Stacks>Label works with hyprestacks and support for 00:00 and 00:00:00 timestamp formats.
  • Edit>Draw now draws to left and below rectangular selections when the line width is one.
  • Add "Timestamp" code generator to Process>Batch>Macro and Process>Batch>Virtual Stack.
  • The "Auto", "Reset" and "Set" buttons of the B&C widget are now recorded correctly when the Recorder is in "Script" or "Plugin" mode.
  • File>Import>Raw opens stacks with the middle slice selected.
  • Changed the initial Log fit 'a' and 'b' parameter values to 1.0.
  • Added the SetOption("black background", boolean) macro function.
  • Added the, and LutLoader.createImage(IndexColorModel) methods.
  • Thanks to Wilhelm Burger, The AutoThresholder class now uses a compile-time safe enum to specify the method rather than a string that can cause an exception to be thrown.
  • Fixed a bug that caused File>Import>Image Sequence to not create slice labels for images imported from stacks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "+" shortcut for zooming in to not work with German keyboards.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause ImageJ to hang when when displaying an error message in debug mode.

  • v1.43o [02-17-10]

    -Added a "Double headed" option to the Edit>Options>Arrow Tool dialog box.
    -The Edit>Options>Arrow Tool options are saved in the preferences file.
    -Thanks to Matt Smith, the "List" and "Save..." buttons in plot windows now list and save all the data that has been plotted.
    -Added the IJEventListener interface (example).
    -Added the "-debug" command line option.
    -The ThresholdAdjuster now records the default thresholding method as setAutoThreshold("Default") or setAutoThreshold("Default dark");
    -ImageJ now opens TIFF files with invalid compression tag values of 0 created by the PerkinElmer Acapella system.
    -The macro language "+=" operator can now be used for string concatenation.
    -Added the open(path,n) macro function and the,n) and IJ.openImage(path,n) methods, which open the nth image in a tiff stack.
    -Added the random("seed", seed) macro function.
    -FloatProcessor() constructors no longer call findMinAndMax().
    -Fixed a bug that caused some "-batch" mode command line macros to fail.
    -Fixed a bug that caused the line width adjuster slider to sometimes not be set correctly.
    -Fixed a bug that caused the run() and doCommand() macro functions, and the and IJ.doCommand() methods, to fail to run commands in the File>Open Recent menu.
    Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Analyze>Calibrate to not correctly calibrate 16-bit images with straight line functions.
    -Matt Smith fixed a bug that caused a "nullnull" file to be created when a plot window file save was canceled.
    -Fixed a bug that caused ImageJ64 on Mac OS X to fail to start if the memory limit was set to less that 256MB.
    -Fixed the FloatProcessor(int[][]) constructor.
    -Thanks to Barry DeZonia, fixed a bug that caused odd-width 12-bit TIFFs to not open correctly.

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