SEO PowerSuite 78.2

What if you could run all your SEO tasks using just one multi-feature SEO pack? Sounds too good to be true? SEO PowerSuite makes it real! SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one SEO bundle that includes four fast and effective SEO tools: 1. WebSite Auditor is an on-page SEO app that helps you perform complete on-page SEO audit and optimize your content for the search engines. 2. SEO SpyGlass lets you analyze backlinks to any site. It provides each referring sites PR, domain age, Alexa and Compete scores, social media popularity (50+ metrics), and calculates each backlinks SEO value. 3. LinkAssistant is a nifty tool that lets you effectively manage your link building campaign, organize information about your backlinks, track link acquisition progress, and more. 4. Rank Tracker is double-purpose SEO tool that tracks sites rankings in 300+ local and international search engines (including Universal Search tracking) and suggest keywords to optimize ones site for using 20 different mechanisms of keyword research. Moreover, the SEO PowerSuite toolkit is integrated with Google Analytics, which lets you see traffic stats, bounce rates and referral sources side by side with the SEO metrics the SEO software provides. So, what are you waiting for? SEO PowerSuite will run on Mac X OS, Windows or Linux! Do not wait, try it for FREE today!

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

78.2 [12-08-18]

- Updated backlink index;
- New feature added: hreflang audit and generation;
- New: settings synchronization across different apps;
- Interface improvements.

Other versions : 75.21 75.2 71.6 65.1 59.6 57.2 54.3 53.1 51.1 49.4 48.7 46.7 46.1 45.8 37.1 36.3 36 35.3 35.2 35.0 34.5 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 12 11 10 1.1 1.0

v75.21 [09-18-18]

- Keyword Sandbox module added in Rank Tracker!
- New: pause and resume any task; auto-save a project when a scheduled task is completed;
- New: run scheduled tasks only for project records that are marked with specific tags;
- Interface improvements.

v75.2 [05-19-18]

- New keyword research methods in Rank Tracker!
- New Website Visualization feature in Website Auditor!
- Interface improvements.

v71.6 [12-04-17]

- New filters, widgets and keyword history progress graph for reports!
- New TF-IDF module in Website Auditor to keyword suggestions for your website.
- Now tracking SERP features (featured snippets, knowledge graph panels, shopping and 12 other types of Google results) in Rank Tracker!

v65.1 [07-18-17]

- New alternative to Google Page Rank: InLink Rank metric.
- Background updates & scheduled tasks in Rank Tracker & Website Auditor.
- New TF-IDF module in Website Auditor to keyword suggestions for your website.

v59.6 [01-25-17]

- New user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface.
- Several bugs were emergently fixed.

v57.2 [11-01-16]

-New SERP Analysis feature: get historical top-30 search engine results pages for any keyword and search engine.
-Now you can crawl and analyze the websites built on AJAX, JavaScript, WordPress and other technologies.
-Collect all resources on the website for deep analysis: CSS, images and more.

v54.3 [06-29-16]

- Solution for high-DPI displays: the settings to adapt the size of the interface were added to SEO PowerSuite tools.
- Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration was added to SEO PowerSuite tools.
- No limit in the number of backlinks to export in SEO SpyGlass now!

v53.1 [05-05-16]

-New anti-ban solution in SEO PowerSuite: no more captchas and temporary blocks!
-New Keyword Research Module in RankTracker: all instruments you need to find the best keywords are now in one place.
-Advanced options for Yandex WordStat Competitions search.
-New search engine: Bing South Africa.

v51.1 [03-04-16]

-Now with WebSite Auditor you can analyze and edit the content of a page directly in the tool using in-app content editor.
-New link building options in LinkAssistant tool: try 10 prospecting methods to find link opportunities.
-Updated Spanish and French localization in SEO PowerSuite tools.

v49.4 [01-05-16]

-Track your local results in Google: new updated option to track location-specific rankings is now again available (SEO PowerSuite unique feature!).
-New search engines were added to SEO PowerSuite: (Maps),,

v48.7 [11-03-15]

