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To achieve your optimization goals you have to focus on the most profitable and traffic generating keywords and carefully monitor your site's ranking positions over time. Here comes the industry leading solution that does its job brilliantly. Meet Rank Tracker and enjoy your returns of investment asap. Let's review how Rank Tracker's powerful modules will help fulfill your site's ranking potential to the max. -- Right keyword strategy -- Rank Tracker uses 19 powerful mechanisms of keyword research, among them the third party tools, suggestions from search engines, competition keywords and other. More to that, Rank Tracker compiles all actionable metrics - a number of searches, competition, keyword efficiency index for every keyword, expected visits each keyword can bring and a few more. -- Seamless rank tracking and rank monitoring -- Rank Tracker checks rankings for multiple keywords in 332 global and local search engines upon request and on auto pilot due to advanced scheduling features. In addition to providing you with the most current and accurate data about positions of targeted keywords, Rank Tracker shows their changes over time and visualizes the performance of your site in SEs with graphs and diagrams. -- Up-to-date comparison of your and competitors rankings -- Rank Tracker lets you add up to five competitors of yours and closely monitor their performance side-by-side with your own site. Even more, you can save the history and have access to the ranking history at any moment. -- Other nifty rank tracking features --- - you can check rankings in Universal Search Results and keep an eye on Google Places, News and other blended search results; - you can integrate your Rank Tracker with Google Analytics account and monitor your traffic and keyword metrics side-by-side; - you can analyze blended SEO and PPC data in PPC Analysis tab available in Rank Tracker; - and more! Why wait? Download the Free version of Rank Tracker today!

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

8.23.21 [09-18-18]

- New Keyword Sandbox module has been added to Keyword Research
- New feature: run scheduled tasks only for project records that are marked with specific tags
- New feature: pause and resume any task; auto-save a project when your scheduled task is completed

Other versions : 8.23.2 8.19.6 8.16.1 8.9 8.5.3 8.2.4 8.1.4 8.0.4 7.11.4 7.8.3 7.5.1 7.13.3 7.3.4 7.2.6 7.1.1 6.16.11 6.15.6 6.15 6.14.6 6.13.2 6.12.11 6.12.3 6.11.9 6.11.4 6.11 6.10.1 6.7.1 6.6 6.5.2 6.4.5 6.4.1 6.2.2 6.1.1 6.0.5 5.8.3 5.8.1 5.7 5.6.5 5.5.7 5.5.2 5.4.3 5.3.2 5.2.7 5.1.3 5.0.3 4.17.6 4.17.1 4.15.3 4.13.11 4.13.5 4.12 4.10.3 4.2.5 4.3 4.0b4

v8.23.2 [05-17-18]

- New Keyword Research methods added
- Improved UI for minimized interface view and for screens with low resolution
- Improved memory utilization algorithm for 64-bit Windows machines

v8.19.6 [12-07-17]

- New filters, widgets and keyword history progress graph for reports!
- Now tracking SERP features (featured snippets, knowledge graph panels, shopping and 12 other types of Google results)!
- Preferred location was added for Google Mobile

v8.16.1 [08-28-17]

- New background tasks allow to use the software in the foreground.
- Minor bug fixes and a new search engine added (sogou.com).
- Project competitors are added to the Keyword Difficulty table.

v8.9 [03-02-17]

- New InLink Rank factor to check the importance of webpages (an alternative to Google Page Rank).
- New source for #of searches data: Google Forecast (the numbers are available even for free AdWords accounts).
- Updated and improved graphic interface.

v8.5.3 [11-16-16]

- New SERP module in RakTracker: see top 30 search engine ranking pages for each keyword and search engine.
- SERP fluctuation graph to see the changes in the ranking results.

v8.2.4 [07-29-16]

- The settings to adapt the interface for high-DPI displays were added to RankTracker.
- Bug-fixes and general improvements.

v8.1.4 [05-29-16]

- No more captchas and temporary blocks: new safe querying mode in RankTracker!
- Several bugs were emergently fixed.

v8.0.4 [03-25-16]

-New Keyword Research module: all tools you need to find and analyze the best keyword ideas are now in one tab!
-New search engine: Bing South Africa.
-German, Dutch, Spanish and French localization was improved in RankTracker.

v7.11.4 [01-06-16]

-Local search in Google is again available in RankTracker: the unique feature is accessible only in SEO PowerSuite tools!
-Now you can upload reports to SEO PowerSuite Cloud or get a shareable link to send it to your client and partners.
-New search engines: google.com.sb, google.co.uz.

v7.8.3 [10-24-15]

-New Google Penalty Detection feature in RankTracker.
-Cloud project storage is now available: save projects to our own SEO PowerSuite Cloud or to fully integrated Dropbox.

v7.5.1 [08-25-15]

-Now 20 keyword research methods are available in RankTracker!
-New great features in RankTracker: automatic competitor suggester and competitor analysis in Domain Overview dashboard.

v7.13.3 [07-18-15]

