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Looking for an accurate and search engine friendly rank checking SEO solution? You are one click away from it. It's called Rank Tracker, an SEO tool combining keyword research and rank checking functions and used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers, SEO companies, small businesses and Fortune-level corporations like Microsoft, Audi, and Disney. Rank Tracker features 19 keyword research methods used by SEO experts to ensure you are literally showered with keyword suggestions. But quantity is not all Rank Tracker cares about - the tool makes sure you target only most valuable keywords by calculating which words meet a combination of high search volume (meaning that users often search for this term) and low online competition (meaning that you have the least number of sites to compete against). The end result is SEO-valuable keywords expertly picked by Rank Tracker, all set for immediate optimization on your site. As the name suggests, Rank Tracker also monitors your site performance, comparing your rankings with those of your top online rivals. All you do is enter your target keywords, indicate 5 competitor sites, and Rank Tracker tells you how well you and your competitors are doing in 314 search engines, including YouTube, in case you want to track your YouTube video rankings. Speaking of videos, Rank Tracker is one of the few SEO tools on the market tracking your universal search listings such as Images, News, Shopping, Places, Books and Realtime search result blocks in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Rank Tracker comes with built-in SEO reports filled with visuals and expert SEO advice tailored exclusively to your site. Rank Tracker is cross-platform software running smoothly on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, with the program interface available in 7 languages (English, German, Russian, French, Dutch, Spanish and Slovak). Need a fast and reliable Rank Tracker? Here you have it. Click download.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

8.23.21 [09-18-18]

- New Keyword Sandbox module has been added to Keyword Research
- New feature: run scheduled tasks only for project records that are marked with specific tags
- New feature: pause and resume any task; auto-save a project when your scheduled task is completed

Other versions : 8.23.2 8.19.6 8.16.1 8.9 8.5.3 8.2.4 8.1.4 8.0.4 7.11.4 7.8.3 7.5.1 7.13.3 7.3.4 7.2.6 7.1.1 6.16.11 6.15.6 6.15 6.13.4 6.12.19 6.12.3 6.11.10 6.11.6 6.11.1 6.10.3 6.7.3 6.6.2 6.5.4 6.4.7 6.4.2 6.3 6.1.1 6.0.6 6.0.1 5.8.1 5.7.2 5.5.7 5.5.4 5.5 5.4.1 5.3 5.2.2 5.1.1 5.0 4.16 4.14.1 4.13.9 4.13.2 4.7.7 4.2.10 4.6.1 4.5 4.3.7 4.1 4.0b4

v8.23.2 [05-17-18]

- New Keyword Research methods added
- Improved UI for minimized interface view and for screens with low resolution
- Improved memory utilization algorithm for 64-bit Windows machines

v8.19.6 [12-07-17]

- New filters, widgets and keyword history progress graph for reports!
- Now tracking SERP features (featured snippets, knowledge graph panels, shopping and 12 other types of Google results)!
- Preferred location was added for Google Mobile

v8.16.1 [08-28-17]

- New background tasks allow to use the software in the foreground.
- Minor bug fixes and a new search engine added (sogou.com).
- Project competitors are added to the Keyword Difficulty table.

v8.9 [03-01-17]

- New InLink Rank factor to check the importance of webpages (an alternative to Google Page Rank).
- New source for #of searches data: Google Forecast (the numbers are available even for free AdWords accounts).
- Updated and improved graphic interface.

v8.5.3 [11-16-16]

- New SERP module in RakTracker: see top 30 search engine ranking pages for each keyword and search engine.
- SERP fluctuation graph to see the changes in the ranking results.

v8.2.4 [07-29-16]

- The settings to adapt the interface for high-DPI displays were added to RankTracker.
- Bug-fixes and general improvements.

v8.1.4 [05-29-16]

- No more captchas and temporary blocks: new safe querying mode in RankTracker!
- Several bugs were emergently fixed.

v8.0.4 [03-25-16]

-New Keyword Research module: all tools you need to find and analyze the best keyword ideas are now in one tab!
-New search engine: Bing South Africa.
-German, Dutch, Spanish and French localization was improved in RankTracker.

v7.11.4 [01-07-16]

-Local search in Google is again available in RankTracker: the unique feature is accessible only in SEO PowerSuite tools!
-Now you can upload reports to SEO PowerSuite Cloud or get a shareable link to send it to your client and partners.
-New search engines: google.com.sb, google.co.uz.

v7.8.3 [10-24-15]

-New Google Penalty Detection feature in RankTracker.
-Cloud project storage is now available: save projects to our own SEO PowerSuite Cloud or to fully integrated Dropbox.

v7.5.1 [08-28-15]

-Now 20 keyword research methods are available in RankTracker!
-New great features in RankTracker: automatic competitor suggester and competitor analysis in Domain Overview dashboard.

v7.13.3 [07-18-15]

-New smarter Keyword Difficulty tool: all you need to find profitable keywords!
-New search engine was added to the tool: haosou.com

v7.3.4 [06-02-15]

-Improved stability and performance.
-Some minor bugs were successfully fixed.

