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Cacti 0.8.8c

Cacti is a complete frontend to RRDTool, it stores all of the necessary information to create graphs and populate them with data in a MySQL database. The frontend is completely PHP driven. Along with being able to maintain Graphs, Data Sources, and Round Robin Archives in a database, cacti handles the data gathering. There is also SNMP support for those used to creating traffic graphs with MRTG.
Data Sources
To handle data gathering, you can feed cacti the paths to any external script/command along with any data that the user will need to "fill in", cacti will then gather this data in a cron-job and populate a MySQL database/the round robin archives.
Data Sources can also be created, which correspond to actual data on the graph. For instance, if a user would want to graph the ping times to a host, you could create a data source utilizing a script that pings a host and returns it`s value in milliseconds. After defining options for RRDTool such as how to store the data you will be able to define any additional information that the data input source requires, such as a host to ping in this case. Once a data source is created, it is automatically maintained at 5 minute intervals.
Once one or more data sources are defined, an RRDTool graph can be created using the data. Cacti allows you to create almost any imaginable RRDTool graph using all of the standard RRDTool graph types and consolidation functions. A color selection area and automatic text padding function also aid in the creation of graphs to make the process easier.
Not only can you create RRDTool based graphs in cacti, but there are many ways to display them. Along with a standard "list view" and a "preview mode", which resembles the RRDTool frontend 14all, there is a "tree view", which allows you to put graphs onto a hierarchical tree for organizational purposes.
User Management
Due to the many functions of cacti, a user based management tool is built in so you can add users and give them rights to certain areas of cacti. This would allow someone to create some users that can change graph parameters, while others can only view graphs. Each user also maintains their own settings when it comes to viewing graphs.
Lastly, cacti is able to scale to a large number of data sources and graphs through the use of templates. This allows the creation of a single graph or data source template which defines any graph or data source associated with it. Host templates enable you to define the capabilities of a host so cacti can poll it for information upon the addition of a new host.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

0.8.8c [02-05-15]

bug#0002228: GPL incompatible files included in Cacti project in include/treeview
bug#0002383: Sanitize the step and id variables CVE-2013-5588, CVE-2013-5589
bug#0002385: Cannot export host templates while including dependencies
bug#0002386: cli/upgrade_database.php is missing the last two releases
bug#0002390: Poller/script issue with slash and backslash
bug#0002405: SQL injection in graph_xport.php
bug#0002431: CVE-2014-2326 Unspecified HTML Injection Vulnerability
bug#0002432: CVE-2014-2327 Cross Site Request Forgery Vulnerability - Special Thanks to Deutsche Telekom CERT
bug#0002433: CVE-2014-2328 Unspecified Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
bug#0002434: Suppress SNMP UNITS Suffix from cacti_snmp_get() output
bug#0002438: Down Host Detection issue when using SNMP Desc or SNMP getNext
bug#0002446: Subtract plugin processing time from Poller sleep time
bug#0002453: CVE-2014-4002 Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability - Special Thanks to G. Geshev (munmap)
bug#0002455: Incomplete and incorrect input parsing leads to remote code execution and SQL injection attack scenarios
bug#0002456: CVE-2014-5025 / CVE-2014-5026 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability - Special Thanks to Adan Alvarez and Paul Gevers
bug: Fix COMMENT handling, even in case COMMENT is empty, with or without HR and with variable substitution
bug: Fix issues when SNMP data holds a "="; "explode" must be treated accordingly
bug: Fix filter highlighting on data sources for the data template field
bug: correct description of SNMP V3 parameters
feature: Added native jquery, jqueryui, and jstree
feature: Fixed issues with 'Clear' under preview not working
feature: Added new Tree navigation
feature: Added Columns and Thumbnails to Preview
feature: Added Columns to Tree (Preview only)
feature: Both Graphs and Columns default to 'Default'
feature: Resolved Left hand navigation taking entire page
feature: Added new graph zoom to tree view and preview offering a "quick" (default) and an "advanced" mode  

