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Zend Studio 9.0.4

Zend Studio maximizes developer productivity by enabling you to develop and maintain your  PHP code faster, solve application problems more quickly, and improve team collaboration. Based on the Eclipse PHP Developers Tools (PDT) project led by Zend, Zend Studio offers all  the development capabilities required by professional PHP developers as well as a plethora of  plug-ins that enable you to extend and customize your environment. Develop and Maintain Code Faster Create high-quality code quickly with a  host of powerful features including: • Syntax highlighting, code folding,  code completion, code formatter  • In-place code refactoring, variable/ method extraction • Semantic analysis and quick fix  suggestions • Tight integration with Zend  Framework • Code generation using the Zend  Framework Zend_Tool • Reuse Java code through Zend  Server’s Java Bridge • Write and run queries for all popular databases • Content Assist support for JavaScript libraries, including jQuery and Dojo Zend Studio also helps eliminate programming errors by ensuring a consistent server  environment in development, testing and support. You can use a virtual PHP server running  on VMware Workstation that mirrors production to run your code as you write it. Alternatively,  you can deploy and test on a remote system. Either option frees you to develop in your own  customized environment while ensuring your code will run in a production environment. • Easily configure Zend Studio to deploy to a local virtual machine or remote server • Run and debug applications in a remote or virtual server right from the Zend Studio  interface

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site)

9.0.4 [10-12-12]

* php-cgi crashing on Mountain Lion * Disabling Application Monitoring should disable Code Tracing on ZendServer

Other versions : 9.0.3 9.0.2 9.0.1 5.5

v9.0.3 [05-22-12]

* CA breaks the existing use statements when adding a new one * mark occurences highlight failure - gray marks in editor without any logic * Problem with a sleeping container in phpcloud project wizard and in launch/deploy wizard * The options for blank lines at the end of classes and funtions are switched * Studio hangs after Enter in HTML script tag * No CA for aliased class * Press Source in "Slow request on execution" notification balloon - Unhandled event loop exception in the log * ZendTool window shows up in the middle of the screens when Studio is launched in multi-monitor environment * Deploy on a sleeping container - Couldn't read the XML representation * Content assist does not work in array * Zend Studio is not opening listening ports for Debugger on startup * [PHP 5.3] "use" statement is generated in the line above namespace declaration * Warning "Class 'static' not found" on a valid construction * No @see-commands in doc block in generated inherited methods by the class wizard * Generation of invalid @see-commands in doc blocks * Auto-added use statement separates class declaration from its doc block * Wrong indentation in a complex expression * Inspect action deletes the selected code * Wrong indentation after a complex array initialization * Wrong auto-insertion of closing braces * Typo in the console during upload to a remote system * Moving related files breaks the code (require statement) * Class containing an abstract method is not detected as being undeclared as abstract * Copy/paste changes formatting * CSS code - Closing brace is always inserted at the beginning of the next line * Silent NPE thrown when refactoring a function * Subversion SVN error while connecting (bad_record_mac) * Debugger does not work when using toolbar OR debug event from server * Setting line width to 80 causes wrong indentation in the raws below * Working set does not show subfolders * "Open SSH tunnel" dialog - The validation error message contains an exception * In PHP Editor "Adjust indentation" is not consistent with Formatter behavior * Execution Statistic Tab in the PHP Profiler view, cannot be sorted by "Others Time(s)" * PHPUnit produces false positives for certain Exception asserts. * PCNTL is not showing in Content Assist * Refactor -> rename parent class does not rename it after the extends word in the child class declaration * Code Formatter input * Registration dialog should not show "Continue" when trial period expired * The Syntax Highlighting Not a Case Sensitive * Cannot see the bottom of the dialog on Linux * Aliased class not recognized by semantic analysis * Move two files that reference to one another in a folder in the same project - Fatal error occurred while performing the refactoring * PHP Explorer could show .htaccess

v9.0.2 [03-26-12]