-Cloud project storage is now available: new SEO PowerSuite Cloud or fully integrated Dropbox for project saving and sharing.
-Minor bug-fixes and stability improvements added.

v46.7 [09-10-15]

-New great option in RankTracker to diagnose if your site got under a Google penalty!
-Domain Strength factor was added to the External domain factors in all SEO PowerSuite reports.
-Now 20 keyword research methods are available!

v46.1 [07-29-15]

-New Search Engines were added to SEO PowerSuite: Haosou (
-New improved Keyword Difficulty tool in RankTracker!

v45.8 [06-25-15]

-New Search Engines were added to SEO PowerSuite: and
-Now the rank checking in Google Mobile (all countries) is available.
-New great features: checking HTTP/HTTPs version of the website and a test for mobile-friendliness!
-Now you may create a disavow file in SEO SpyGlass

v37.1 [02-07-15]

*You now have a new Page Audit tool in WebSite Auditor. It lets you perform a full SEO audit of a landing page.
*SEO PowerSuite now support Moz's API, and you can choose whether you'd like to use PageRank or Moz's PA/DA to calculate composite SEO metrics such as Keyword Difficulty, and others.

v36.3 [11-04-14]

-New Domain Overview dashboard released in all SEO PowerSuite tools - it demonstrates key SEO stats about your domain
-Backlinks Summary tab added in SEO SpyGlass
-Raknings Summary tab introduced to Rank Tracker
-You can now compare current rankings to those from any date in the past

v36 [08-23-14]

-New, eyesight-friendlier design has been release in SEO PowerSuite
-You can now move custom-made workspaces across projects - no need to create them anew
-The Project Comparison module in SEO SpyGlass (for backlinks) has gotten cleaner, smarter, easier to read

v35.3 [06-16-14]

- A new metric, Keyword Difficulty Score, is now calculated in Rank Tracker. It shows how difficult it is to rank for a keyword.
- You can now print reports right from SEO PowerSuite
- The number of supported search engines is now 325

v35.2 [04-16-14]

- New (Not provided) keyword traffic calculations in Rank Tracker
- New Anti-Penalty Link Audit feature in SEO SpyGlass
- Chromium browser got updated to the latest version and now supports Java 8
- Extracting SEO data from mobile SEs improved

v35.0 [02-18-14]

- New Chromium browser integrated
- PPC Analysis module enhanced and expanded
- 'Google Keyword Planner' suggestor has been improved

v34.5 [11-15-13]

- The huge backlink database now contains even more backlinks;
- New algorithm for getting data from Google AdWords introduced. Now you can get keyword related data much quicker;
- Increased performance while querying Death by CAPTCHA service.

v34 [10-16-13]

- The huge backlink database is included containing 870+ billion links;
- New advanced features for social media stats are available;
- New search safety tool introduced.

v33 [07-20-13]

- The new and huge backlink index was launched in SEO SpyGlass for the deepest and most detailed backlink research;
- Now advanced features for social media stats and traffic are available;
- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is now 346.

v32 [05-09-13]

- In Rank Tracker a separate PPC Analysis tab was added, which allows blending PPC and SEO metrics;
- Events diary module was added to all 4 products, so you can store and organize events important for your SEO progress ;
- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is now 342.

v31 [01-17-13]

- In Rank Tracker, you can now import rankings data and other SEO stats from third-party tools via CSV;
- The way the software addresses search engines and gets data from them has been made more streamline;
- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is now 342.

v30 [11-28-12]

- The bug that was sometimes causing a problem generating SEO reports has been urgently fixed;
- Parsing of factors in SEO PowerSuite has been optimized, which resulted in speeding up the SEO bundle even further.

v29 [09-29-12]

- When shaping your content optimization strategy with the WebSite Auditor module, you have more flexibility choosing what competitor data to consider;
- SEO PowerSuite now supports new Bing APIs;
- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is now 350.

v28 [08-16-12]