Other versions : 0.8.8b 0.8.8a 0.8.8 0.8.7i 0.8.7h 0.8.7g

v0.8.8b [08-07-13]

bug: Fixed issue with custom data source information being lost when saved from edit
bug: Repopulate the poller cache on new installations
bug: Fix issue with poller not escaping the script query path correctly
bug: Allow snmpv3 priv proto none
bug: Fix issue where host activate may flush the entire poller item cache
security: SQL injection and shell escaping issues  

v0.8.8a [05-22-12]

bug#0002207: cannot export graph templates
bug#0002208: Graphs with CDEFs fail to generate
bug#0002209: External auth does not work behind a reverse proxy
bug#0002211: creating an index USING BTREE fails ony MySQL < 5.0.60
bug#0002213: CLI upgrade script is missing 0.8.7i as a target
bug#0002214: SQL error during non-PIA upgrade to 088 when giving a default for a text field in plugin_realms
bug#0002216: use of define_syslog_variables() gone in PHP 5.4
bug#0002217: url_path should default to /cacti/
bug#0002221: Missing plugin directory causes endless loop in plugins.php
bug#0002222: tail_logfile hangs when cacti.log not readable, filling apache log with fgets warnings  

v0.8.8 [04-20-12]

bug#0002056: un-initialized datetime used for host status (was: Zero length string != NULL)
bug#0002081: In Graph Management, search display graph title breaks when using pattern symbol "/"
bug#0002132: need to include pa.sql with the 0.8.7i and future releases
bug#0002134: rebuild_poller_cache.php --host-id deletes table poller_item completely
bug#0002141: cacti.sql missing BTREE PRIMARY KEY for poller_output
bug#0002146: Utilities -> View Log File -> refresh does not work
bug#0002150: usort_data_query_index() is broken -> graph order for hosts with data query sort option fails
bug#0002151: When building HTML forms with sub_checkbox on_change parameter is not used
bug#0002152: Issue with filter on graphs_new.php
bug#0002153: Cant search for patterns containing a forward-slash
bug#0002156: CDEF strings are not escaped before passed to rrdtool command
bug#0002158: Minor changes to grammar of displayed messages
bug#0002165: Using data input field in data source name (related to 2079 in 0.8.7i)
bug#0002167: New poller hook poller_finishing
bug#0002172: structure_rra_paths.php does not handle disabled data sources
bug#0002174: poller_item.host_id has wrong type
bug#0002178: typo in include/global_form.php: Mimimum -> Minimum
bug#0002181: session_unregister (use in functions.php) doesn't exist anymore in PHP 5.4
bug#0002182: When there is no suitable (unique) index, graphs are not shown in data query ordering on host leafs
bug#0002189: Proper graph hooks
bug#0002191: Refresh issues
bug#0002194: changing data query XML does not propagate to existing data sources
bug: Fix input validation on cli/api_device.php
bug: Fix issue with data source template associate command line script inserting incorrect rra information
bug: Fix minor display issue on data source pages
bug: Fix minor issue with counting items in the poller_output table
bug: Graph settings and settings check boxes do not allow unchecking to be saved
bug: Fix minor issue with plugin library caused by non-session
bug: Fix SQL error on data input save for non-templated graphs
bug: user_log index added to increase performance
feature: Merge Plugin Architecture into Cacti
feature: Added index to data_template_data to increase performance  

v0.8.7i [12-21-11]