-New smarter Keyword Difficulty tool: all you need to find profitable keywords!
-New search engine was added to the tool: haosou.com

v7.3.4 [06-02-15]

-Improved stability and performance.
-Some minor bugs were successfully fixed.

v7.2.6 [04-28-15]

- Now you can check rankings in all Google Mobile search engines!
- New great features in RankTracker: quick competitor setup and the possibility to add alternative project URLs.

v7.1.1 [03-22-15]

-Great offer for RankTracker users - 30% discount on reliable private proxies
-New search engine is now available in RankTracker (Google.nl Mobile)

v6.16.11 [02-18-15]

-You can now choose to use Moz's PA/DA instead of Google PageRank in respective columns and calculations (such as Keyword Difficulty) in Rank Tracker.
-Rank Tracker got adjusted to work seamlessly on Mac OS with all versions of Java, from Java 1.6 to Java 1.8.

v6.15.6 [11-26-14]

-You now have a new tab called Rankings Summary in Rank Tracker.
-A closer integration with Google Analytics & google AdWords has been implemented that lets you get keyword data from these services right away.
-Some issues with Rank Tracker's built-in Chromium browser have been urgently fixed.

v6.15 [09-28-14]

-You can now compare your rankings to those from any date in the past
-It's now possible to transfer custom workspace settings between projects
-New 'Domain Overview' tab added that has key SEO metrics on the domain in your project

v6.14.6 [08-23-14]

-Rank Tracker's interface, color scheme and layout has gotten a major facelift
-You can now transfer workspace setting across projects - no more creating custom workspaces for each project anew
-The bug that was sometimes causing the Chromium browser to work incorrectly has been urgently fixed

v6.13.2 [06-24-14]

- A new metric, Keyword Difficulty, has been added. It reflects how tough it would be to rank in a specific niche.
- One-click report printing is now available in Rank Tracker, allowing you to print reports right from the software
- The number of search engines has become 325.

v6.12.11 [04-12-14]

- New (Not provided) keyword traffic calculations
- Chromium browser got updated to the latest version and now supports Java 8
- Retrieving data from mobile SEs improved

v6.12.3 [02-18-14]

- New Chromium browser integrated
- PPC Analysis module enhanced and expanded
- 'Google Keyword Planner' suggestor has been improved

v6.11.9 [11-14-13]

- Google AdWords module performance enhanced for 20 countries. Now you can pull out # of Searches and other keyword related data even faster.
- Further improvements of Death by CAPTCHA module.

v6.11.4 [09-21-13]

- The new version of Rank Tracker works faster and consumes less resources.
- Some users may have had a problem analyzing Google-related factors. This has been urgently fixed..
- The number of supported search engines has been updated and is now 333.

v6.11 [07-27-13]

- The new version of Rank Tracker works faster and consumes less resources.
- Some users may have had a problem analyzing Google-related factors. This has been urgently fixed..
- The number of supported search engines has been updated and is now 333.

v6.10.1 [06-06-13]

- You can now store and track events in the Events diary module;
- A separate PPC Analysis tab was added to Rank Tracker, so now SEO and PPC data can be analyzed side-by-side;
- Rank Tracker allows checking site's rankings in a local Google and Bing as from a specified city.

v6.7.1 [02-01-13]

- You can now import keyword data into Rank Tracker via CSV;
- One can now edit keyword rankings in a project;
- Rank Tracker now caches statistics for rankings that have already been checked. If a check is interrupted half way, you can resume it from the point at which it was interrupted.

v6.6 [12-13-12]

- Rank Tracker got adjusted to the recent changes in Google Adwords Keyword Tool's algorithm;
- Core software algorithm updates were implemented to insure smooth operation on the latest Java 1.6 version;
- The number of supported search engines has been updated and is now 340.

v6.5.2 [10-10-12]

- "Last checked" metric has been added to visits and bounce rates;
- Supports the new Bing APIs;
- The number of search engines has been updated and is 350.

v6.4.5 [08-21-12]

-HOT! You can now check rankings in personalized search results (as if browsing from different locations & in different tongues);
-The Dutch interface got updated;
-You can now update Google Analytics stats on auto-pilot in Rank Tracker;
-The number of supported SEs has been revised and is 349.

v6.4.1 [07-18-12]

- Rank Tracker now lets you set search language, city, region, country, and other parameters to imitate Google's personalization when running rank checks;
- The Dutch interface has been significantly improved;
- The number of supported search engines has been updated and is now 400.

v6.2.2 [06-12-12]

- Due to major performance improvements, Rank Tracker now works faster and uses less of one's RAM and bandwidth
- It is now more convenient to save multiple projects in Rank Tracker
- The Russian interface has been updated
- The number of supported search engines is now 758

v6.1.1 [04-30-12]

- You can now build traffic progress graphs due to Rank Tracker's deeper integration with Google Analytics
- Now also shows bounce rate per keyword
- The number of CAPTCHAs returned by Yandex has been reduced
- The list of supported search engines has been updated and now includes 759 SEs

v6.0.5 [03-14-12]