v7.2.6 [04-29-15]

- Now you can check rankings in all Google Mobile search engines!
- New great features in RankTracker: quick competitor setup and the possibility to add alternative project URLs.

v7.1.1 [03-22-15]

-Great offer for RankTracker users - 30% discount on reliable private proxies
-New search engine is now available in RankTracker (Google.nl Mobile)

v6.16.11 [02-17-15]

-You can now choose to use Moz's PA/DA instead of Google PageRank in respective columns and calculations (such as Keyword Difficulty) in Rank Tracker.
-Rank Tracker got adjusted to work seamlessly on Mac OS with all versions of Java, from Java 1.6 to Java 1.8.

v6.15.6 [11-26-14]

-You now have a new tab called Rankings Summary in Rank Tracker.
-A closer integration with Google Analytics & google AdWords has been implemented that lets you get keyword data from these services right away.
-Some issues with Rank Tracker's built-in Chromium browser have been urgently fixed.

v6.15 [09-24-14]

-You can now compare your rankings to those from any date in the past
-It's now possible to transfer custom workspace settings between projects
-New 'Domain Overview' tab added that has key SEO metrics on the domain in your project

v6.13.4 [07-17-14]

-The process of searching for live proxies and adding them to the proxy manager has become more streamlined
-There have been several important bug fixes relased for Google Analytics integration in Rank Tracker

v6.12.19 [05-31-14]

- New Keyword Difficulty feature
- New one-click printing feature

v6.12.3 [02-24-14]

- Anti-CAPTCHA service improved
- A new Chromium browser integrated
- PPC Analysis module improved and expanded
- 'Google Keyword Planner' suggestor improved

v6.11.10 [11-24-13]

- Increased integration performance with Death by CAPTCHA service to make sure your searches go smoothly;
- Optimized code to reduce memory consumption introduced.

v6.11.6 [10-05-13]

- Significant CAPTCHA-related update. Now you can use Death by CAPTCHA anti-CAPTCHA key to make sure your searches go smoothly
- Rank Tracker's code was changed in accordance with the algorithm changes in Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

v6.11.1 [08-12-13]

- Improvements were launched to improve tracking traffic from social media.
- Significant updates were implemented in Rank Tracker to ensure compatibility with new and huge backlink index in SEO SpyGlass.
- The number of search engines was revised and now is 332.

v6.10.3 [06-22-13]

- Now you can check rankings in Google and Bing as from a specified city.
- The PPC Analysis tab got updated and improved, which means you can get valuable insights into your PPC campaigns right in Rank Tracker.
- The number of search engines was revised and now is 346.

v6.7.3 [02-15-13]

- Rank Tracker now lets you edit automatically collected rankings by hand;
- You can now pause/resume checks (the already collected data will get cached, which will allow you to restart the check from the last updated keyword);
- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is 342.

v6.6.2 [01-05-13]

- You can now import SEO data from third-party tools to Rank Tracker via CSV
- The way Rank Tracker addresses and extracts data from external services got streamlined
- The number of supported search engines has been updated and is now 342

v6.5.4 [11-12-12]

- Now supports the new Bing API keys;
- There's now a column in Rank Tracker's workspace where you can see the date when your site's Visits & Bounce rate stats were last checked;
- The bug that was causing SEO reports generation has been urgently fixed.

v6.4.7 [09-05-12]

- The geotargeting of rank checks has been added for Bing;
- You can now schedule the import of Google Analytics data to Rank Tracker;
- The bug hampering the analysis of Google-related SEO factors has been fixed;
- The number of supported search engines has been revised is now 350.

v6.4.2 [07-23-12]

- Hot! You can now track rankings in PERSONALIZED search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo! (location and language-biased SERPs)
- SEO reporting in Rank Tracker has been improved
- The number of supported search engines has been revised is now 400
- The Dutch interface has been updated

v6.3 [06-16-12]

- Rank Tracker's performance has been largely improved (less RAM and bandwidth used)
- The Russian interface was updated and improved
- Saving multiple projects has been made more convenient
- The list of supported search engines now includes 758 of them

v6.1.1 [05-05-12]

- You can now build traffic progress graphs due to Rank Tracker's deeper integration with Google Analytics
- Now also shows bounce rate per keyword
- The number of CAPTCHAs returned by Yandex has been reduced
- The list of supported search engines has been updated and now includes 759 SEs

v6.0.6 [03-25-12]

- You can now make use of 5 new interface color schemes
- A quick filter has been introduced to the projects switching menu
- You can now sort scheduled tasks in alphabetical order
- Rank Tracker now supports 803 search engines

v6.0.1 [02-11-12]

- Hot-new interface design - check it out!
- The number of supported search engines has reached 780
- The mechanisms of collecting and processing all ranking factors got updated

v5.8.1 [01-03-12]

- When exporting data in CSV, you can now choose to export the Notes column value as well
- Processing CAPTCHAs from Centrum search engine has been improved
- The number of supported search engines has reached 774
- Supports Yahoo Search BOSS 2.0 APIs

v5.7.2 [11-26-11]