bug#0001963: Bandwidth summation "total in" and "total out" are always 0
bug#0002040: ICMP ping errors for Windows 7 with PHP 5.3
bug#0002062: Multiple security vulnerabilities
bug#0002063: Multiple value poller output incorrectly interpreted as hexadecimal value
bug#0002064: Removing "~" (tilde) by sanitize_uri() conflicts with Apache UserDir translation
bug#0002066: Graph without host id "Notice: Undefined variable: host_id"
bug#0002067: Custom time range filter not working
bug#0002068: Missing header include in analyze_database.php
bug#0002071: MySQL table poller_item is dropped always when "Data Input Method" is changed or added.
bug#0002079: Using input field of a script in graph title does not work
bug#0002080: Database password containing "@" does not connect
bug#0002083: Adding a new users generates errors in apache logs
bug#0002084: Incorrect normalization of hrStorageTable values over 2^31
bug#0002086: Incorrect usage of mysql custom tcp port
bug#0002087: PHP recache problems due to missing slashes in reindex table
bug#0002093: Unit exponent value of 0 not imported with graph template
bug#0002094: CDEF: "another cdef" references not included in template export
bug#0002106: Command line add device does not accept "None" for host template
bug: Update host template cli script help to fix incorrect options
bug: Refresh of Cacti log viewer not working
bug: Problems saving User Graph Permissions in IE9
bug: Bandwidth summation fails if NAN values are present
bug: Special Type Code "host_id" available in Data Queries by Not Data Input Methods
bug: Do not generate error messages when creating non host based graphs
bug: Wrong index used for Data Queries using VALUE/REGEXP
bug: Fix issue with title variable replacement failing when no host is associated with graph
bug: Cacti generating MySQL 1100 Errors when modifying the tree
bug: Resolved "Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array" in lib/data_query.php
feature: Properly support ifHighSpeed replacement variable
feature: Increase granularity of availability options to correct spine bug
feature: Replace "event count" with last changed date for host availability  

v0.8.7h [09-28-11]

bug#0001403: Reapply Suggested Names does not work correctly for graphs and data sources not associated with Data Queries
bug#0001568: Remove PHP 5.3 deprecated functions
bug#0001584: Concurrent changes to graph tree ordering can corrupt sort values
bug#0001626: Symbol ($) does not appear in labels/gprint strings to rrdtool during graph generation
bug#0001632: Script server treats quoted arguments with spaces incorrectly as multiple separate arguments
bug#0001646: MySQL SSL connection support
bug#0001660: Modifying data template values does not propagate as expected
bug#0001678: Adding graphs to a device fails to add entries to poller_item if using the script server
bug#0001768: Perform consistency check on ds maximum vs. ds minimum
bug#0001783: Graph Export export date is incorrect
bug#0001812: Data template copying ignores some item templating
bug#0001814: Command line device add script fails when SNMP default is disabled
bug#0001815: One minute polling not working correctly
bug#0001816: Cannot export graph data to CSV with IE 8
bug#0001819: MySQL "TYPE=" command deprecated since MySQL 4.1 removed in MySQL 5.4.4
bug#0001826: Zoomed graph views should auto refresh
bug#0001828: Reapply Suggested Name prompt as spelling problems
bug#0001835: Graph edit page has more than one html form tag
bug#0001847: Graph export API function has required argument not defined
bug#0001851: Graph creation selector does not work with data query that has no associated graph templates
bug#0001855: Improper formatting of data queries can result in SQL errors
bug#0001862: Ping script does not process output of update ping utility
bug#0001867: RRDtool Cacti fetch function does not work for some locales
bug#0001876: PHP function strip_quotes causes HEX values to be truncated
bug#0001880: Form validation error message does not highlight text area control
bug#0001882: Cacti snmp_walk function fails if max_oids is an empty value
bug#0001890: Default tree view mode set to single pane mode not working
bug#0001893: Data input method description text does not make sense
bug#0001900: Equal sign not correctly parsed in snmp data results
bug#0001903: Undefined variable: mode in lib/ldap.php on line 375
bug#0001918: Script server does not accept more than one blank space before the function name
bug#0001926: Importing templates "using defaults for this installation" associates all rra's defined
bug#0001928: graph_image.php does not check local_graph_id
bug#0001929: Error when exporting templates are not properly reported
bug#0001930: No error reporting for wrong RRA
bug#0001934: Poller does not process SIGTERM signal correctly
bug#0001936: Removing multiple data sources is inefficient
bug#0001937: Technical support page uses check table which waits for table lock
bug#0001939: Do not query for number or items per host if concurrent polling processes is set to one
bug#0001954: Usage of PHP_SELF without basename in html.php (at least partly fixed)
bug#0001956: Attempts to update existing tree item fail
bug#0001967: Reflected XSS on Cacti 0.8.7g
bug#0001989: IE9 breaks Cacti when objects are hidden using 'display:none;' style tag
bug#0001993: Undefined index in lib/html.php
bug#0001995: REQUEST_URI not properly escaped in graph_view.php for preview mode
bug#0002005: Saving Script Server or Script Data Input Method Results in SQL Error
bug#0002060: NAN values in hdd utilization graphs (Poller Output Table not Empty)
bug: Fix SQL injection issues in login page
bug: RRDtool fetch in Cacti fails to function properly on rrdtool files with NaN values in the output
bug: Accept "Connection refused" on TCP ping tests
bug: Add missing row selection javascript to graph preview
bug: Script server throws "undefined variable" error when in debug mode
bug: Removing graphs does not take advantage of bulk deletes
bug: Fixed issue with multiple "U" results for a data input method with multiple output parameters
bug: SNMP v3 use AuthNoPriv when privacy passphrase is empty
bug: Fixed sql errors when using template and search filter on graph management
bug: Delete Data Source multi fails to perform bulk deletes on Data Source items
bug: Allow Timespan Selector to work with $_REQUEST as well as $_POST
bug: While in the mrtg view of Cacti Graphs, or in viewing graph properties zoom fails
bug: The filepath api call should trim the filename before checking for the files existence
bug: Fix issues with IE9 while editing templates
bug: Form action in graph_items.php incorrect
bug: Initial drawing of tree causing Next/Previous with malformed URI
feature#0001519: Spine enhancement for parallel collection of data at device level
feature#0001667: Get values of |host_*| variables in graph elements from data source
feature#0001922: Reindex method "Index Count Changed" requires that OID_NUM_INDEXES is given for SNMP Data Queries
feature#0001923: Implement counting for script (server) data queries just like OID_NUM_INDEXES
feature#0001924: Allow for reindex method "Index Count Changed" to apply to script (server) queries as well
feature#0001952: Ability to use input field of a script in graph title
feature: Make reindexing and repopulating the poller cache a lossless process
feature: Change default font sizes
feature: Add analyze database and push out host cli scripts  