-Four hot-new Rank Tracker video tutorials are available (on keyword research, rank tracking, competition research and Universal Search results checking)
-Now supports 795 search engines
-Some users had difficulty collecting Yahoo!-related SEO metrics. This has been fixed.

v5.8.3 [01-27-12]

-Finds ALL the pages of a site that rank for the same keyword
-You can now override Google's auto-correct when running checks
-When exporting data to CSV, you can now export the Notes column as well
-Processing CAPTCHAs from Centrum got improved
-Supports 777 SEs
-Supports Yahoo BOSS 2.0 APIs

v5.8.1 [12-21-11]

- You can now track rankings as if you are in another country (Google gl parameter added)
- Yahoo BOSS 2.0 API supported
- The number of supported search engines has reached 774
- CSV data exports improved

v5.7 [11-17-11]

- You can now track rankings as if you are in another country (Google gl parameter added)
- Has been fully translated into Polish
- The number of supported search engines has reached 767

v5.6.5 [11-04-11]

- The number of supported search engines has reached 764
- Processing CAPTCHAs from Exalead and Seznam.Cz search engines has been improved
- The translated versions of new Rank Tracker reports got further improved and amplified

v5.5.7 [09-09-11]

- Now uses several new sources to find free proxy lists
- Proxy verification process improved for more accurate proxy status identification
- The number of supported search engines has become 750

v5.5.2 [07-27-11]

- Now works up to 20 times faster
- The number of CAPTCHAs shown significantly reduced
- The number of supported search engines has reached 748

v5.4.3 [06-25-11]

- The total number of search engines has reached 748
- The problem with keyword research on Linux fixed
- More options for rank tracking in Universal Search results introduced

v5.3.2 [05-14-11]

- Check where your video ranks in YouTube
- The total number of search engines has reached 736
- Easily manage your data using the new tagging feature

v5.2.7 [04-12-11]

- Interface and reports now available in Spanish and Slovak
- The total number of search engines is 730
- Now tracks rankings separately in different blocks of Universal Search
- You can now login to Google AdWords account from your Rank Tracker tool to get more keywords suggestions

v5.1.3 [02-07-11]

- Got integrated with Google Analytics
- The total number of search engines is 721
- Estimated visits feature added

v5.0.3 [12-27-10]

- 4 new keyword research mechanisms added
- "Competition Tracking" feature added
- Search safety was largely enhanced with a special "Anti-CAPTCHA" service
- Fully translated into Dutch
- The total number of search engines is 711

v4.17.6 [11-15-10]

- Competition Tracking feature added
- Fully translated into Dutch
- Search safety was largely enhanced with a special Anti-CAPTCHA service
- The total number of search engines is 704
- Social Media Popularity workspace added

v4.17.1 [10-14-10]

- Search safety was largely enhanced with a special Anti-CAPTCHA service.
- The total number of search engines is 692
- Rank Tracker can export data from your projects automatically - on predefined time and date
- Social Medea Popularity workspace added.

v4.15.3 [08-27-10]

1. Interface translated into French
2. 664 supported search engines
3. Updates for changed search engines' algorithms
3. Saving reports and projects improved

v4.13.11 [07-07-10]

1. Interface translated into French
2. Updates for changed search engines' algorithms
3. "Keywords losing positions" workspace added

v4.13.5 [05-05-10]

1. 23 new search engines added
2. New mechanisms of keyword suggestion: SEMRush keyword research service and Yandex Search Suggestions
3. Visibility and Visibility Difference are calculated for every keyword now
4. New Sort Projects Alphabetically option for workspaces

v4.12 [01-14-10]

1 New keyword research methods - Yandex Keyword Statistics, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Bing Search Suggestions
2 New search engines - Norwegian Kvasir, Dogpile.com, Estonian Neti
3 Automatic update notification
4 Built-in translator's interface
5 Auto-recovery feature

v4.10.3 [10-22-09]

1 All languages are now supported by the keyword suggestion module
2 Google AdWords Keyword Tool added for keyword search volume checks
3 Google AJAX API key is now supported
4 113 regional and local search engines added

v4.2.5 [06-29-09]

1 Greatly enhanced search safety
2 More regional versions of Google, Yahoo! & MSN
3 Import from other SEO software
4 New keyword suggestion mechanism

v4.3 [07-29-08]

1 Wordtracker added to get KEI data
2 More regional versions of Google, Yahoo! & MSN
3 IDN support
4 New keyword suggestion mechanism Wordtracker
5 Enhanced rank checking - 3 mechanisms that speed up the search
6 East Asian languages support
7 Enhanced search safety

v4.0b4 [12-04-07]

1 Added HTML/PDF rankings reports available for saving, e-mailing, web publishing
2 More regional versions of Google, Yahoo! & MSN: Belgium, Canada,
New Zealand, Poland, China etc.
3 More search engines: Baidu, Fireball, Alexa, Altavista, Ask
4 Stability and performance improvements

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