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Omeka 2.3

Omeka is designed with non-IT specialists in mind, allowing users to focus on content and interpretation rather than programming. It brings Web 2.0 technologies and approaches to academic and cultural websites to foster user interaction and participation. It makes top-shelf design easy with a simple and flexible templating system. Its robust open-source developer and user communities underwrite Omeka’s stability and sustainability. Until now, scholars and cultural heritage professionals looking to publish collections-based research and online exhibitions required either extensive technical skills or considerable funding for outside vendors. By making standards based, serious online publishing easy, Omeka puts the power and reach of the web in the hands of academics and cultural professionals themselves.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

2.3 [04-07-15]

  • Accessibility improvements (added ARIA roles and landmarks, improved labels, navigation skip links)
  • New file derivative strategy using PHP's GD extension
  • Built-in support for setting default sort orders for browse pages
  • Element dropdowns on item advanced search respect the admin-configured element sorting order (#643)
  • The admin-configured page limits for browse pages are used for more controllers, including plugins
  • The listing of items on collection pages now follows the admin page limits (#601)
  • Support for the new access control directives used by Apache 2.4 (#631)
  • URLs within the default citation output now include a span wrapper to allow specific styling
  • New interface for resetting customized navigation to default settings
  • Improved error output for exceptions
  • Detailed error messages are now always shown for exceptions during upgrade
  • Support for newer versions (4.2+) of PHPUnit
  • The API now accepts sort_field and sort_dir GET parameters for sorting results
  • Omeka will hide the "Path to ImageMagick" setting when an alternative derivative strategy is in use
  • The System Information panel now uses internal "folder" names for both themes and plugins
  • Improved translation coverage (#655, #659)

Other versions : 2.2.1 2.1.4 2.1.3 2.1.2 2.1.1 2.1 2.0.4 2.0.3 2.0.2 2.0.1 2.0 1.5.3 1.5.1 1.5 1.4.2 1.4.1 1.3.2

v2.2.1 [07-22-14]

  • A cross-site scripting vulnerability on the API keys page
  • A cross-site request forgery vulnerability on some user pages
  • In the API, items belonging to non-public collections output non-working links to them

v2.1.4 [02-08-14]

  • Inconsistent sorting with very recent versions of MySQL (5.6+)
  • Minor form style bugs on the Element Set settings page
  • Typo in Contributor display

v2.1.3 [12-05-13]

  • Sessions table error when upgrading from pre-1.5 versions (#611)
  • An internal error when browsing the API under PHP 5.2 (#609)
  • A deprecation warning on edit forms under PHP 5.5 (#607)
  • Notices emitted for the omeka-xml and omeka-json outputs for some records (#610)
  • Translations were not applied for background processes (#608)
  • The users API listed parameters that could not be used (#606)
  • Insecure content warnings when using SSL (#596, contributed by misilot)

v2.1.2 [10-11-13]

  • Contributor users were unable to add inputs on the Item/File/Collection edit pages (#602)
  • Tags were not correctly sorting alphabetically by default (#604)
  • Tag editing UI improperly appeared for non-admin users
  • Tags browse linked to incorrect listings when browsing tags on non-Item records
  • Choosing the same URL for a user-created and plugin-added page in Navigation caused a persistent error
  • Some record Delete buttons didn't correctly cause the popup confirmation

v2.1.1 [09-05-13]

  • Fix migration problem from 2.0 (Reported by Iwe Muiser)

v2.1 [08-28-13]

    • GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE methods implemented for items, collections, files, item types, elements, and element sets.
    • GET method available for users and tags.
    • DELETE method available for tags.

v2.0.4 [07-01-13]

  • XSS vulnerabilities in the items and sitewide searches (reported by Brad Spry)
  • Permissions check bug and error on admin/files/show for contributor and researcher roles (#569, reported by scampbell)
  • Hooks for adding/removing tags weren't always fired (#522)
  • Error on items/browse when using some incorrect or outdated search parameters (#527)
  • Manual specific-page pagination broken on admin/users (#530, reported by Wayne Graham)
  • Admin sidebar nav can grow too long and make items on the bottom inaccessible (#519)
  • Dervative file extension calculation was incompatible with differently-formatted filenames (#551, contributed by Daniel Berthereau)
  • "Type" advanced searches were not preserved on the form (#548, fix contributed by Jeremy Boggs])
  • Some untranslated strings in some admin forms
  • "View Public Page" link was missing from admin/files/show
  • Nonfunctional "Delete" link shown for items even when user has no delete permissions

v2.0.3 [04-29-13]