v0.8.7g [02-28-11]

bug: RRDTool 1.4.x not recognized during installation
bug: Implement windows-aware shell escaping
bug: Fixed multiple cross site scripting vulnerabilities reported by Tomas Hoger of the Red Hat Security Response Team
bug#0001292: Over 8TByte Partition in Windows cant get correct data from snmp
bug#0001486: Unable to login after redirection to access denied page
bug#0001516: "Show the page that user pointed their browser" does not seem to work
bug#0001561: Over zelous HTML excaping on filter strings
bug#0001575: LDAP-Authentifications does not work due to ldap_host being set incorrect
bug#0001587: Feature from bug#0001271 breaks on large values
bug#0001607: Web Basic authentication does not work with fastcgi
bug#0001620: Max OID's max value reported incorrectly in Web UI
bug#0001747: oid_suffix do not work correctly for input direction on data queries
bug#0001756: Alternate font styles do not work correctly
bug#0001763: Unable to add graph permissions on a user
bug#0001757: LDAP realm authentication outputs warning for undefined index
bug#0001765: Tech support does not work correctly with RRDTool 1.4.x
bug#0001766: Page refresh setting not being honored
bug#0001771: "index count changed" not implemented for query_unix_partitions.pl, query_host_partitions.pl, query_cpu_partitions.pl, ss_host_cpu.php and ss_host_disk.php
bug#0001773: Character encoding problem after upgrade to 0.8.7f
bug#0001775: Tech support page does account for no memory limit set for PHP
bug#0001776: Simultaneous databases connections are not supported  

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