SEO SpyGlass Enterprise 6.36.21

Backlinks have always played an important role in Google's ranking algorithm - and still do! The toughest part is, though, to be always discovering new link sources.
Well, no anymore with SEO SpyGlass backlink checker!
Grab the top-flight SEO tool and learn where your top competitors get their links from.
And not only that! SEO SpyGlass provides you with EXHAUSTIVE data on the link sources of your competition, so that you can easily choose the highest-performing ones!

With Seo Spyglass, You Can:

- See all the links pointing to a site at a glance
- Analyze the site's backlinks against over 50 factors
- Check if the backlinks in project are still live and which links have already been removed
- Collect backlinks from Google Search Console and Google Analytics (verification required) or add backlinks manually and check them in real time
- Easily see InLink Rank, IP, domain age & the anchor text distribution
- View the share of nofollow/dofollow links at a glance
- Check Penalty Risk for each backlink
- Compare backlink profiles of several websites side by side.
SEO SpyGlass offers detailed, useful statistics on your site's backlinks.
You can see each backlink's URL, anchor text, IP, nofollow/dofollow status, domain age, InLink Rank and Domain InLink Rank, check whether each link is live, and much more.
Besides, you can set the SEO software to rebuild your project at given time-frames to spot newly acquired links.
SEO SpyGlass will even calculate an SEO value of each competitor's link for you to pick the worthiest link sources on the fly.
Besides, the tool produces stunning backlink reports for you to see a backlink profile in a snap or to show off your work to a client.
So, what are you waiting for? Try SEO SpyGlass for free today - power-charge your link building and overtake competitors at ease!

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

6.36.21 [09-18-18]

- Internal browser added to let users pass verification when connecting their GSC accounts;
- New: pause and resume any task; project auto-save when your scheduled task is completed;
- New: run scheduled tasks for a part of the project;
- Bug-fixes and general improvements.

Other versions : 6.35.9 6.32.6 6.25.7 6.20.2 6.16.7 6.15 6.13.10 6.12.1 6.8.2 6.6.3 6.3.1 6.2.9 6.2.1 6.1.2 5.17.2 5.16 5.15.2 5.14.4 5.12.19 5.12.7 5.11.6 5.11.1 5.10.4 5.7.5 5.6.2 5.5.4 5.4.8 5.4.4 5.3.1 5.2 5.0.9 5.0.2 4.8.3 4.8 4.5.7 4.5.4 4.5 4.4.1 4.3 4.2.1 4.0.5 4.0 3.18.1 3.16.1 3.14.9 3.14.5 3.12.4 3.11.3 3.3 3.2.5 3.0.6

v6.35.9 [05-10-18]

- The default limit of 40K backlinks has been increased up to 80K backlinks per project.
- Improved UI for minimized interface view and for screens with low resolution.
-The whois library for checking domain age has been updated.
- Bug-fixes and general improvements.

v6.32.6 [12-07-17]

- Bug-fixes and general improvements.
- Improvements in general stability.

v6.25.7 [06-28-17]

- New InLink Rank score: an alternative to Google PageRank.
- General improvements in stability.

v6.20.2 [12-14-16]

- Modernized and improved interface.
- Several bugs were emergently fixed.

v6.16.7 [09-03-16]

Several performance and stability improvements implemented in SEO SpyGlass.

v6.15 [06-12-16]

- New Summary module for backlinks campaign analysis.
- New possibility to export unlimited number of backinks.
- Google Analytics and Google Search Console Integration.
- Special settings to adopt high-DPI displays were added to SEO SpyGlass.

v6.13.10 [04-26-16]

- German, Dutch, Spanish and English translation was enhanced in SEO SpyGlass.
- Several bugs were emergently fixed.

v6.12.1 [02-26-16]

-Updated report-publishing options: now you can upload the reports to SEO PowerSuite Cloud and get a shareable link!
-General improvements and bug-fixes.

v6.8.2 [11-20-15]

-New solutions for project team sharing and storage: SEO PowerSuite Cloud and fully integrated Dropbox!
-New Search engines in SEO SpyGlass: Google Solomon Islands (, Google Uzbekistan (

v6.6.3 [10-02-15]

-New SEO factors in Project Comparison module: Domain Strength, Domain Authority, and Domain PageRank.
-Now Domain Strength is in the list of External domain factors widget.

v6.3.1 [08-05-15]

-New options in drag-and-drop reports in SEO SpyGlass: tag filtering, custom color schemes and HTML editing.
-General improvements and bug-fixes.