  • metadata() calls inside metadata filters broke future filters (reported by Iwe Muiser)
  • Input element text data could be lost if the HTML editor was on and a new element was added (#509, reported by Lincoln Mullen)
  • CSS issue with the Themes section of the admin theme in Chrome 26+
  • An Exception problem with the Navigation component
  • Timestamps in the database only used the hours of 0-12, not 13-23. (reported by daniel.lind)
  • Error pages didn't escape HTML content in the backtrace or message (#512)
  • Deleted collections left behind linkages to Items (#507, reported by Lincoln Mullen)
  • Searching for Items in nonexistent collections/types/etc. caused an error (#527)
  • Tag hooks weren't being correctly thrown when saving Items (#522)

v2.0.2 [04-05-13]

  • An error occurred when clicking on File search results in the public theme (#494)
  • Titles of files that had HTML got double-escaped (#490)
  • Contributor users didn't get the Item Type form that should appear when you change types, though it would work after saving and re-editing (#499, reported by Iwe Muiser)
  • The entire top admin menu depended on "Plugins" permissions (reported by Iwe Muiser)
  • Alternate output formats were broken on some FastCGI hosts (#502)
  • The error reporting switch was broken on some FastCGI hosts

v2.0.1 [02-28-13]

  • Error messages from upgrading plugins were impossible to see
  • Adding new checkbox inputs to an admin element form would improperly affect the HTML editor status (#480, reported by Iwe Muiser)
  • Spurious notice that triggered when loading views for some plugins (#481, #484, reported and fix contributed by Dave Widmer)
  • Installer error on some systems when guessing ImageMagick path (#482)
  • The new version indicator was missing (#485)
  • New invalid Item Types were partially added (#487, reported by Jeremy Boggs)

v2.0 [01-27-13]

  • Fixed numerous issues
  • Shifted naming conventions for better comformity to upcoming Zend 2.0 standards
  • Removed Data Types from ElementTexts
  • Removed Entities to represent Users. All user information is now directly on User objects
  • Added Dublin Core information to Collections
  • Removed Orderable mixin
  • Added Searchable mixin
  • Ownable mixin now named Mixin_Owner
  • Taggable mixin now named Mixin_Tag
  • ActsAsElementText mixin now named Mixin_ElementText
  • PublicFeatures mixin now named Mixin_PublicFeatured
  • Omeka_Acl removed. User Zend_Acl instead
  • Derivative images now produced for many more file types
  • archive directory changed to files
  • archive/files directory changed to files/original
  • Phased loading is now removed in favor of loading resources when needed

v1.5.3 [08-18-12]

  • Fixed a bug in version 1.5.2 that prevented the advanced search page from displaying.
  • #158: Some links are displayed as 'View' instead of '0'.
  • #194: Configuring storage options loses the default adapter setting.

v1.5.1 [04-20-12]

  • #161: omeka-xml output only renders the last element of an element set (reported by annewootton)
  • #164: Media helper uses nonexistent $path when a dimension is given (reported by symac)
  • #165: Element dropdown doesn't get translated (reported by mjlassila)

v1.5 [03-05-12]

  • Internationalization: Users can now choose a language and locale to display the interface in. This affects the displayed text and formatting of other data like system-generated dates.
  • Media Extension Awareness: File extensions are now used as a fallback to determine how files should be displayed if the MIME type is incorrect or not detected.
  • File Ordering: Users can now reorder files within an item without re-uploading.

v1.4.2 [10-27-11]

  • Deleting an item with missing or corrupt files causes an error (#83).
  • Some failed uploads leave behind empty File records (#88).
  • Thumbnails can't be created for images with multiple pages or frames (#98).
  • Bad formatting on invalid file messages from plugins (#106).
  • Files added by some plugins can ignore the validators (#111).
  • Files uploaded by URL fail the extension check if they have a query string (#120).
  • Some Amazon S3 files can't be uploaded (#121).

v1.4.1 [07-15-11]

  • #1106 - Batch editing cannot change public/featured back to false.

v1.3.2 [04-23-11]

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