* Several issues with IBM i Content Assist * When updating Zend Framework version the behavior was inconsistent * PHP 5.3 list of deprecated functions was not up to date * Content Assist was not available for 'instanceof' used with a root namespace class * Variables were marked as undefined, if they were defined in a separate file * Renaming method parameters did not update phpDoc correctly * Editing behavior was wrong in function parameter hints * New Class wizard did not update namespace on manual path edit * New Class wizard was inserting bogus namespaces in the existing files * PHPUnit tests could not be launched for a folder in a Zend Framework project * Generating phpDoc block by the New Class wizard was broken * The "Auto generate" checkbox was not functional in the Debug Configurations dialog * Formatting of an extracted variable was wrong * Formatter was breaking code when arrays included comments * Code generation was wrong for namespaced interfaces * phpDoc block was not created for the constructor in the New Class wizard * Namespace field was available for a PHP 5.2 project in the New Interface wizard * Formatting of phpDoc for classes/interfaces was wrong * Several issues with Preview area in Formatter settings dialog * Trial/Registration screen was broken after the update from 9.0.0 to 9.0.1 * Class/interface signature was incorrect, if extended class/interface is already imported * Constructor comment did not have @param tags * Generated constructor did not keep arguments type * Class constructor did not have arguments, while its parent had them * New Class wizard did not add the 'require_once' statement in an existing file * Opening Local PHP Project wizard provoked Not Responding status for about 15 sec. * Getter/Setter generated comments were badly formatted * Running multiple unit tests in a Zend Framework project was not possible * Content Assist was not available for the jQuery selector in $("|") * PHPCloud - a broken instance was blocking good instances from proper functioning * Addition of duplicate targets was possible * Exporting the project to .zpk created two 'scripts' directories * Zend Studio was not responsive for several minutes when adding a target on * jQuery and JavaScript Content Assist - multiple fixes * Formatting was introducing code errors * The Inspect action during debugging was leading to an exception * Exception was thrown when creating/importing PHP 5.2 projects * "Invalid thread access" exception was thrown during file search * Copy/Paste was changing line endings * Copy/Paste was breaking certain blocks of code (closing '}' was lost) * Content Assist provoked "String Index Out Of Bounds" exception in "use" statement * Ctrl+Click on a jQuery resource opened a dialog with an error * Content Assist did not suggest the trait name after "use" * When creating a project with Deployment support, a no-name builder was added * Adding Deployment support in a project with existing tests did not add PHPUnit test case file to * In PHP Editor "Adjust indentation" was not consistent with Formatter behavior * Connecting to VMWare was not possible Improvements: ------------ * After selecting CLI Application in Launch page, there was no option to run scripts * New menu Help | Support Tool added * Zend Studio caching behavior with external files * Zend SDK - added CLI options for repository management (Zend SDK) * Documentation improvements, including broken links fixes * Namespace field is now checked for invalid values in the New Class wizard * PHP Editor performance improved, especially when working with big files * Adding index.php to new projects is now configurable with the directive com.zend.php.ide.ui.generateSource=false/true in /configuration/config.ini * DBUnit extension was added to the built-in PHPUnit library * Trial period restarts for minor versions * Upgrade jQuery to version 1.7.1 * PHP 5.4 is now available as add-on component * Added SQLite3 classes and constants to PHP 5.3

v9.0.1 [01-08-12]

* BUG-364997 HTML code folding does not slow down typing in PHP files * BUG-364944 Improved editor performance when editing multiline strings * BUG-362617 Improved recognion of magic methods called on inherited objects * BUG-354551 Type inference for return types with use statements is now resolved * ZSTD-1113 Several fixes in Zend Studio Help center * ZSTD-1150 When uninstalling the application, the remote connection is now removed * ZSTD-1078 Undefined variable is not displayed when using isset() or unset() * ZSTD-843 When parameters are optional, content assist should not add automatically * ZSTD-1212 When Zend Framework is extracted and editor is opened, no freeze is experienced * ZSTD-1197 If the workspace is in use, Studio can be launched with a different workspace * ZSTD-797 After installing the jQuery feature, there is no redundant entry in the library list * ZSTD-1118 When renaming a project, new resources are not added * ZSTD-1139 Remote support is restored after launching the Web application on the cloud * ZSTD-985 After switching to the Advanced tab, changes are applied to launch configuration * ZSTD-1087 Small fixes to Zend Studio Welcome page Improvements: ------------ * Zend Framework Tool works with user-defined versions * ZenCoding and Symfony plugins are now available via the product customization screen * Code formatter now handles comments (phpdoc, multiple and one-line comments) * Code formatter tags are added to disable formatting on specific blocks

v5.5 [12-04-06]

Zend Studio 5.5 now includes Zend Platform Events List Integration, Mactel support, Anti-Aliasing support, Embedded Java . Code Completion, Source Control Status Decoration, Zend Framework Integration and Remote WSDL File Support.

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