v6.2.9 [07-01-15]

-New great feature in SEO SpyGlass: creating and managing Google Disavow files directly in SEO SpyGlass!
-Now you can limit the number of backlinks per domain in SEO SpyGlass.

v6.2.1 [05-14-15]

- Improved general stability and performance.
- Some minor bugs in report editing were successfully fixed in SEO SpyGlass.

v6.1.2 [04-07-15]

- New drag-and-drop, responsive-design report templates are now available in SEO SpyGlass!
- Now all Google Mobile search engines are available in SEO SpyGlass;
- The possibility to edit older SEO SpyGlass report HTML templates was added to the tool

v5.17.2 [03-01-15]

- You can now use Moz's PA/DA instead of Google PageRank in SEO SpyGlass to calculate link value and link penalty risk among other things.
- All SEO SpyGlass users now get 30% off reliable private proxies from our partner - as part of an exclusive deal!

v5.16 [12-06-14]

- You now have a new tab called Backlink Summary in SEO SpyGlass that lets you se key facts about a backlink profile at a glance
- The issue with SEO SpyGlass's scheduler has been fixed

v5.15.2 [10-11-14]

- A revamped version of Backlink Comparison module released in SEO SpyGlass
- You now have a new section called Domain Overview where you can see most important SEO stats regarding the domain under analysis

v5.14.4 [08-15-14]

- The user interface in SEO SpyGlass has undergone a major redesign (check it out!)
- You can now migrate custom workspace settings across projects
- In the Enterprise version, you can now instantly export all records visible in the workspace using the Quick CSV export feature

v5.12.19 [05-31-14]

- New Anti-Penalty Audit Link feature
- New one-click printing feature

v5.12.7 [03-18-14]

- WebMeUp backlink database is there containing 870 billion backlinks
- SEO SpyGlass has become more efficient at extracting search competitors and checking cache dates and numbers of indexed pages

v5.11.6 [10-05-13]

- WebMeUp backlink database is there containing 870 billion backlinks.
- Now you can track traffic from social media sites.
- A number of supported search engines has been revised and is now 164.

v5.11.1 [08-12-13]

- SEO SpyGlass is now reinforced with the world's largest backlink database.
- New features for tracking traffic from social media were added to the software.
- A number of supported search engines has been revised and is now 163.

v5.10.4 [07-02-13]

- Internal mechanisms in SEO SpyGlass got significantly updated.
- SEO SpyGlass is being reinforced with the new link source, which means that it will have the world's largest backlink database in less than one month.
- New search engines were added, and now the number of supported SEs is 165.

v5.7.5 [04-09-13]

- The Events tab has been introduced.
- Mechanisms for storing traffic stats have been improved, which means that you now get even more up-to-date data in SEO SpyGlass.
- The bug that was causing problems analyzing Google-related SEO factors has been fixed.

v5.6.2 [01-05-13]

- Core algorithm updates were implemented in SEO SpyGlass to ensure smooth operation on the latest Java 1.6 version;
- The way the software addresses and collects data from external services got streamlined;
- The number of supported search engine sources has been updated and is now 162.

v5.5.4 [11-12-12]

- The bug that was hampering the creation of client reports in SEO SpyGlass has been urgently fixed;
- The mechanisms for collecting and processing all ranking factors have been updated and improved;
- The number of supported search engine sources is now 161.

v5.4.8 [09-13-12]

A number of minor usability enhancements and bug-fixes were implemented to further improve LinkAssistant's stability and performance.

v5.4.4 [08-08-12]

- The Dutch interface has been updated and improved;
- The bug that was causing difficulty retrieving Google-related SEO factors has been fixed ;
- A number of minor usability enhancements have been implemented for better performance.

v5.3.1 [06-23-12]

- Side-by-side comparison of several backlink profiles is now possible in SEO SpyGlass
- The Russian interface of SEO SpyGlass has been updated and significantly improved
- Mechanisms for collecting and processing all ranking factors have been adjusted to the latest changes

v5.2 [05-18-12]

- Now also collects backlinks pointing to your site as reported by Google Analytics
- Performance (speed, RAM and bandwidth use) has been significantly improved
- French, Spanish and Polish interfaces have been updated

v5.0.9 [04-07-12]

- Five hot-new interface color schemes to choose from
- Significantly improved Polish version of SEO SpyGlass
- Improved WHOIS info harvesting for Asia-located websites
- Meta Description and Meta Keywords columns now appear in your SEO tool's working area

v5.0.2 [02-24-12]