- You can now personalize rank checks by country, city, region, language and other parameters
- The Dutch interface has been updated and improved
- You can now schedule Google Analytics data updates in SEO PowerSuite
- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is now 349

v27 [07-07-12]

- Projects Comparison tab added to SEO SpyGlass, which lets one compare backlinks from different projects side by side
- SEO PowerSuite's Russian interface has been significantly improved and updated
- The number of supported search engines has reached 761

v26 [06-08-12]

- SEO PowerSuite's performance significantly enhanced to make the toolkit work faster and take up less of one's RAM and bandwidth
- Web traffic progress graphs added
- You can now import Google Analytics-reported backlinks to SEO PowerSuite
- The number of supported search engines is now 759

v25 [04-14-12]

- Five hot-new interface color schemes added - check them out!
- The bug that's been hampering the retrieval of Yahoo-related factors has been fixed
- Polish and Russian interfaces have been significantly improved
- The number of supported search engines has reached 803

v24 [02-24-12]

-Hot new user interface - check it out!
-A quick filter that lets you conveniently search projects in the projects menu added
-The number of supported search engines has reached 781

v23 [01-13-12]

-A huge in-house database of backlinks has been added to SEO SpyGlass
-Now supports 777 local and global search engines
-Processing CAPTCHAs from Centrum SE in case of interrupted search has been improved
-When exporting data to CSV, you can now choose to export the Notes column value as well

v22 [12-02-11]

-The interface has been fully translated into Polish
-You can now track rankings as if from a different country (using Google's gl parameter)
-Advanced grouping feature added
-Now works with the new Yahoo! Search BOSS APIs
-The number of supported search engines has reached 773

v21 [10-22-11]

-16 new cutting-edge SEO report templates added
-The number of supported search engines is now 760
-Processing CAPTCHAs in Exalead and Seznam.Cz in case of interrupted search has been improved

v20 [09-02-11]

-Brand-new reports in Rank tracker and LinkAssistant (beta)
-The number of supported search engines has reached 750
-Several new free proxy databases added
-Proxy status identification process enhanced

v19 [07-22-11]

- The new version works 20 times faster
- Now takes less space on one's computer
- Significantly less CAPTCHAs shown
- The number of supported search engines is now 748

v18 [06-25-11]

- An in-built XML sitemap generator added
- The number of supported search engines has reached 748
- Rank tracking in Universal Search results made more flexible

v17 [05-10-11]

- The tagging feature that allows one manage data added
- The number of supported search engines reached 736
- Rank Monitoring of YouTube videos added
- Exact URLs and anchor texts of broken links are now provided

v16 [03-15-11]

- Interface got translated into Spanish and Slovak
- The number of supported search engines reached 730
- Now integrated with Google Analytics - shows visits per keyword and visits per link
- Tracks rankings in different blocks of Universal Search results in Google, Yahoo! and Bing

v15 [01-06-11]

- Tracking search engine rankings for competitors' websites added
- The number of supported search engines reached 711
- Competition research enhanced. The number of backlinks per website increased 10 times

v14 [10-26-10]

- Fully translated into Dutch
- The UNIQUE Anti-CAPTCHA search safety feature added
- The number of supported search engines 701
- Social media analysis features added

v12 [08-06-10]

-new version of WebSite Auditor with the unique module for analyzing and optimizing the architecture and HTML-coding of the whole website as well as the content of all individual pages included
-translated into French
-the number of supported search engines has reached 663

v11 [06-16-10]

20 new search engines supported
New ranking factors added: bookmarks in Diigo, Yandex CY
New types of scheduled tasks included

v10 [04-18-10]

Russian and German interfaces available
Over 600 search engines supported

v1.1 [07-14-09]

Bing 'decision engine' introduced instead of Live Search
Work of Google and Yahoo! API keys improved, support of Bing API 2.0 implemented
Search engine algorythms for Altavista, Bing, Ask, Google, Yahoo! updated
14 new local and regional search engines added

v1.0 [06-03-09]

First Release of SEO PowerSuite Software

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