- Rank Tracker now supports Google's gl parameter
- The interface has been fully translated into Polish
- The number of supported search engines has reached 773
- Processing CAPTCHAs from Exalead and Seznam.Cz search engines has been improved

v5.5.7 [09-23-11]

- Brand-new keyword rankings and traffic reports released in beta
- The beta version of new keyword value report introduced
- The number of supported search engines has reached 750
- Proxy status verification now returns more actual results
- New sources for finding free proxy lists added

v5.5.4 [08-17-11]

- The number of Rank Tracker's supported Search Engines has reached 750
- Rank Tracker supports new Yahoo BOSS API keys
- Rank Tracker's speed and productivity were largely enhanced and number of CAPTCHA's reduced
- All Rank Tracker's SEO reports are now available in Romanian language

v5.5 [07-15-11]

- The number of supported Search Engines reached 748
- The tracking of Universal Search results made more flexible
- Workflow speed substantially raised
- The number of CAPTCHAs shown considerably reduced

v5.4.1 [06-03-11]

- Now available in 8 languages
- Entering your Google AdWords account information inside the tool made safer with a 2-step verification
- The number of supported Search Engines reached 740
- Was adjusted to recent algorithm changes in Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

v5.3 [04-23-11]

- Now fully translated into Spanish and Slovak
- Allows you to enter your Google AdWords account information right inside the tool
- The number of supported Search Engines reached 734
- The new tag feature added that allows you to easily organize data in your Rank Tracker project

v5.2.2 [03-03-11]

- now tracks rankings inside separate blocks of Universal Search results in Google, Yahoo! and Bing
- shows site's positions in traditional search results pages along with positions in different section of Universal Search results (sub-rank)
- the number of supported Search Engines reached 721

v5.1.1 [01-24-11]

- Google Analytics data integrated
- the number of supported Search Engines reached 712
- 4 new keyword research mechanisms added: Bing Related Searches, Ask Related Searches, Google Trends and Yahoo! Clues

v5.0 [11-24-10]

- "Competition Tracking" feature added
- Unique "Anti-CAPTCHA" feature added
- The number of supported search engines is 710
- Fully translated into Dutch

v4.16 [10-01-10]

- A lot of regional and local search engines added
- All Yandex regions added to regional Yandex search
- Yandex XML queries now supported for faster and safer data mining
- Show CAPTCHAs when required by Google AdWords Keyword Tool when checking search volume even through a Scheduler.

v4.14.1 [07-29-10]

-The number of supported search engines has reached 657.
-Is fully translated into the French language.
-Lets you review an unsaved project before scheduling a task for it.
-Show CAPTCHAs when required by Google AdWords Keyword Tool when checking search volume even through a Scheduler.

v4.13.9 [06-08-10]

New keyword research method - SEMRush service - included
32 new search engines , including Google Jordan, Google Kuwait Google Para added

v4.13.2 [03-26-10]

1. Russian, German and Japanese interface
2. Task scheduler added
3. New keyword research methods: Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Yandex Keyword Statistics, Bing Search Suggestions, Yandex Search Suggestions, Google's Related Searches
4. 610 search engines supported
5. Information backup added

v4.7.7 [12-11-09]

1. New search engines added: Bing, AOL
2. Additional regional versions of Altavista, Lycos, Google
3. Build-in browser enhanced
4. Support of Bing API 2.0 added
5. Perfomance with Google and Yahoo! APIs improvded

v4.2.10 [06-24-09]

1 Better support of East Asian languages
2 Search safety hugely enhanced by using User Agents rotation
3 New search engines: Arab and Korean Googles, Naver, Baidu etc.
4 More quick filter possibilities
5 Improved Yahoo! API key support

v4.6.1 [04-14-09]

Support for twelve new search engines added, including Google Groups, as well as many Italian and Malaysian search engines. Besides, overall performance and stability of Rank Tracker was improved, making possible to track rankings for more keywords much faster.

v4.5 [10-30-08]

1. Keyword Discovery added. Up to 100 new free keyword suggestions per keyword
2. # of competing pages can be retrieved from any of the supported SEs
3. New export module to CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, SQL, etc added
4. Progress bars with task and time left added
5. 16 regional versions of Google added

v4.3.7 [09-11-08]

1 Extracting KEI and # of searches from Wordtracker
2 Getting keyword suggestions from Wordtracker
3 25 new regional versions of Google added
4 Added Arabic and Latvian versions of Yahoo! and MSN
5 Three different rank checking methods are available now
6 Ability to track rankings of subdomains

v4.1 [03-26-08]

1 Colour markers added
2 More regional versions of search engines
3 Case-sensitive search added
4 Ability to remove history within date range
5 Performance improvements

v4.0b4 [12-12-07]

1 Added rankings reports
2 More regional versions of Google, Yahoo! & MSN: Belgium, Canada,
New Zealand, Poland, China, Switzerland, India, Brazil, Sweden, Singapore, Norway
3 More search engines: Baidu, Fireball, Alexa, Altavista, Ask
4 Stability and performance improvements

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