- Fully redesigned: now has hot new user interface!
- A quick filter added to let one easily browse projects in the new interface
- You can now sort scheduled tasks alphabetically

v4.8.3 [01-20-12]

- When exporting data to CSV, you can now choose to export the Notes column value as well
- The mechanisms for collecting and processing all ranking factors got updated
- Now retrieves backlink data from an in-house database 412 search engine sources

v4.8 [12-14-11]

-Major update: in addition to the 412 SE sources, SEO SpyGlass now uses Link-Assistant's huge in-house database to provide backlink stats
-Advanced grouping feature added, which allows one to organize backlink metrics in tree-like catalogues
-Processing CAPTCHAs in Centrum has been improved

v4.5.7 [09-30-11]

-Brand-new SEO reports added in beta
-Proxy status identification made more accurate
-Checking domain rank and traffic according to has been improved
-Several new sources for finding free proxy lists have been added

v4.5.4 [08-27-11]

-Now supports new Yahoo BOSS API keys
-The number of supported search engines has reached 412
-The import of backlink data has become more convenient

v4.5 [07-20-11]

-Now works up to 20 times faster
-The number of CAPTCHAs shown significantly reduced
-The number of supported search engines has reached 412

v4.4.1 [06-06-11]

-The number of supported search engines has reached 412
-Now available in 7 tongues (English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian and Slovak)
-You can now import data from a CSV file
-Import of tags from one project to another added

v4.3 [04-22-11]

-The new tag feature added that allows you to easily organize SEO data
-Fully translated into Spanish and Slovak
-The built-in browser significantly updated
-Uploading reports to a website via FTP enhanced

v4.2.1 [03-01-11]

-SEO SpyGlass can now retrieve visits data from your Google Analytics account
-Internet directories in SEO Success Blueprint report updated

v4.0.5 [01-13-11]

- Search engine Blekko added ( SEO SpyGlass now gathers 2-5 times more backlinks per domain).
- UNIQUE Anti-CAPTCHA safety feature added.
- Fully translated into Dutch.
- New tags (if-then and if-then-else) were added to allow better customization of SEO SpyGlass report templates.

v4.0 [11-29-10]

- new search engine Blekko added
- UNIQUE Anti-CAPTCHA safety feature added
- fully translated into Dutch
- The tool now measures popularity in the following social media sites
- Link Value calculation improved

v3.18.1 [10-14-10]

- 435 search engines supported
- UNIQUE Anti-CAPTCHA safety feature added
- The tool now measures popularity in major social media sites
- Link Value calculation improved
- A review of an unsaved project before scheduling a task added

v3.16.1 [08-17-10]

428 search engines supported
New factor added - the number of mentions according to
Link Value calculation improved
A review of an unsaved project before scheduling a task added

v3.14.9 [06-22-10]

1) Supports 642 search engines
2) Checks Diigo bookmakrs pointing to a domain or a certain page.
3) Checks domain's rank in
4) Number of articles in
5) Number of bookmarks in
6) More detailed preview the report templates

v3.14.5 [05-05-10]

1) New search engines added
2) Interface in Russian and German languages
3) Checks domain's rank in
4) Number of articles posted to
5) Number of bookmarks in

v3.12.4 [01-05-10]

1) Gathering >1,000 backlinks (up to 50,000)
2) New search engines: Kvasir, Neti
2) Special column for making notes
3) Notification of new updates
3) Special auto-recovery feature
4) Special in-built translator's interface
5) New ranking factor - Google Cache Date

v3.11.3 [10-22-09]

1) Gathering >1,000 backlinks (up to 50,000)
2) Task Scheduler for Backlink search
3) CC/BCC for emails
4) Google AJAX API key support
5) Better integration with the LinkAssistant tool

v3.3 [07-29-08]

1) Arabic versions of Yahoo! and MSN
2) Search engines for 8 more countries
3) Improved human emulation
4) Support of MSN API key

v3.2.5 [05-06-08]

1) Added new regional versions of Google, Yahoo! and MSN search engines
2) Improved customizable SEO reports available for saving, e-mailing & uploading to a website
3) Greatly enhanced search safety
4) Performance and stability improvements.

v3.0.6 [02-13-08]

1) Added regional versions of Google, Yahoo! and MSN search engines
2) Improved customizable SEO reports available for saving, e-mailing & uploading to a website;
3) Enhanced backlink management
3) Performance and stability improvements.

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